Sunday, June 25, 2006

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KESHI.....&.. ( to all my blogger friends who are having a birthday )

Pick a star, any star
who needs candles when you have the sky
And make a birthday wish.
Wish for whatever you want,
Whatever your heart desires.
And know that whatever you wish for,
I wish the same for you
And wish for a way for it to come true.


neihal 6:56 PM  

Happy Birthday Keshi. Have a great year ahead.

Mr. J 7:33 PM  

You are a cancer too.. When is yours?

uttara 9:03 PM  

happy birthday keshi .. hehehhe

hi ...
am here thru keshi's blog

2de it her b'day .. pls do write few lines abt here at ma place .. its just a surpirse...
here is the link...


Dawn....सेहर 9:35 PM  

My glad to see my sister's b'day is celebrated across the blog world :D...

starry nights 10:35 PM  

yes Im a cancer ..mine is on the 28th.

Dr O2 11:21 PM  

I don know where I stand! I am on the border 22nd of June!! I will blow the candles anyways ;-)

Happy Bday SN.

Anonymous,  12:09 AM  

On the topic of birthday, I habve this puzzle for you guys.

How many students do you need in a class before the probability of having 2 students with the same birthday exceeds 1/2 ?

sophie 2:53 AM  

gr8..keshi is wished here too..nice to see

ashok 6:27 AM  

cute pic :) and H'b'day to keshi

Alexis Leon 7:08 AM  

Happy birthday Keshi...Another Cancerian...Wishing you happiness, satisfaction and success...

samuru999 7:28 AM  

Happy Birthday Keshi.

May you have
a song in your heart
a smile on your lips...
and nothing but joy
at your finger tips!

starry nights 10:58 AM  

Dr o2 Happy birthday to you. you belong with us cancerians.

starry nights 11:23 AM  

Amimu..dont know yet, am thinking about it.but thanks for stopping by and please come again.

starry nights 11:24 AM  

Sophie..could not forget Keshi's bday. when is yours?

starry nights 11:25 AM  

Ashok.. write down your bday so I can wish u too.

starry nights 11:25 AM  

Alexis..A little bird told me that you are going to have a birthday soon. welcome to the club.

starry nights 11:26 AM  

samuru999...when is your bday, can light some candles.

starry nights 11:28 AM  

Dawn did not know Keshi was your sis. I think she is a wonderful person, just by reading her posts, full of fun.Are u like her? when is your bday.

starry nights 11:28 AM  

Neihal...whens yours?

samuru999 3:01 PM  

I am a Leo.
Thanks for inquiring.

priya 6:02 PM  

My belated wishes to her starry. I joined in little late.

Anonymous,  7:59 PM  

:)Lot of cancerians ard and loads of wishes for bubbzy.

the sunflower 10:36 PM  

i found my way to keshi's blog from here.... was just wondering... everyone is wishing keshi here and the wishes here are many more than on her own blog! :)

the sunflower 10:37 PM  
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Vanathi 10:59 PM  

Belated B'day Wishes to Keshi...

Dh@v@! 12:31 AM  

happy b'day to keshi

Ghost Particle 3:08 AM  

so nice of you to wish everyone.

Another landmark in time.

Jeevan 3:21 AM  

Happy Birthday to every one.

Poetry by Kai 3:44 AM  

happy birthday

MY VIEWS 4:27 AM  

happy birthday keshi ...may god bless you...hoping you will have a blast today..

starry nights 7:39 AM  

Priya..thats ok because atleast u sent your good wishes

starry nights 7:39 AM  


starry nights 7:40 AM  

Sunflower..thanks for wishing keshi but Iam sure she has tons of wishes, she is out of town but I am sure will see it when she gets back.

starry nights 7:41 AM  

Vanathi..thanks for stopping by my blog. please do come again. I am sure keshi is going to be happy.

starry nights 7:42 AM  


starry nights 7:42 AM  

Ghost particle..thank you.

starry nights 7:42 AM  


christabelle 8:20 AM  

starry nites, thatz very sweet of you, ur truly a friend!!

Gaurav Jain 8:44 AM  

Well, here are some more Birthday Wishes for Keshi!

Many many happy returns of the day!



Keshi sure is going to be to so glad to see so many caring people WISH HER A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Anonymous,  10:55 AM  

Happy Birthday Keshi!

May all your dreams come true!

Mr. J 10:59 AM  

Where's the party??

Sumitha 11:33 AM  

How thoughtful of you Star!My Birthday wishes to Keshi too!

Prash 1:03 PM  

who is keshi ? whoever it is - happy b'day !

Keshi 10:39 PM  

isnt this just adorable! THANKS Starry MWAHHHHHHHHH!

**who needs candles when you have the sky

So true...ur so damn sweet Starry! I hope u had a lovely bday too on the 28th...I'll keep that in mind for next year :)


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