Sunday, June 04, 2006

Six Weird Things About Me !

What you need to do:

1..Post a blog with six weird things about you.

2..Tag six people at the end of your post, victimize them unawares and pass the buck.

3..Post a comment in their blogs letting them know that they have been tagged.and ask them to
visit your blog for info.

I have been Tagged by Sophie so here I go.

1. I always loved to write and encouraged my children to do so. I always thought that people
would laugh at what I wrote and never did, untill I started to Blog. Now my family encourages
me. I never thought I would ever get the courage to let others read what I write.

2..I am scared of getting into the water. Even though we had a swimming pool I never
learned to swim . The weird thing is that I love water and can spend endless hours at
the beach, watch the waves and enjoy the serenity that comes with just looking at the water. I admire people who can swim and surf .I made sure my kids learned how to swim but I
lacked the courage to learn.

3..I love to sit under the stars and enjoy basking in the moonlight. Hence the name Starry Nights. It is so Romantic. Theres nothing better I rather do. I wish I could go up in space and look down on the earth. I am intrigued by the Universe.

4..I love to do things around the house and am handy with the Tool Box. I can fix a lot of Stuff and am good at plumbing jobs also. I think I learnt these things watching my brothers while I was growing up.

5.. I am a Hopeless Romantic. I cry at sad and happy movies. love to read Romantic Novels and poems, candlelight dinners and a glass of wine. I married a person who is just the opposite. In a way it is true that opposites attract.

6..I really dont enjoy good food. My family think it is sad because I would just as much enjoy a meal at home than go to some fancy restaurant. They think it is the weirdest thing of all. what do you think?

I am going to Tag




Hey Mam...:),,,,I was writing a comment on Chandnis blog n then saw your ,essage n then realised you tagged me too...:)

ANyways, your point " I married a person who is just the opposite."...Hmmm...Me the same too!

The last point...I really wonder why...I am not like tht n have not met anyone like tht so tht is really different about u...

Hey the first point...Its not weird, its being very creative n being creative n encouraging is not weird sweet lady!!
I shall do the tag in a few days ok...:) thnks for the same!

Prash 4:59 PM  


I shall comment on this blog later, And put a post for the tag in my blog a little later too.



Shall be back soon !!!

southpaw 5:44 PM  

In a way it is true that opposites attract.***absolutely and it also compensates the individual disadvantages and completes the circle nice and round...:)

jac 6:42 PM  

We have something in common...the 3rd one.

chandni 8:37 PM  

but these r all nice things!!!!

If these are weird...then I dont know what isnt..


starry nights 9:22 PM  

Southpaw..It is weird that opposites attract because we are indeed totally opposite.

starry nights 9:23 PM  

Jac..My favorite too, I forgot to add walk in the park holding hands and watching the sunset together.

starry nights 9:25 PM  

Chandni...To some people the things I like may be weird to others and vice versa.

starry nights 9:26 PM  

waiting t read what you think is weird.

southpaw 9:36 PM  

:)i can understand ur feelings my friend coz between me and kavita the only thing common was that we loved each other and married each other, rest is chaos...lols
But like i said it compensates our limitations and the end result is quite fruitfull...:)

starry nights 9:40 PM  

Southpaw...Its being so opposite that makes our life together meaningful.

southpaw 9:42 PM  

absolutely, otherwise there is no fun in nodding positively on every small things...:)

Mindinside 10:04 PM  

yep .. feels good to be able to put our feelings into words.
Am glad you decided to write or else we would lose the chance of reading :)

geetha 11:08 PM  

Weird picture for the weird post. Good match :)

Your writing is good, and glad you started ;)

Rose 11:40 PM  

Hey.. Those are not weird things at all !!!.. This is cheating !!!

I gues u arent weird enuf for this tag.. ;)

Well i cud relate to the swimming part very much.. I luv to swim.. i know i do.. although i do not know how.. ~grin~



Madhu 11:50 PM  

Starry - Will do the tag soon! Prbly will need some help from my hubby, he knows me best :)

Hey u r not too weird then! all that sounded normal expect ur not liking food!! Anyways, I guess what we think is weird may not be for the other.

True that opposite and my hubby are poles apart...yet understand each other well.

Has to be me 1:54 AM  

Ms Romantic Starry! WoW @ no.4 & so sad to note abt point 6! I just love good it @ home or elsewhere!! :)

Sumitha 2:47 AM  

hey star!there is nothing weird in your list!If anyone thinks any of these things are weird,maybe thats the weirdest thing!

starry nights 7:50 AM  

Mind Inside ..Thank you

starry nights 7:50 AM  

Geetha.. Thanks for the encouragement.

starry nights 7:51 AM  

Rose..some of the things are weird or I should say what normal people do.that I dont.

starry nights 7:52 AM  

Madhu. waiting to see what you write. If I had to ask my husband maybe everything on the list would be very weird.

starry nights 7:54 AM  

Has to be me..#4 is the truth . and #6 My family especially my husband wished it were not so. He says it is no joy going to a restaurant with me because I am picky about a lot of food. I do enjoy any good food prepared at home though.

starry nights 7:55 AM  

Sumitha..Thanks I like the food you prepare. Honest real good home cooked food.

Jackal 11:37 AM  

well i wont call them weird actually........some simlarities..i too enjoy watching the stars the moon..u know it..just love must be very handy there ......home made food any day

starry nights 8:09 PM  

Jackal I really love the starry starry nights. its just beautiful

Suji 9:39 PM  

I love starry nights and the moonlight too. But sad that we can hardly see any stars here in Delhi. :(

And except for the last one which is a little weird for me cos i like to eat out, all other things on ur list are quite normal. :)

starry nights 9:50 PM  

Yes suji..#6 is weird to everyone I know but I really like to eat at home. I do go out with my family and most of the time it is just to please them.cant help myself.

Gaurav Jain 9:51 PM  

I agree with Rose, those aren't weird things. That's cheating :)

Nice post. I wonder how long it took you to "recall" the six weird things about you. Were they instant?

starry nights 9:53 PM  

Gaurav..a few are weird. and it did come to me the instant I was tagged.

Known Stranger 10:02 PM  

you too in the tagging game.

fine.. exactly you got the bulls eye of what i wanted to convey.. i am happy

aklanta 6:59 AM  

Point 4:
You are the first tool savy women I have known...

Anu 11:50 AM  

@ Lalitha, I dont think it is weird that you dont want to go to a fancy restaurant. Home food is good food and you enjoy it! So, not wanting to eat out is not weird, but saying that you dont like good food is weird!!
@ aklanta, you havnt seen many women. Sorry!

starry nights 12:11 PM  

Aklanta..Thank you.I am tool savy.

starry nights 12:11 PM  

Anu..thats true, but everyone else thinks that it is weird.

Prash 5:29 PM  

Oh sorry...I think I am not going to take your tag very seriously and skip it. Hope you don't mind. I am sure you won' look like a very understanding person to me. :-)

starry nights 8:08 PM  

ok prash you are off the hook this time.

Anonymous,  3:03 PM  

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Sojourner 12:59 AM  

Hi5 on point 6!

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