Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I have been tagged by Nandita from Saffron Trails for "Confessions in groups of five"

5 items in my freezer

  1. A package of frozen parathas, to be eaten when I am too tired to make some fresh ones and too lazy to go out and buy any.
  2. A couple pieces of cashew Barfi. I have a sweet tooth and sometimes crave for indian sweets , so I always have a few frozen for emergencies.
  3. A package of mixed vegetables.
  4. some grated coconut, to add to vegetables that I cooked from a package and make it look fresh.
  5. A can of ground coffeee. to keep fresh, dont know if it works, just a habit.


  1. I dont know if the whole world really wants to know what I have in my closet but I will name a few. I dont share a closet with "J" and thats good, there is more room.
  2. Indian clothes on one side from salwars to sarees.
  3. Jeans, tops and skirts for everyday wear on the other.
  4. A weighing scale, hidden in the closet because I dont want to weigh my self everyday. I think it becomes an obsession , I just try to eat healthy and stay trim, and if I do put on a few extra pounds I dont want the scale to tell me.
  5. A sandle wood jewellery box which I treasure, one that "J" brought me from India and another box which holds items that is very close to my heart , the things my children gave me when they were little.

  1. A back support because I have a back injury.
  2. A few dimes , nickels and quarters in the change tray.
  3. I am really bad with directions and have been lost quite a few times, so I keep a map and also handwritten directions . I really cannot figure out North, south, east or west. ( maybe one of those navigation systems would be nice.) a hint for "J" incase he reads this.
  4. A blanket and a first aid kit in the trunk, for emergencies.
  5. my sunglasses. I have to look cool when I drive.
  1. My driving license, autoclub card, one debit card and one credit card, I have been grounded for spending too much. sob,sob.
  2. A compact and lipstick, need a touch up now and again because dont know whom I may meet . Someone interesting maybe! A girl has to look good at all times, cannot take a chance.
  3. my house keys. cannot leave without it.
  4. A picture of Maya when she was in third grade, and one of "J" in his High school blazer, he looked really handsome. No pic of Vijay. have to add one.
  5. Gum. I love gum , different flavors , I think it is good to always have nice smelling breath.never know what may happen, dont like surprises.
Now that I have confessed it is time to tag a few others. This is really easy and wont take up a lot of time. I am going to tag the first three who comment on this post.


Dinma 9:42 AM  

You really have some goodies stuck up in your refridgirator and you know what? You have just appetized me so can I have some sweets or coconut (Laughing). Most ladies carry make ups in their handbags.I don't cus I hate make ups except powder and lip balm. Pls detail me on this tagging of a thing.

sudhav 10:02 AM  

Thats a lovely post Lalitha..I like the fact about weigh scale..true we get obessed with them once we start looking at it..

Delaleuverses 10:29 AM  

I used to chew a lot of gum, i'm not a mint girl with minty breath, lol, thanks for sharing

starry nights 10:33 AM  

Dinma..thanks..I will leave u a message on your blog. you have to confess 5 things you have in your freezer, car , closet and purse..welcome to tag world.

starry nights 10:34 AM  

well have been tagged. you have to confess the same 5 things in your freezer, closet , car and purse.

starry nights 10:35 AM  

Delaleuverses...welcome to my blog and please do stop by again. you have been tagged. confess to 5 items that u have in your freezer, car, closet and purse..

Sarah 11:08 AM  

Why no picture of V?? Why?
I am asking because my mother always had my sisters photos..not mine.. She even has my children's photos in her wallet..but not their mother..

starry nights 1:31 PM  

Sarah..No picture of vijay because I never got around to doing it. I know thats bad, had two slots for pics.J was first on the scene so his was in first, then came maya, by the time vijay came along there was no transparent slot left in my wallet.


"my sunglasses. I have to look cool when I drive"- Atta attitude girl...I would add tht be it a girl or a boy, he needs to loook presentable all the time n if for girlsm make is wht helps, we need it always!!!!:) Nice 5 thingie tag! :)

starry nights 7:15 PM  

Thanks scribblez.Yes we have to always look presentable.

geetha 8:32 PM  

You hide your weighing scale coz' you don't weight every. Mine is right in front of the bathroom so that I can weight everyday.. scared I will put on too much. Don't want to wait for my clothes to tell.. might be too late then ;)

Keshi 9:32 PM  

**cashew Barfi

sounds yummmy!

** really cannot figure out North, south, east or west.

get a GPS na :)


starry nights 9:44 PM  

Geetha, yes My scale is in the closet not in the bathroom,I try to stay trim and I can usually tell if I have gained a few.I just did not want to be hopping on that scale everytime I stepped out of the shower.

starry nights 9:45 PM  

Keshi..yes a GPS would be great, have given "j" a hint.then I would not get lost as often.

neihal 10:01 PM  

My wallet has all the denominations from 50paisa to Rs1000 note,all the time...I can never leave the house without those small coins...even if I am going for a bro thinks its a wierd habit.

Madhu 11:02 PM  

Hey lalitha, looks like we have a lot in common. Ur freezer sounds like mine.... :) i love sweets too.
And guess what, am totally lost when it comes to direction too. I always mess up left and right also....i have to look at my hand sometimes when giving directions to taxis......he he.

Has to be me 11:32 PM  

Thats a sweetie tag! I love sweets too.....wish I cuc pinch ur cashew burfi! :)

Dinma 5:27 AM  

Thanks for tagging me.wacthout for my confessions.

starry nights 6:57 AM  

Neihal..I think its a good thing, never leave home without money because you never know when u may need it.

starry nights 6:57 AM  

Madhu..Thats funny, I had not met anyone like me regarding directions before.

starry nights 6:58 AM  

Has to be me..Thanks. You can have some of my cashew Burfi any time, no one else in our home likes it as much as me so its all mine.

starry nights 6:59 AM  

Dinma..will be watching.

christabelle 7:24 AM  

"I just try to eat healthy and stay trim, and if I do put on a few extra pounds I dont want the scale to tell me"

haha! so who tells u when u do put on weight, J?

starry nights 8:47 AM  

Christabelle, my clothes tell me, and "J" sure will, in a nice way because he does not want to hurt my feelings, or make me mad.

Nandita 1:21 AM  

Fantastic- it's a cheap thrill to have some bones out of everyone's closet :) funny no one's mentioned that yet in the "5 items in my closet" - a bunch of bones !!

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