Thursday, June 22, 2006


A Warm summer day,
Green grass, blue skies.
Children playing, birds flying
Boys running,
Mothers with strollers walking through.
Flowers blooming, bees buzzing
Butterflies atop, then disappear into the sky.

Young men playing basketball,
women jogging by.
A couple sit on the park bench, holding hands
Talking, laughing, enjoying an evening together.
A subtle glance, a passionate kiss
A pat on the back, then goodbye.

The sky turns orange
The air is cool,
The children gone, the courts silent,
The jogging path deserted.
The park bench empty.
Night has fallen, Another day gone by.


sudhav 8:05 AM  

Lovely description of a summerday lalitha..when I read them, i felt as if the whole thing was happening infront of me. Beautiful..I dont have words to praise these lovely lines..

hope and love 8:09 AM  

great.. ! i would have loved to be there..


Wonderful...The pic is so good too...Simplicity gets the prize!

starry nights 8:41 AM  

Thank you sudhav.

starry nights 8:42 AM  

Hope & love..thanks and I wish u could be here.

starry nights 8:45 AM  

Scribblez..thanks, its an attempt to pen a few lines .simple me and a simple poem. "J" emailed this pic to me, he knew I would like it, it was too beautiful a picture not to share.It almost looks like a painting, doesn't it?

richunderconstruction 9:36 AM  

"Night has fallen, Another day gone by."

but wat a perfect day... complete n meanigful, if even one of the several joys could b found in a day, it wud b ideal, dont u think?

very beautifully put...

richunderconstruction 9:36 AM  

"Night has fallen, Another day gone by."

but wat a perfect day... complete n meanigful, if even one of the several joys could b found in a day, it wud b ideal, dont u think?

very beautifully put...

chandni 9:55 AM  

very vivid description lalitha!!!

and so so apt for a regular summer day

starry nights 11:25 AM  

Rich..if every day could be that peaceful and nice.

starry nights 11:26 AM  

Chandni..thanks. a nice summer day indeed.

Akshay 12:04 PM  

everyone has spoken of the description which is undboutedly good and to go with that there is an awesome picture to the post too.

bLitzKrieg 12:14 PM  

haha..the poem emanates a "Feel good" factor..hope the sunny days are here to stay for long!

Dinma 12:31 PM  

Thanks for tagging me. you can now see my tag confessions.

surajsharma 1:18 PM  

Thanks for stopping by on my blog, to what i owed this honor to, i may never know, but you have a nice blog yourself.

Sarah 1:20 PM  

beautifully written..
i hv a favourite poem

Day is done.
Gone the sun,
from the earth,
from the hill,
safely rest.
god is nigh.

I sing tht to my kids before they go to bed..

jac 2:01 PM  

lovely !

starry nights 3:00 PM  

Akshay..thanks, i think that picture is so beautiful alsmost looks like a painting.

starry nights 3:01 PM  

bLitzKrieg.....It is a feel good poem for a feel good day. thanks.

starry nights 3:02 PM  

Surajsharma thanks and welcome to my blog and plese do come again.

starry nights 3:03 PM  

Thank you sarah..I like the poem that you sing to the children. cute.

Id it is 3:20 PM  

Transient tranquility! One wishes to hold on to it forever.
Nice one.

starry nights 4:10 PM  

Thank you Iditis.tranquil indeed.

Prash 7:04 PM  

Summer said it all!!!

Yesterday - 21st of June - first official of summer day is celebrated in the name of 'fete de la musique' in France. Everywhere music in the streets and all. Nice concept and all. Everything got spoiled by the rain. Mother Nature didn't like French having too much fun I guess...


neihal 7:15 PM  

Did I miss something...all I know about summer is tht it is hot and humid....hmmm...
but i like your description...sweet and simple.

Anonymous,  8:04 PM  

Beautifull picture,beautifull topic and beautifully written....

Maya Cassis 8:21 PM  

lovely post and lovely pic to go with it :)

starry nights 9:14 PM  

Prash...sorry about the rain. but i do hope you had a good day.

starry nights 9:15 PM  

Neihal..Thanks. it is warm and humid in the day but tends to get cooler and pleasant towards the evening.

starry nights 9:17 PM  

Southpaw..thanks.I think that pic is beautiful too, I have not personally been there , but the picture was taken by looks like a painting.

starry nights 9:17 PM  

Maya..thanks..summer has officially begun.

Anonymous,  9:37 PM  

starry nights
Nice post and a beautiful photograph.
Delhi's summer is horrible

"A couple sit on the park bench, holding hands
Talking, laughing, enjoying an evening together.
A subtle glance, a passionate kiss
A pat on the back, then goodbye."

This reminds me of days when I used to bunk from office to meet "him" and then back to home in evening at my normal timings.

starry nights 9:38 PM  

Saroj..thanks for visiting my blog and do come again. you read my thoughts.

Anonymous,  9:45 PM  
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Strictly for my friends 9:47 PM  

That was really well written and so easy to follow. loved it. a bit american in the descriptions tho.

Kuan Gung 9:49 PM  

Very nice...great images...can I post it with your name of course?


starry nights 9:52 PM  

Strictly for my friends..thanks. sometimes cant help it because I have lived most of my adult life here.

starry nights 9:54 PM  

Kuan Gung...Thanks. and sure be my guest, you can copy the pic and the post. I wanted to share it with everyone.

Mindinside 11:04 PM  

Life is life
Beautiful life
sometimes happy
sometimes blue.

Keshi 11:34 PM  

Summery sunny verse!


Rose 11:40 PM  

Wooops!!! another day gone by it is.. Where is time rushing to????



Sumitha 1:25 AM  

What a beautiful picture!

Has to be me 1:42 AM  

I've seen that beautiful pic b4...but u've given nice words to go with it. Well described! :)

smiley 1:53 AM  

for the working man...
another day...
another dollar in the bank

The day God spilled the paint ... good one.
what happens if our children spill the paint :)

Ebun 2:02 AM  

A lovely discription of summer. Very lovely

Manic Street Preacher 3:13 AM  

"u n this beautiful day.."

Anonymous,  6:55 AM  

Beautiful, You expressed it very well.

Gaurav Jain 7:33 AM  

A great description of a pleasant day outside. And to top that, a gem of a photograph. (must say, that photograph looks unreal to me, but I know it must be real!)

starry nights 7:34 AM is beautiful even with its blue side.

starry nights 7:35 AM  

Rose..I ask my self this question every day..

starry nights 7:36 AM  


starry nights 7:36 AM  

Has to be me..Thanks. It is indeed a beautiful picture.

starry nights 7:38 AM  

Smiley...If aour children spill the paint..a large clean up.If god spills the paint its a beautiful pic.

starry nights 7:38 AM  

manic preacher..Thanks

starry nights 7:39 AM  

Ebun thank you

starry nights 7:40 AM  

Gaurav..It is a real photograph, Ihave not seen this place but one of these days maybe I can take a drive down there

starry nights 7:40 AM  

Thank you chet.

christabelle 7:43 AM  

wow, starry nite this is BEAUTIFUL!!
well written, u sure got talent.

Poetry by Kai 8:04 AM  

THAnks 4 stopping by

Anonymous,  8:59 AM  

Thank you christabelle, you are sweet.

starry nights 9:01 AM  

Poetry by kai..Thanks for visiting my blog and do come again.


Wow..J sent it to you...It does look a bit like something on canvass...I mean even the flower colors r so different in either valley..:)

starry nights 11:24 AM  

Scribblez...Some one emailed this pic to "j" and he forwarded it to me, cause he knew I would like it.It is a true photograph but looks like it is painted.

monu 12:10 AM  

beautiful pict... god is realy a good artist ..the sad thing is that we dont realy see his artworks :)

sudhav 6:23 AM  

happy birthday lalitha..have a wonderful day today and the year ahead..

hillgrandmom 9:43 AM  

Beautiful picture and a lovely poem to go with it.

adi 10:19 PM  

hey bhagwan,
u r writing so beautifully these days ;)

accha, tell me do u like summer days more or the summer nights...

answer on my blog, because i forget my q's

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