Monday, June 19, 2006

I have been tagged by Sumitha from Kitchen wonders to continue this meme...

1... My mother passed away a long time ago. I always remember how she made things go a long
way because we were a lot of kids and so she had to really stretch her budget. everyday she
would go to the market and buy fresh vegetables , meat and fish were reserved for special
days, her dishes were simple but tasty.

2. I loved the custard she used to make, served with fresh fruit.

3. I miss the green gram dal Payasam she used to make on our birthdays, topped with coconut pieces & sweetened with jaggery. It was delicious and I wished everyday was my birthday.

4. My mother made delicious mango pickle, with small whole mangoes, shredded mangoes and with just mango pieces. each one having its own taste. she would marinate them in salt in a ceramic jar . I remember taking the salted pieces and eating them up. I just could not wait for it to be seasoned.

5. I miss the home made chappathis and puris, for some reason hers tasted so much better . I also miss the different breakfast items also, now for the most part it is cereal. I try to make an indian breakfast on weekends.

6. My mother used to try to make home made cakes. even though it turned out really bad, she never gave up and kept trying till she got it perfect. she did not have a good baking oven that we have now. I have not attempted to bake a cake from scratch like my mom. I miss those small sweet cakes.

7. I miss the coconut filled pancakes, and banana fritters , it was always ready when we came from school. After eating a couple you were ready to go out and play.

8. My mother made a really good vegetable stew, which was really tasty with appams. Also really delicious vegetable and meat cutlets.

9. On special occasions she would go all out and make a really nice chicken curry, the aroma itself was enough to make you hungry and beg for more. I have never been able to duplicate that exact flavor.

10. I did not know how to cook when I was first married. I would call my mother several times asking for recipes and ideas, how to fix a dish that I had messed up, because I had no time to make another. she would always encourage me and tell me not to worry and that in due time I would be able to cook well. When I got married and had my first apartment, my mom came over and helped me set up the kitchen, labeling all the spices and stocking my pantry. I was so scared because "J" was coming from India and was used to eating really good food, and I did not know how to cook. My mother stood beside me and showed me how. wrote down a few easy recipes for me and told me to take one day at a time. she passed away two months after that, but I learnt after making many mistakes and throwing whole chickens down the trash shute. Today I can say I am a reasonably good cook but I sure miss all of my mothers cooking just not ten.

I am going to tag..Keshi & Geetha carry out this meme.


archana 4:29 PM  

Our parents will never ever leave us, no matter where they are, they will always be with you, whenever you think about them. I was really touched by your post.

Keshi 6:36 PM  

Starry u dun have ur mum with u either??? Goshh Im so sad now! Im so sorry to hear abt both ur parents not being must be so hard for ya.

Ur mum sure sounds like a brilliant cook with alot of love for her family. WOW!

U tagged me :) but I dun miss my mum's cooking cos she lives with me and cooks almost daily..hehe. But she sure knows how to cook chicken and lamb curry so well and also eggplant beautiful! She also makes puddings and cakes so beautifully.

Mwahhh Starry!

starry nights 6:38 PM  

archanat...welcome to my blog and do come again. thanks

starry nights 6:39 PM  

Keshi...You are one lucky girl..i bet your mom cooks all sorts of nice stuff for you.

Madhu 6:40 PM  

Ur mom sure must have been a good cook. btw is ur native kerela, the green dal payasam with kopra is a trademark there.

U r sure to have her skills passed on rite?

Prash 6:41 PM  

It is 3.35 a.m. in Paris. And I am reading your post. I am hungry now...where do I go for green dal payasam now ? That too in Paris ?

I hate this post for making me wanting to eat indian cuisine.

*smile* really i hate this post for that...*smile*

geetha 6:52 PM  

Aaah, we sure do miss our mum's cooking, huh. Your mum really cooked a lot of stuffs for you..
No one can beat mum's cooking, right ;P

Anonymous,  7:24 PM  

Kitchen,food, fav subject...:)

Akshay 7:53 PM  

Do you hail from Kerala by any chance. Gives me a feeling looking at the delicacies.

Shankari 8:49 PM  

Very touching post. Last blog about your dad and now your mom.

starry nights 8:51 PM  

madhu..thanks.Yes my mom was from kerala.

starry nights 8:52 PM  

prash..thank you, I am hungry also and mom is not here to cook something nice.

starry nights 8:53 PM  

Thanks..yes moms cooking is the have been tagged.

starry nights 8:53 PM  

Thank you shankari.

starry nights 8:54 PM hungry too.

starry nights 8:54 PM mom was from kerala and dad from Bangalore.

gardeinfo 9:11 PM  

Nothing can take the place of our parents,nor wipe the memories we have of them. Just staying away from mine for a while is always very deficult.

neihal 9:54 PM  

I am not very fussy about food....but it was only after I got married I realised how much I missed my Mom's cooking.....and she made everything look so easy.

Keshi 11:55 PM  

she does...all the time.:)


Dinma 12:25 AM  

That so cute. Your mama must have been a really great cook. To make her happy,you should keep up with the good cooking she has imbibed in you.

Sumitha 12:54 AM  

Thanks Star!I knew yours would make a good and an honest write up.Thank you for sharing it.

Dew Drops 1:22 AM  

me too hate this post for wanting me go bak home ..

Has to be me 1:46 AM  

Thats a sweet tag! nothing to beat mom's sp food cooked with so much love.

Rose 2:11 AM  


My mother has suffered from stroke.. twice.. The first happened abt 12 yrs ago.. But even today no matter how unwell she is, she cooks al the meals in the house.. She has lost the ability to cook as well as she used to.. sometimes she forgets to add a couple of ingredients or puts something else instead of another.. But to my father and me whatever she makes is the most delicious stuff on earth coz its cooked by Mummy..



jac 4:14 AM  

The seventh one is "churulappam", am I right ?

Or else we have the same Mom, LOL

Dh@v@! 4:39 AM  

Nice one…

Yar even I m missing my home (mom) made food…
Esp when I m in a place where I can’t find even good food outside…

“My Mom is a gr8 cook” I must say n I m missing all the things cooked by her

sudhav 6:54 AM  

SN, Its true, our mom will never discourage us.Instead they will help us do it the best way..It brought tears to my eyse SN, after i read this..Very well written.Nothing can equal our parents..

starry nights 7:16 AM  

gardeinfo...welcome to my blog and do come again. thanks

starry nights 7:16 AM  

Neihal..yes we do take moms food or granted.

starry nights 7:17 AM  

Dinma...Thanks but am still in the process of mastering.

starry nights 7:18 AM  

Sumitha you know that I cant cook like you.

starry nights 7:18 AM  

Dew drops..true made me hungry for all the things my mom made.

starry nights 7:19 AM  

Has to be me...thanks.

starry nights 7:20 AM  

Rose...That is so sweet, thats what seperates moms from regular people, they will unconditionally keep doing, and nothing is as good as hers.

starry nights 7:21 AM  

I think most moms are alike.

starry nights 7:22 AM  

dh@v@...Thanks. suddenly we realize what she did.

starry nights 7:24 AM  

Sudhav...Thanks..Yes there are so many times when I make something nice I wish I could show it to my mom and tell her that atlast I did learn to cook.

adi 7:24 AM  

however much i complain about the salt being more or the sweet being less, the roti being a little on the burnt side or the chawal being on the undercooked bit, 'ma' is the best cook for me.

anything else, anyone else is not done, howsover delicious.

and if u get the impresssion that she makes complainable food, its that i'm more fussy than anyone else on this planet.

passerby55 7:50 AM  

hi starry

My mom is a good cook. She gives the credit to her mom-in-law who taught her cooking.


starry nights 10:14 AM are right. mom sure adds that special touch which makes it good.

starry nights 10:15 AM  

passerby..thank you and thats nice your mom had a good mother-inlaw to teach her.


Hey...Intersting stuff...We all love our moms cooking...for me I know it when I am not with her, as I am not a food fan at all! You said your mom helped set your apartment kitchen before J came...I am confused. You mean you was here n J in India n then J came to US? Or am I reading it all rong? Anyways nice trip to memory lane and her falvour will always be resting with yous!

Raji 1:27 PM  

I'm sure your mum and dad are smiling at you from above!!! They must be proud of their daughter who is so greatful to have such wonderful people as parents.

ashok 1:40 PM  

good post :)

starry nights 2:06 PM  

scribblez.. thanks. "J" was in India and I was here and so were my parents.I had met "j"in india before I came here. its a long story and maybe another post. Thats how my mom was able to help me set up my own place before "j"came. My mom passed away over here.

starry nights 2:07 PM  

Thank you Raji..I hope so.

starry nights 2:07 PM  

Ashok..welcome to my blog and do hope you come again.

Maya (your daughter),  2:25 PM  

You do that with me now, Mom! I feel like I'm always calling you about some silly cooking/food question-- like how long you should wash fruit? :)

I can't wait until you come and set up my pantry whenever I actually have one!

Syam 2:25 PM  

I wish I shouldn't continue reading
10 THINGS THAT I MISS ABOUT MY MOTHERS COOKING any makes me crave for those things :-)

Maya (your daughter),  2:45 PM  

Since I don't have a blog and I'm bored of studying, I'm going to do a "TEN THINGS I MISS ABOUT MY MOM'S COOKING NOW THAT I DON'T LIVE AT HOME ANYMORE"

1. I miss your fried fish. It is so delicious-- spicy and crunchy. I'm too afraid to buy fish and make it myself because I know I will screw it up.

2. Your pancakes. You always make them just how I like them-- very, very flat with lacey edges. Now I just grab a yogurt for breakfast in the morning.

3. Sloppy Joes/Tacos: Even though you were not a huge fan, you would make it for us anyway because you knew we loved it.

4. Vegetables: I wouldn't eat them then but now I am starting to get better and eat them more. I wish I could go back in time and eat more of the veggies you made.

5. Chicken curry: There is way that you make it that is very familiar-- it so "you". It is the best comfort food. Well that and...

6. Pepper Fry: my all-time favorite. It is SO delicious and I crave it all the time. It's my favorite thing you make.

7. Desserts: you always made so many brownies/cookies with us when we were little. I have such a sweet tooth like you.

8. Rose cookies: they are so light and sweet. They always make me think of Christmas or other special occasions.

9. Yogurt: I always miss your home-made yogurt to put on my rice. Store bought does not taste the same to me.

10. Chatting with you while you're cooking :)

starry nights 2:59 PM  

Thank you maya. That is really sweet. I hope I am able to set up your kitchen and label the spices and stock up the pantry just as my mom did. Love u lots. mom

chandni 3:05 PM  

:) your mom sounds like she was an awesome cook..

well... I guess all kids love their mom's cooking..

Nice list there...I am sure you could taste each one as you wrote it :)

And do you also make all these yummy sounding food?

Ganesh Ranganathan 3:49 PM  

now youve made me hungry....mmmmmm

Sarah 4:34 PM  

Payaru grandmother agreed to get married, just to drink that payasam!! and even now, when i feel homesick..I make tht payasam..with fried slivers of coconut and plenty of cashew nuts..

I also liked ethakka appam.. and my mother made the best mango pickle..I remember her marinating them in the ceramic pot and like you, I too ate the mangoes much before she had a chance to pickle it..
Beautifully written peace ..

Prash 4:58 PM  

btw, do you know to cook 'pallada pradamam' ?

the post from your daughter maya was very sweet...I liked it. :-)

starry nights 5:35 PM  

chandni..I try to but nothing tastes like mom.

starry nights 5:43 PM  


starry nights 5:43 PM  


Maya Cassis 8:06 PM  

you made me hungry and sad at the same time.


Hey..I guess a post on the way you met J would be an interesting read, atleast i would love to know!

starry nights 8:16 AM  

Thank you maya.

starry nights 8:17 AM  

Scribblez.. one day I will write that post.It is a really long story.

Bindu Vijayakumar 10:36 PM  


A wonderful blog, i really wonder how did i miss to browse this blog earlier.

Very honest writing..and the list is really delicious..

we sure do miss our mum's cooking, yeh very much. Your mum seems to be a great cook..from the list that u have put.

Manisha 11:37 AM  

Lalitha, what a beautiful tribute from you to your mother and from Maya to you. You sound just like the warm supportive mother that your mother was! Lots of love to you and to Maya, for cherishing what she has with you.

starry nights 7:00 PM  

Thank You Manisha.How I wish my mother could have seen maya, my mom died two months after I was married, I was 23.I have good memories, she was a wonderful person, I try very much to be like her and I have a long way to go.I pray to god everyday to keep me alive so I can see maya married and have her children.Thank you for visiting my blog and come again.

Anonymous,  5:17 PM  

What a great site

Anonymous,  1:27 AM  

nice to read about indian food in English... its hard to name the vegetables and items.. grr!! :)

Srivalli 2:42 AM  

wonderful post....and I liked your duaghter's list too...loved so sorry about your loss...


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