Monday, May 01, 2006

Poem By Maya

I want to share a poem written by maya at age 12.

I am a shy, quiet girl who loves to write
I wonder how some people live without sight
I hear the sound of royal trumpets blaring
I see pristine white unicorns and the pixies they're carrying
I want people to live without the need to fight
I am a shy, quiet girl who loves to write.

I pretend I am a star in a studded sky
I feel sad and lonely way up high
I touch the lace and gauze of a fairy's bow
I worry that people will lose the happiness they once used to show
I cry when I think of fear and sadness at night
I am a shy, quiet girl who loves to write.

I understand you can't change what people do
I say if you believe, you can do anything you want to
I dream about a place with no fighting or crime
I try to help the homeless, even if all I can give is a dime.
I hope to make a difference with all my might
I am a shy, quiet girl who loves to write.


Sarah 3:12 PM  

i like tht..if you can do anything!!!

jac 7:28 PM  

Yes, I too agree with sarah in that.
You can do anything.
Lovely poem !

And who is Maya ?

starry nights 8:27 PM  

Thank you immigrant in canada and Jac for your comments.I too agree that if you believe in yourself you can do anything.Maya is my daughter.she loves to write stories and poems.she is a lot older now but wrote this poem at 12.

Alexis Leon 11:21 PM  

Maya you write well, so follow your love
People without sight live with their insight
If you believe, you can do anything you want to
I am sure you have grown up and shed your shyness
I am sure that you are still writing and loving it
One day I hope to read a book of poems written by you

Deepti 12:38 AM  

A girl at the age of 12 having these kinda thots is gr8...u mst be indeed proud of your daughter...!

Rose 2:48 AM  

AT AGE 12!!!!

I am awed....

We have a future Arundhati Roy here... or maybe even someone better...

Man... Im still shocked... Its a mixed feeling when a child gives u a complex.. :)


Raj 6:54 AM  

wow :) Mother's genes what say?:)

starry nights 7:22 AM  

Alexis,Deepti,Rose and Raj.Thank you for your comments.I am indeed proud of her.She is everything you would want in a daughter.

lovemarks 11:03 AM  

WOW! (that's all I can say...) Maya is amazingly indepth and expressive...loved the poem she wrote on Rain too...

JamesBright 12:12 PM  

The power of the pen can be unbelievable as this poem shows!
Lovely little poem..!

Jackal 12:43 PM  

wow tht's

starry nights 12:45 PM  

Lovemarks. Thanks for stopping by and hope you come again.

Dreamslittle. Thanks for visiting and come back. I must say that you can really express what you feel through poems.

starry nights 2:04 PM  

Jackal..Thank You

Lydia,  9:27 PM  

Hi Lalitha!
Maya writes beautifully, reading her poems changes the way you think about the topic.I remember you saying that your son writes well too!
Looking forward to more poems from you.
I accidentally deleted my blog site
i thought I was deleting just a specific blog
Working on a new one :)

Bruce Almighty 10:14 PM  

precocious child... great talent in the making...

very well written

Ankit 10:36 PM  

I understand you can't change what people do


jac 2:35 AM  

Amazed !!

jac 3:19 AM  

To Maya, the little poetess with compliments !!

You say you are shy, loves to write, ok
You see pristine white unicorns, ok
You say you cry when you think of fear, ok
Say if you believe, you can do anything, ok

Then let me ask you something too, ok?
Can you be Maya… a tot, two year old, ok ?

starry nights 7:50 AM  

Lydia:Thank you for your comments.

Rohan:thank you and please do come again

Ankit. You are right that we cannot change what people do. thanks for visiting my blogsite. do come again.

Jac. thanks for the compliment. I shall pass it on to Maya.

AlterinG Abhishek 7:54 AM  

......but why is the bacha in the profile pic is crying????????////

starry nights 8:51 AM  

Alter Abhishek: the bacha is me when I was little, I did not want my picture taken. Thank you for visiting my blog come again.

Mindinside 11:54 PM  

So SO lovely a poem.
I congratulate you for being her mom.

starry nights 6:11 PM  

sojourner..thank you.

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