Friday, May 12, 2006


The things my mother taught me.

"All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe it to my mother."
Abraham Lincoln.

Few words can sum up the meaning and significance of the word mother. It stands for Patience, Unconditional love, Sacrifices, Grief, and worry.
When I think of my mother I see a woman who was strong, patient and kind, loving and at the same time was able to enforce discipline. was forgiving, tolerant and was rich in knowledge.
I did not see these attributes when I was young , it was only as I grew older and had children of my own did I appreciate who my mother was.

My mother was capable of doing right and wrong, this showed me that she was human.

She was not here when my children were born and at times when I needed her, this made me realize that life does not go on forever.

She took time from her busy schedule to go to church, this taught me that I should always find time to put God in my life.

The next thing that set her apart was her love for her children, and her intent that they should lead normal, well adjusted lives. She sacrificed a lot of things in her life to ensure that we got the best.This taught me that I have to do everything I can to teach my children right. The importance of family and how to give of myself.

By taking me back to school when I refused to go, she taught me the importance of school and an education. She taught me to set goals and to believe in myself.

She was always standing in the crowd watching me at school plays or on sports days, cheering me along even if I had a small part to play, or came last in sports. This taught me that no matter how big a part my children played in a school play or a game, just me being there would make a big difference and would make them feel important.

She always made sure that a family she knew, who would otherwise go hungry, was able to have atleast one good meal. It was not with the abundance , but with the little she had, that she gave. This taught me that I can always make a difference in other peoples lives, and that it does not take riches to be generous.

During my teenage years, she put up with all the mistakes I made, when my spirits were down she consoled me, when I thought I looked ugly she made me feel beautiful. She endured my many mood swings. She wiped away my tears and just understood . This taught me that I should be patient with my teenage children, just as I was allowed to make mistakes and learn from it they should be able to do the same.

When I failed she was there with open arms, pretending that I could do no wrong, helping me to learn, to find strength and to carry on. She taught me to be there for my family with unconditional love, to allow them to fall and to help them to get up and stand tall.

By welcoming and treating all my friends the same, regardless of race or religion she taught me the meaning of acceptance and tolerance, she also made me aware that we may look different, speak a different language, worship different Gods but in our hearts we are the same.

When I wanted to marry the man of my choice, she supported me in my decision even though in her heart she felt differently.She gave me away with some advice and her blessings. This taught me to accept other peoples decisions even if it did not match mine, to look at the best in the person and pray for everything to turn out well.

My father travelled a lot and the burden of runing the home fell on my mothers shoulders, she never complained, just went along the daily routine as if he was there . This taught me to be strong and to be independant. Whenever I feel that I have too much work to do , I think of my mother who had to do it alone.

My mother standing beside my father through good times and bad taught me that I was in this marriage for the long haul, and I had to give it my all.

My mothers thirst for knowledge and her love of books made me want to do the same.

The many trips that I took with my mother to visit someone who was sick or who was just down, taught me to be more compassionate, and sensitive to the needs of others.

The many times that she set aside her own worries and problems to listen to mine, has taught me that other people have problems too and that I should take time to listen, and not dwell on my own.

By accepting and facing the many challenges that life presented to her, she made me aware that life has its ups and downs and that I should try to face it with a smile.

BY her life she taught me dignity, respect, confidence, courage, sincerity, and understanding.
I wonder if I will ever be like my mom, she was always doing good deeds, and planting acts of kindness. She gave me roots to grow and wings to fly. I have not followed all the lessons my mother taught me and I have a long way to go, but I try.

There isnt a day that goes by without me thinking of her and wishing she was alive.I want to live my life just like my mom so my children will have lessons to follow.



southpaw 11:01 AM  

Mums r the greatest.

Sarah 11:03 AM  

wow..beautifully written..
You are lucky! and your mother was blessed to have given birth to a great daughter!!

starry nights 11:09 AM  

southpaw Thanks for visiting my blod. do come again.Moms are the greatest.

starry nights 11:09 AM  
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starry nights 11:13 AM  

Immigrant in canada...Thank You.

starry nights 11:24 AM  

Immigrant in canada..You are right I was lucky to have a mom like her but the sad part is I never told her that.


Hey..That is so nice...You have such a beautiful thing wriiten for her....I cant ever say anything directly to her but I guess my second post , back in May 05 was about her....

Hey, that you are here, Mothers Day is big right...Am sure your kids adore you and would show all tht on Mothers Day..
Heres to a wonderful day with your kids and your mother..:)

Sumitha 1:29 PM  

NO its not late to tell your mother how much you loved her even she is not anymore,you have come into this world through her and she is a part of you even now,no one can change that!

My mothers day wishes to you!
With a mother like yours there is no doubt that you will be like her too!

starry nights 1:37 PM  

scribblez...Thank you.Sometimes I wish I could have told her these things, I was young and hard headed.thought she would last forever.

starry nights 1:39 PM  

Sumitha. thank you.I would be happy if I could even be half the person she was.

jac 5:15 PM  

A fitting tribute!!!
Moms are Moms.

chet 6:50 PM  

A great tribute to mothers. I have also not told my mom how much I cared or loved her before she passed on.

starry nights 7:17 PM  

Chet..Thanks for stopping by.please do come again.

starry nights 7:18 PM  

Jac..I think everyday should be mothers day.

Suji 8:31 PM  

Great tribute! How true that we don't realise these things abt our mothers when we r young.

starry nights 8:21 AM  

Suji..Thank you.If we could only go back and say the things we should have said.

Jackal 12:45 PM  

nice post....yeah mothers always do so much fo their children..unfortunately many ppl forget tht...tccc starry

Prash 2:21 PM  

I think i have told you before in another post that you make a wonderful parent. And i say it again...with all what you wrote about your mother. I am sure your kids would feel the same way...

every phrase i read the image i had is my mom...i had to call her after that...she was so happy to talk to me...after usual complains that i don't call her often, she started to go bla bla bla...and the conversation ended with taking care and all. When we are miles away, this is what we get...

I wish i had a magical power and make your mother come to you and read your post about her.

Lovely ! ! !

I liked your post very much ! ! !

Bonnes fêtes de mère !!!
(happy mother's day in french)

PS: It's not Mother's Day in France. It's 28th may in France.

starry nights 2:38 PM  

Thank you Prash.I am glad you called your mom.We always think that our mothers will be with us forever.

starry nights 5:42 PM  

Jackal..Thank you

hope and love 7:42 PM  

that was so touching.. ur mom was great.. nowonder she has a daughter like u..

smiley 9:27 PM  


That was a good one, summed up everything :)

I love Munich 4:24 AM  

You're so right!!! If I look at my mother ... almost 83 and going strong - FANTASTIC!! One day I told her how much I appreciate and love her ... and I'm more than glad I did!! She knows I'm proud of here .. I have all the reason in the world to - I have a GREAT mom!


Oh dont regret it!! Am sure she hears you and would have heard you in her own way....They just know what their children think!! She definitely knows even if you didnt speel it out to her!:)

Nandita 10:06 AM  

Very touching...can totally understand your feelings that you have so beautifully depicted in words

Thanks for coming over to my blog, hope to interact with you often...

Warm regards

chet 11:19 AM  

Wishing you a Happy Mothers Day. May it be the best.

starry nights 12:21 PM  

Hope & Love..Happy mothers day to you. thank you.

starry nights 12:24 PM  

Smiley, nandita, Scribblez, chet, I love munich Thank you and happy mothers day for those who are mothers and if you are not happy mothers day to your mothers.

Shankari 9:19 PM  

Very touching. I am not a mom yet and often wonder if I can be as selfless as my mom is. It is amazing right?
I am sure you are a great mom

jac 10:11 AM  

For me it can't be.

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