Wednesday, May 31, 2006

By Maya at age 12

Blue is the fountain pen's flowing ink
Blue is the smooth ice in the skating rink
Blue is the wide expanse of sky touched with white
Blue is the color of a diamond shaped kite
Blue is the color you need when you're wed
"something old, something new,
"something borrowed and something blue"
Is what they said.

Blue is the crashing waves smoothing over the beach
Blue is the color in the rainbow you just cant reach
Blue is the color of a sweet baby's eyes.
Blue is the flower sprinkled with dew at sunrise.

Blue can be the gloom you feel inside
But Blue has another side
Blue can be hope, happiness, and delight
Blue is the color that makes everything allright.


richunderconstruction 8:45 AM  

"Blue can be the gloom you feel inside
But Blue has another side
Blue can be hope, happiness, and delight"

at age 12..? beautiful...
loved the above two lines esp.
must say... very well written.

Alexis Leon 11:14 AM  

Very nice poem. Does she write now? Or too busy with studies...

starry nights 11:26 AM  

Thank you Rich..

Yes she writes but not too many poems she has too much to study.I have a box full of her poems and writings since she was six.

chandni 12:17 PM  

Blue is my favourite colour...

Bestest favourite! :)

starry nights 1:00 PM  

Chandni..I love the color Blue also. It is a peaceful color.


WOnderful ...Your children are great writers...:) Wht a simple topic n a simple poem...Very nice indeed! :)

Prash 1:58 PM  

Tel père tel fils (like father, like son)...your kids have this a big talent in writing as you do.

jac 6:12 PM  

Blue is the colour of sorrow
Blue is glued to the other side of blue.
Blue is the colour of the gem that I love.

chet 7:39 PM  

WOW!!! Only 12, such a beautifully written poem. Your daughter is a great writer.

starry nights 8:18 PM  

Thank you scribblez.

starry nights 8:19 PM  

Thank you prash

starry nights 8:20 PM  

Jac..yes sometimes I get the blues and it gets me down, but I look up at the Blue sky and it turns everything around.

starry nights 8:21 PM  

Thank you chet and welcome back.

Zara's Mama 10:27 PM  

Wow.. your girl wrote this?? She's very creative, and good with words!

Mansoor Qaisar 10:36 PM  

wow! there is every were blue... sky is blue, sea is blue....
so i also like blue very much.

Great poem! wish u best of luck in life!

Dr O2 11:12 PM  

SN the post was great but I still can't seem to like Blue :-D Blue is the Chelsea-color & I am an Arsenal fan :-S

Rose 11:23 PM  


Im beginning to becum a huge fan of Maya.. My favourites are 'I am' and 'Rain'.. She hs immense talent.. thn again i gues its in her genes.. :)

Hw old is she now?


Gaurav Jain 11:36 PM  

Beautiful poem, beautiful rhymes - makes me really want to love the color blue :)

Mindinside 11:57 PM  

hey wot a poem i see here!
she is sure talented with a lovely taste.

Blue is my favorite color
kite is my love

AlterinG Abhishek 12:50 AM  

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Jackal 1:46 AM  

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Madhu 2:15 AM  

Gift of writing is sure a blessing, both u and ur daughter are blessed.

Blue is my favourite color too, blue the color of the sky and the sea.

I wish i could write poems too....somehow it never clicks. Even if I write, I dont dare expose them...:(

Manny 3:36 AM  

Blue is also a color of trust.

They say that one shold wear some type of blue to job interviews.

OK, maybe not as deep as your post.
I just wanted to add it.

Thanks for stopping by. Come back anytime.

southpaw 4:17 AM  

She can write so beautifully at 12! i can't even 1% close to that at 30...:(

Has to be me 5:45 AM  

Splendid! So beautifully worded. U must encourage Maya to write more. She's just awesome. :)

starry nights 7:32 AM  

Zaras Mama.. thanks for visiting my blog and please do come again and thanks.

starry nights 7:36 AM  

Mansoor. DRo2 and Rose..Thanks.

starry nights 7:37 AM  

GauravJain & mindinside.. thanks I shall convey the message to Maya

starry nights 7:38 AM  

Alter Abhishek...You sure got carried away with the color blue. That was a cool poem.

starry nights 7:39 AM  

Madhu, Southpaw & Has to be me...Thanks.

starry nights 7:39 AM  

M-e....Welcome to my blog. and please do come again.

Shankari 8:25 AM  

kudos to maya for such a beautiful poem

Suji 9:41 AM  

Wow!!! Really gifted child you have. Blue is one of my favourite colors too.

starry nights 8:35 PM  

Shankari and Suji thanks.

JamesBright 2:20 AM  

My fav. colour is blue as you can see in my blog.

Anonymous,  12:55 PM  

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Anonymous,  3:03 PM  

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Anonymous,  6:25 PM  

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Sojourner 12:51 AM  

Blue is one of my favs....
BTW, the latest blue template is awesome.. i was wondering where to say it.. :)

starry nights 5:59 PM  

Thanks fav color too.

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