Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My Heartfelt wishes to all my blogger friends out there. This is what I wish for all of you. Please click on the link and have the volume turned up and enjoy this blessing movie. It made me feel happy that I am here on this earth .
Though not always visible, there is within everyone and everything a divine and holy spark of goodness. Whenever we bless any person, situation, or thing in our lives, we are, in essence, recognizing that goodness, acknowledging its inherent value, and in so doing, fanning the spark into a flame. Each and every time we bless another, we don't just make a difference, we heal the world.
"one million blessings."

Click on this link
We Send You Our Blessings


Shankari 5:07 PM  

Nice one, Thanks.

Bittu's Mamma 4:21 AM  

It's beautiful, thanks a lot for sharing the blessings in such a nice way :)

starry nights 6:59 AM  

Shankari & Bittus mamma I am glad u liked it. I thought it was meaningful also.


Thanku dear!! Tht was sweet n calming...Very considerate of you! :)

starry nights 8:03 AM  

Thank u scribblez.Someone sent it to me and I just wanted to share it because of the words and the awsome scenery.

divas!!! 8:54 AM  

a big hello from british columbia ...thanks for stoppin by ur place indeed is soothing to heart n soul...
keep posted

@ina 9:52 AM  

Hi Starry Nights!
That was so beautiful! Thank you for sharing. =)

Gaurav Jain 10:15 AM  

Hello Lalitha,
Thanks for sharing such a beautiful collection of messages. It made my day :)

May you be blessed too!!

starry nights 10:26 AM  

@ina and Gaurav...Thank you.I am glad you liked it as much as I did.

aklanta 11:12 AM  

That's really great and touching...thanks

starry nights 11:36 AM  

ON THE WALK...Thank you for visiting my blog and please do come again.

chandni 2:46 PM  

that is so nice. Thanks for sharing :)

Not many remember to be so considerate!

Prash 6:05 PM  

It is 3 a.m. in Paris when I saw your post on the 'blessing' and I took time to click the link and read the whole blessing. I feel happy and good now. I am sure I am going to have a good night's sleep...rather good morning's sleep *smile*...

Thanks ! ! !

starry nights 8:03 PM  

Chandni & Prash I am glad you liked the blessing video. I did.

southpaw 10:22 PM  


I love Munich 10:45 PM  

That little movie made my day!! it is sooooooooooo beautiful!! Thank you so much for sharing! May I foreward that to a friend?

sobrietybreedscontempt 1:10 AM  

Awwww starry that was really nice........... And I'm sure everyone's always gonna come back here for more :)

Madhu 2:12 AM  

Thanks for the blessings!

starry nights 7:03 AM  

Southpaw ..Thanks. I am glad u liked it.

starry nights 7:03 AM  

Jitterbug.. Thanks and you are always welcome

starry nights 7:04 AM  

Madhu thanks and it made my day also. it was really soothing and the scenery was awsome.

starry nights 7:06 AM  

I love munich..I am so glad you enjoyed that and sure you can forward it to anyone you like.I think in this world all of us need some kind words and blessings for sure. I was really down when I recieved it and it really lifted my spirit up.Thats why I wanted to share it. It was too beautiful to keep to myself.

Suji 8:36 AM  

Thanks for the blessings. It is nice to be blessed. So nice of you to share it with all of us. Take care.

hope and love 9:37 AM  

beautiful.. and soothing..

starry nights 10:13 AM  

Suji & Hope &Love thank you.

Jackal 1:04 PM  

wow so thoughtful n beautiful starry..thnx....may god always be there for u n ur family......tcc

starry nights 4:05 PM  

Thank you Jackal for those kind words.may your family be blessed too.

Sumitha 9:01 AM  

Hi Star!Wow it was awesome !

starry nights 10:07 AM  

Sumitha I am glad you liked it.

Anonymous,  6:25 PM  

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starry nights 8:01 PM  

Thank you anonymous

Anonymous,  9:45 AM  

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Sojourner 12:43 AM  

The images again..
they speak without words.. Loved it!

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