Sunday, May 14, 2006


On this mothers day
The children are away
It is just me and "J"
I think of mothers days gone by

I reach into my special box
Inside are crumpled pieces of paper
Which say "I love you Mom" with
A smiley face or two
Colored pictures with crayons and markers
Imprints of tiny hands with clay,
Made in school and at play.
Dried flowers and petals,
Imitation pearls and stones,
Poems and songs.

Now its Hallmark cards,
Bouquet of flowers
Real diamonds and pearls
The things I treasure most are those given
By my children on Mothers Days gone by.


chet 9:40 PM  

Lalitha, That was a very beautiful poem. So true what you said.

sobrietybreedscontempt 12:43 AM  

That is reallly beautiful...

I have a lil box of stuff that are seemingly sans value, but if I had a choice to carry one concrete thing with me; of all the expensive materialistic things that have come to define life... I would only take that box of memories.....

Mansoor Qaisar 6:10 AM  

excellant.... nice to hear... keep it up
Happy Mother's day to all....

chandni 8:31 AM  



starry nights 8:57 AM  

Chet..Thank you

starry nights 8:57 AM  

Jitterbug..that is true we can never replace memories.

starry nights 8:58 AM  

sweta..Thank you for visiting my blog .please do come again


Oh...How nice is it to have tht cute thing....You and J alone...More conversations about old days? Kidding....:) Nice poem!

starry nights 9:02 AM  

Chandini...Thank you

starry nights 10:26 AM conversations this time.

Alexis Leon 11:44 AM  

Very true. No card can be as precious as a card, letter, painting made by the person who gives the gift.

Good poem and very true too.

starry nights 5:09 PM  

Thank you alexis and Lg

Prash 7:21 AM  

Mother's day is nearing in France. And people are getting gifts and booking their train tickets to their home-towns or ordering a bouquet through internet. This is what i can see in France today. Your treasure is worthless...!!!

Sojourner 12:24 AM  

I know...
made by hand.. more personality in those things.. like used books :)

starry nights 6:03 PM true.

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