Monday, May 22, 2006

My Garden....

Every morning when I come downstairs to make "J" and myself a cup of coffee, I peek through the kitchen window which overlooks my back yard. I can see all the beautiful flowers and plants. On my kitchen counter is a curry leaf plant growing ever so slowly in a colorful pot. The flowers bloom at different times of the year, and each time I look at them I am reminded of my family and friends.

The Irises remind me of my dear friend E who gave them to me when I was ill,

The roses each one of a different color were planted by my brother

The Asian apple planted because its J's favorite.

Is yet to bear fruit that he can bite into.

The periwinkle reminds me of my sister.

The Jasmine given by my brother is yet to have a flower.

The pommergranite given by a friend, has only leaves from stem to stem.

The guava tree is a must see, because it is just thin and tall with barely any leaves.

The grape vine loves the freedom of not being tied down so he just roams all over and onto the neighbors grounds.

The honeysuckle bush is so thick that animals and birds are attracted to it.

The Ivy creeping all over the walls was planted by another

Who did not think it would be a bother.

The day lillies were planted by a stranger

Whom I asked to plant, because I could stand the bare spot any longer.

So this is my garden that I love because it reminds me of family and friends

Who took time and showed their love by just giving me a plant.


I love Munich 12:06 PM  

You have a BEAUTIFUL garden ... fantastic colors!! I envy you for seeing those beauties first thing in the morning with a cup of coffee ... GREAT!

Maya Cassis 12:20 PM  

wow you really do have a green thumb,want to be like you:)

starry nights 12:30 PM  

Thank you I love munich.

starry nights 12:31 PM  

Welcome Maya to my blog site.I dont know if I have a green thumb. But I love to garden some survive and some die.most were planted by others, I enjoy the colors.

chandni 12:51 PM  

wow!!! Those are pretty flowers...nice garden that!

My mom is very fond of gardening too and I have lovely flowers back home..

Jackal 1:01 PM  

wow starry u have a beautiful garden......must visit u home :)

starry nights 1:19 PM  

Jackal thank you. you are welcome to visit me .

starry nights 1:19 PM  

Chandni. thank you. I love to garden

JamesBright 2:21 PM  

I also love garden and plants and I have some in my kitchen too..!

Madhu 9:06 PM  

Lucky u! I miss my garden back home in India. Before I moved out, I used to spend a lot of time in the tiny garden we had. My mom loved the jasmine creepers and my sister and I would help her collect all the fragrant flowers...and many times we have been stung by wasps.

My bedroom was just next to the jasmine plant, so my mornings were fragrant.

Thanks StarryNights, mitti ki khushboo aa gaye!

Sarah 9:16 PM  

I am crying... i hv no plants out side my window.. nobody gifts me one either.. everyone knows I am a plant killer!!! sigh..

But your garden is soooooo beautiful. I enjoyed reading abt it

starry nights 9:22 PM  

madhu..It must have been nice to have a Jasmine plant by your window, I have a jasmine plant but only has a few leaves no flowers yet.

starry nights 9:24 PM  

Immigrant in canada..I wish I could send you a plant. I would love to.I used to kill a lot of plants and still do, its my brother who has a green thumb.

jac 10:37 PM  

That is lovely blooms with such lovely words too.

Can I plant something there ?

A tree of frienship or a plant of good wishes... can I ?

monu 11:16 PM  

ahaa u have a big garden :)

Maya Cassis 11:55 PM  

plants are beautiful gifts by be able to hone them requires great love and skill.keep it up :)

Mindinside 1:41 AM  

You do have a beautiful garden.
Good for keeping up your mood.

richunderconstruction 3:31 AM  

very pretty,
very positive sight in the morning...

keep blooming...
p.s. love the yellow flower, truly a beauty.

Has to be me 5:21 AM  

Wow! U've an awesome garden! V.pretty....:)


Hiya...You have an amazing backyard...And all those plants have roots in 2 senses...One is the physical root and the other is the perosn it reminds you of... Is that not sweet....So do you manage to use the curry leaves for cooking or do you have to get to the Indian shop for the same....I love your backyard....very functional and reminiscent!

starry nights 7:55 AM  

dreamslittle.. Thank you.

starry nights 7:56 AM  

Jac..With your green thumb I bet u have pretty flowers. You are welcome to plant a flower in my garden. Do you have a plant in your garden that reminds you of someone special.

starry nights 7:57 AM  

Monu & mindinside ...Thank you.

starry nights 7:58 AM  

Richunderconstruction..Thank you and the yellow flower is a day lilly. I do not know how to print the names under the flowers.

starry nights 7:59 AM  

Has to be me ....Thank you

starry nights 8:02 AM  

Scribblez...You have a beautiful scene from your bedroom. Do you look out and see your friends in your backyard? I do . every plant and flower reminds me of some one and some place. The curry leaf plant has been 3" tall for the last 2 years, I buy the leaves from the indian store. But the curry leaf is growing from a seed. so thats an accomplishment.

Bittu's Mamma 4:14 AM  

Wow! It's a Beautiful Garden. you are great!

starry nights 8:08 PM  

Thank you Bittus mamma

Anonymous,  6:25 PM  

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starry nights 8:05 PM  

Thank you very much. its just what comes from my heart.

Anonymous,  9:45 AM  

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Sojourner 12:34 AM  

hmm... i would have liked to see the names against the pictures..
though i don't know what's what
what counted were the thougths :)

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