Tuesday, May 30, 2006


We see so many images in books, , Magazines, The Internet and on TV. It is getting harder to tell whether it is Fake or real. It challenges our ability to tell if it is a real image or one that was generated by computer software. Can you tell?


Jackal 1:41 PM  

wow i am first starry....now u will have to make me a cup of coffee :) i dont know really but appears fake.....
btw those pics are really lovely.....


Hey, it looks real to me....Maybe I just believe in everything...U know the answer do let us know!

starry nights 2:58 PM  

jackal and scribblez ..if you look closely at the pic you will find the answer. anyway i will tell you tomorrow

Gaurav Jain 9:26 PM  

Of course, it's fake. There is only one shadow visible under the two vehicles, which is not possible had there been two of them. Also, the hood of the lamborghini is far too short. It's a clever artist's painting on the back van, or a photoshopped item!

Madhu 9:31 PM  

Its a fake. The lamborghini is definitely painted/designed on the truck......!

Good trick truck.......ha ha!

jac 9:50 PM  

It is painted on the sides of the truck.

Marthyan 11:06 PM  

I have the answer, but they found it earlier :) :)

geetha 11:54 PM  

I've seen that van somewhere.. so I knew ;)

I've seen other painting.. they look real too.

Dew Drops 12:41 AM  

ofcourse it is fake. err, wait.. is it real?? will get bak later ;)

Anu 6:54 AM  

It is definitely fake. I think. :)

starry nights 7:34 AM  

Jackal, Gaurav, Madhu,Jac, Dew drops, Geetha, Marthyan and Anu. You guessed right its painted on the side of the truck. The first time I saw the pic I thought it was real. Good job all of you win .

Mr. J 8:26 AM  

Someone painted that thing on.

Ahh well I know im smart :D

Prash 2:01 PM  

I knew it is fake. But then i had this doubt...and then i thought it is fake again...no wait...it is real...no fake, no real, no fake..confused !!!

Ok, got the answer..it is fake. I am such a indecisive person !!!

Anonymous,  12:55 PM  

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Divya 3:10 AM  

Uhh.. fake? Good paint job!!

Anonymous,  6:25 PM  

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