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While I was thumbing through the Blogger profiles I came across quite a few people who had read the book " The DaVinci Code." The movie is premiering in just two days, there has been some controversy over what it portrays. The movie stars.. Tom Hanks and is directed by Ron Howard .I want to know what you bloggers out there think. Please comment.



Hey..I have read Da Vinci Code n there r a lot of truths tht have been portrayed whic would be a pain to the Vatican. I love the mystery and the way the entire puzzle is solved. "Mary Magdalene" is quite interesting point of talk as she was burried to be a "prostitute"for very many years in reality and then a few years ago she is accepted to be a Saint. That superficiality is mentioned....The Opeus Dei is mentioned in Da Vinci n most people dont want to accept that something is flawed in the way the religion was controlled and ruled and some of it is comming to light in a book n mow a movie....I am not sure as I was not there at any period, but the movie is worth the watch for the paintings and the way this duo solve the entire code.....Religious sentiments, I dont know how to judge it as I dont want to be biased!!! Do watch it if you dont mind!! :)

If they say it is all fiction then I dont know why there r so many protests as man canmake out wht is fiction n wht is not....Indian Government has banned the release of this movie but a poll showed tht 75% of the people want to watch it.......Political control again!
Sorry If I offfended anyone or you!!

Ajay 10:02 AM  

hey why? why ?
u know what Lalitha, u ppl ther in d us r lucky , atleast u can c it.
In india these politicians n people hav caused such a problem. the release has been postponed indefinitely.
Cmon, they shud release it. After all we hav all read d book n we kno what is ther. so why stop us frm cing d movie.
I guess people will get pirated cd's here, if d movie is censored !
Phew. Much ado about nothing ;)

starry nights 11:28 AM  

Thanks Ajay and scribblez for your input.Its interesting to know how people feel.
I was sad to hear that the movie is not going to be released in India. Its much ado about nothing.some of it is fiction and some truth. one can believe what they want after seeing the movie. I dont think the govt should controll this. I am definitely going to see it. The controversy has got everyone wanting to see it.


You are so right- The controversy has created tht mystery element and more people want to see it more than ever...Even in India though they cant see it on big screen, I am sure they will watch it at home! They created a big mountain and got everyones interests up!

jac 6:15 PM  

I read the book.

If you are too religious, don't see it

starry nights 7:44 PM  

Thanks Jac. I am kind of curious to see the movie with an open mind.

Madhu 8:50 PM  

Had posted on protests relating to this movie....looks like finally the movie may be released after all (in India).

Anyways, the book was well written and simply superb. Though its a work of fiction, the author has spun the story around actual facts (like the museum, opus dei) and created a beautiful finale.

Tomorrow night will get to watch the movie. Hoping it will be worth the hype.

starry nights 9:12 PM  

Madhu. I hope it lives up to all the Hype.

Alexis Leon 9:55 PM  

Read the book. Well researched and well written. All of it is not true, but it is not the intention. It is after all a novel. If you are mature and can make rationale judgements then I encourage to read the book and see the movie. I am actually waiting to see it.

I am not aware of Indian govt. banning it, even though the Church is lobbying hard for a ban. It would be a shame.

If you are interested there is another novel-Magdlene Cipher-which treats the same subject, but differently.

starry nights 7:26 AM  

Thanks Leon for your input.

chandni 8:38 AM  

Irs a great read, the book!!!!

I dont see why people should read so much in to it anyway...

ANd now the banning..i think people are waking up tad late...conmsidering most junta has read the book anyway,,

I agree with what most people have written here....but still, if you can, please read the book before the film!!! Somehow, a movie is not as good as the book its based on...ever!!!

I am watching it on Sat..hurray!

Anu 8:58 AM  

I read the novel and saw a documentary also about it in the natnl geo. The book is extremely readable. Makes an interesting story. But the truth? Anyone's guess. The story of Jesus was compiled hundreds of years after his death from many gospels. the gospels themselves were written 30/40 years after Jesus's death. Some other works from that time were suppressed/destroyed by the Vatican. So how sure can one be about the truth? Consider Subhas Chandra Bose's death. There is so much of controversy regarding that when he died just about six decades ago! When there is a mystery it gives a wonderful opportunity for a novel and Dan Brown has taken it. Read it/ see the movie, enjoy, wonder about it for a while and forget about it.

Has to be me 9:08 AM  

I also am curious abt Da Vinci...shall check this post of urs for regular updates! :)

starry nights 11:42 AM  

Thank you Anu and Chandni... I am going to read the book first before seeing the movie. It is nice to hear what everyone feels.

starry nights 11:43 AM  

Has to be me. Curious like me. You get a feel about the book and movie after reading what other people have to say.

I love Munich 12:24 PM  

I just know that it was one of - if not THE most fascinating book I've ever read! I tried to gather afterwards some background information and think, one has to approach both, book and movie alike, with an open mind and not take everything for granted!
I am thinking of seeing the movie ... didn't make up my mind yet though!

Sumitha 12:54 PM  

I have to watch this movie!If we wont watch movies like this then what else do we want to watch???

starry nights 1:12 PM  

I love to read this book, have heard so much that I have to.will let you know what I think.I have been advised to read the book first before seeing the movie. .

starry nights 1:13 PM are right, we see all sorts of movies frof science fiction to really scarry ones. so why not this.

jarvenpa 7:33 PM  

I read the book (well, I have a bookstore--of course I read the book!)--and, truth be told, I found it contrived and badly writen, though the theories in it are fascinating (and don't really have to damage anyone's spiritual perspective, I think). There was an earlier book (actually, there were a couple non fiction books that came out around the same time, with the same theories--one, Holy Blood Holy Grail was the more popular, but...I wish I could recall the other). I'm seeing reviews of the movie are mostly kind of thumbs down...
But no--it won't hurt anyone to see it, I think, or to read Dan Brown's book... (and I've always had affection for Mary Magdalene, however she is portrayed).

Mindinside 7:46 PM  

I have not read the book yet but i plan to read and see the movie cuz am curious.
Tom Hanks is my favorite also.

Thanks for adding my name to your list:)
Can I add you too?

Ajay 8:05 PM  

Yay !!!
Me first to give you the news.
It IS going to be released in India, that too without any censcored or cut portions. Yippeeeee !!!!
Read it in the newspaper just now. So ! I \We r sure gonna watch it what wid Tom hanks n all :))))))))))

starry nights 8:08 PM  

Jarvenpa..I understand what you mean,If you are strong in your faith, nothing can make you change what you feel.

starry nights 8:10 PM  

Mindinside ..thanks for your input. you are welcome to add me to your list.I am honored.

starry nights 8:11 PM  

Ajay..Thanks for giving me the news.Let me know what you think of the movie because you will see it before me.

chandni 8:48 PM  

yes yes me too. Will report back on Sat ;)

The reviews arent exciting though

RefleXtion 9:06 PM  

People here are nuts man! It's all petty politics end of the day. The govt has to keep all the minority groups happy to garner enough votes for their ministers. Obviously they don't want to piss people know how sesitive everything gets around here.

If a BAN does go through it only goes on to show how DUMB people are. It will prove India is not a free country and every other movie that comes along with content even remotely sensitive will be threatened with a a BAN.

So nobody here would experiment with sesitive issues...and bolloywood would still be running around trees singing stupid romantic-dance numbers.

Sorry if I'm getting carried away...this whole thing is the heights of dumbness!

Aditi 9:20 PM  

Hey, I read the book. It was pretty good, in its convincing interpretation of an alternative course history could have taken. The arguments albeit fiction are still quite convincing and not haphazard as they sometimes tend to be.
I read that the movie doesnt come close to gripping its audience the way the book did, I guess i will have to watch it and find out.

starry nights 8:08 AM  

Reflextion...Thanks for visiting my blog and do come again. I understand what you say about the govt wanting to
interfere.They should allow people to make up their own minds.

starry nights 8:09 AM  

Aditi..let me know how the movie goes.I am unable to go to the movies because of an I may have to wait for the DVD.

Marthyan 10:24 AM  

Have read the book, but not sure if the Movie will be that gripping, but need to watch for sure.

Another book I would recommend is Bible code by Michael Drosnan

I love Munich 1:47 PM  

Starry nights ... that's for sure true!! Once you'll start to read the book - try to make sure you won't have to work the following day - I couldn't take the book out of my hands anymore till 03:00 AM ... I was HOOKED!!

starry nights 3:54 PM  

Marthyan..Thanks for your comment. I will read the book you suggested. Please do stop by again

hope and love 4:15 AM  

the book didnt live up to my expectation..
but i saw the trailor of the movie.. i felt.. it is well picturised..

starry nights 6:04 AM  

Thank you Hope $ love for your input.

josh 6:10 AM  

Well, if it helps.. :-)

Prash 7:43 AM  


I did read Da Vinci Code in 2003 when it just got released. An american classmate of mine who was back from Sates after Easter holidays gave me this book when i told her that i need to read something in English and i am getting tired of French.

I read the book, I found the book as a nice book to read in a plane or in a metro or in a train. It ain't a great literay work like Roy or Naipaul or Smith etc...

Just to say, when the author says 'the jasmin smell in the parisian streets' - so not true - come to paris and u will see what kind of smell you get - definetely not jasmin. The hero is in the Louvre museum and he escapes and he has to go to the American Embassy which is in Concorde. All you have to do is take the rue de rivoli - end up to the american embassy. Instead, the author takes the hero to the champs elysees...and then back to the american embassy - how can it possible ? Just because, champs elysees shud appear to convince the american readers who doesn't know Paris. Then the hero goes to the Bois de Boulogne and crosses so many prostitutes...Why should he take Bois de Boulogne to go to that famous swiss bank which is situated in the south of paris...he can take either 'peripherique' or the 'boulevard marechaux'...i am sure you would not understand what i am saying...I can show it if we can take the map of Paris.

All he wanted is to sell the book and he did it, the book came out the Gibson's Movie of Christ released during Easter.

The author put all pieces together. The hypothetical theories and legends and myths. And made a thriller novel. As it gets into the heard of the christian societies. It had so much deal.

I did see the movie yesterday. I was not impressed. There was so spice in the movie. Audrey Tautou was good though. Movie is not extra-ordinary. One can watch the movie on a sunday evening when we have nothing to do.

The theory that Mary Magdene is not a prostitute and she carried the blood line of Jesus is possible. But this theory is just hypothetical. And we will never get to know it. I am sure things have been destroyed.

In this world, is it really necessary that we have to know if Jesus had a baby or not ?

I'm not religous. I really give a damn. I have other things to worry about. We have so many issues to deal with...instead of trying to unsolve an unsolvable riddle which might end up just in a history cover up...don't u think so ?


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