Wednesday, May 10, 2006


I was so eager to leave a comment after reading scribblez to wake up's post that I missed these instructions. "Comment and I will give you a letter, write 10 words with that letter including an explanation of what those words mean to you and why." I was given the letter D. First I was mildly Distressed, then I was Delighted and later went into a Deep thought. I had no clue what to write, so all through the malayalam movie , all I could think of was the letter D .

And this is what I came up with.....

DANCING...... Love to dance but dont know how. Thats something I want to do, every time I hear music I just want to get up and dance.

DIARY..... A place where I can write my innermost thoughts, my wishes , my hopes and my dreams. only for me and me alone to read.

DREAMS.... I think dreams are necessary in our lives, to accomplish great things we must first dream.

D N A.... Because forensic scientists can use it to solve crimes, and because of this many innocent men who have been in prison for many years for the crimes they did not commit, were set free.

DRINKS.... What would a night out be without a nice glass of wine or a couple of beers, and for those who do not drink maybe a soda or two.

DISILLUSIONED.....I am a bit disillusioned with God and with what is happening in this world. How can a good God bring DISASTERS and poverty, and allow all the DESTRUCTION and DEATH that comes with war. And for people to be aware of the genocide in DARFUR.

DEMONSTRATORS...There were more than 300,000 people demonstrating in LA for a change in the immigration policy. It was Human Life vs breaking the law. It was hard to see people only supporting the law regardless of how peoples lives would be effected.

DEATH PENALTY.... I am always sad when someone is put to death. I think no one gives us the right to kill another human being.

Now on a lighter note I like DAISIES, DAFFODILS and DAHLIAS, they herald spring and
their vibrant hues takes away the blues.

DARING... I would like to do something daring before I die , maybe Bungee jump or ride the tallest rollercoaster in the world.


Jackal 11:59 AM  

tht was nice starry.....but plzz spare me :))

starry nights 12:51 PM  

Jackal. thanks but I am sure you can come up with 10 wordes started with B

starry nights 12:53 PM  
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Jewel Rays 5:47 PM  

Hi Starry nights..:)

Thanks for droppin' by ma blog. :)

You've been tagged too!! Thats interesting !!

Ma letter is "R"..Incomplete still..:)

jarvenpa 8:14 PM  

What a lovely name, starry nights--and what a great list of things with D. Thanks for stopping by my blog; I will take time to visit yours now and again because I sense a kindred spirit here.

starry nights 8:21 PM  

Jarvenpa Thanks for stopping by and do come again.

Anonymous,  10:41 PM  

Good morning Starry nights
You are very talented.I have been following your posts for a long time. i enjoy reading them
Im sure it didn't take you long to
think of all your D's!
I know its difficult not to be disillusioned about God with the stuff going on and poverty here in india

I hope you like Norman Geislers take on the letters that make up PAIN

P- There is purpose in suffering
It gets our attention
It is sometimes the consequences of our actions
It may bring about good
One day we will know its purpose

A- We are living in Adams world
God created a perfect world with
free will
Humans sinned and brought evil into
the world

I- Suffering helps us identify
One reason for suffering is to take the comfort God gave to us and give it to others

Suffering makes the difference between sympathy and empathy

N- Should God wipe out the reallly bad sinners"
If he did, he would have to include us as well

S- There is a Savior
Jesus understands our pain and suffering
Jesus overcame evil with the resurrection
Jesus will one day bring a new
Heaven and new earth

Justice delayed is not justice denied

Jesus has conquered death and we can look forward to A Heaven where there will be NO destruction,death, darknessdevastation,disease,distress, disturbances,demons,daggers,disgust,dirt,drudgery, and a dull moment
He will wipe away our tears

Sarah 11:13 PM  

dancing: I was once told that, if you want to dance, you should..just think that no one is watching you and the world is your stage. I follow tht advice till now and I dance whenever I feel like( my neighbours sure think I am a nut case)

Rose 11:29 PM  

//Love to dance but dont know how.. Hehe.. I keep saying.. "U knw, I luv to swin, just that i cant. Im an expert in drowning though.." or "I luv horse-riding, but hv never riden a horse evr.." ~grin~

//I am a bit disillusioned with God.. Well, I cud write an entire blog abt my beliefs on God.. but to cut a long thought short, I believe that faith is God itself.. and all the things that happen to us in this world is a mix of human act and chance...

Hope u get to do ur Bunjee jumping and rollercoaster ride soon..



sobrietybreedscontempt 3:26 AM  

Hey nice blog, like your rhymes :-) ... I shalt add ya to my favourites to browse through your archives later.....

Keep up the good work.

jac 6:28 AM  

Well ! Why not a 'darling' ?

Which woman doesn't like to be called that way by her hubby ?

starry nights 7:22 AM  

Anonymous..Thanks for stopping by.I like the poem on pain. It is very difficult to understand Gods ways.Why cant he just erase ,poverty, pain & suffering with just a wave of his hand.Why should the rich be happy on earth and the poor have to wait to go to heaven to get richness. Does not seem fair.

starry nights 7:22 AM  

Jewel Rays.. Thanks for stopping by and do come again.

starry nights 7:24 AM  

Immigrant in canada. I really love to dance, hard to get the nerve to dance in front of everyone. I have to learn

starry nights 7:26 AM  

Thank you Rose, I hope u get to learn to swim and horse ride and I will learn to dance.

starry nights 7:26 AM  

Jitterbug.. welcome aboard. thank you.


There you go....DARING just hit me...I want to do tht every moment of my life but unfortunately due to medical reasons I cant do the coaster or bunjee jumpping...:)

You sat thru a movie thinking of D words....Now which movie is this....It may have been boring...Me a Mal too Lady!!! :) :)

Dancing: Just get up and do wht yo uwant...In most cases anything tht you do is a new trend..As long as you don tknock someone down, dancing is such fun...

N i gave you D as my name starts with D....

Good work my student..The teacher is impressed!! :)

starry nights 7:28 AM  

Jac.. I never thought of Darling.I think its because I am never called that. But it is a good word.thanks for stopping by.

starry nights 7:32 AM  

Scribblez to wake up..Thank you. I was watching an old Prem Nazir movie.was not very interesting, just keeping J company. Due to medical reasons I cant rollercoast or bunjee jump, but sometime later when I am well I am going to attempt atleast one.

Sanjukta,  5:57 PM  

Starry nights and Anonymous
you will find it interesting to note that on my visit to Malawi and other countries, I found that
its the poor who have strong faith in God and seem to be happier than the rich and in the hospitals around the world, I found that most doctors were atheists but the patients, especially the terminally ill and those with cancer had strong faith in God and did not give up on Him.
Riches dont bring happiness

Madhu 7:37 AM  

A very different set of words I should say. A nice mix of reality and fantasy....nice to know u like dancing....u should try it....dont think of anything else.

Just wondering why DNA.......interested in forensics?

starry nights 2:06 PM  

Thank you Madhu. Not that I like forensics but every time I hear that an innocent man has been released from jail after DNA testing.It makes me think that these men or women were wrongly accused.

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