Friday, April 28, 2006

AS TIME GOES BY..........

I looked out of the window, it was a cold, gray, rainy morning. A good day to curl up with my favorite book, and thoughts of a nice romantic lunch creeped up in my mind. I enticed him to stay home from work by offering him good food and my company, he fell for it, I think it was the thought of a good breakfast. The morning rolled by without much ado, J was on his computer logged on to his work. After having lunch ( which did not turn out the way I had imagined) we settled into our respective seats in the house, me on the couch and J in his Lazy-Boy, to watch a malayalam movie.
Suddenly there was a power outage, everything in the house stopped working which included the lights, TV, computer, phones , the clocks and the furnace. We found ourselves sitting in the cold staring at the blank TV. We decided that we just had to wait it out, then we started to talk, first about his childhood in Bangalore, his parents, and his sisters. What a wonderful person his dad was, all the things he had accomplished in his short life, and the kindness he had shown even to strangers.
The summers when his cousins used to visit, how they would be awakened with the smell of hot Dosas , Appams and stew.The long stays and the fun they had , it seemed endless.
How he looked forward to going to his ancestral home in Kerala every year, the many stops along the way to either have some fresh coconut water, tea or some good Parota and mutton curry made the trip more exciting. He talked about the time they had to gather around to say the Rosary every evening which carried on even into adulthood and how this ritual slowly died down as each one left the house.
He talked about his life in boarding school, his fears and his joys, the things he should have done and the things he should not have done. His many trips home for the holidays and how he used to look forward to the special Macaroni and cheese dish his mom used to prepare. I could especially see the pain in his eyes when he related an incident of how when his father came to visit him in school, he was only interested in playing cricket. He thought of what his school friends were doing, what they had done in their lives and if they had families of their own.

He talked about his college years, from his first crush and the many that followed , to the regrets he had for not doing better in school. We talked about the unusual circumstance under which we met, and what our lives would have been if we had taken different paths. About our early years in the U.S, the good times and the bad, the different milestones in our childrens lives and if we had equipped them with the necessary tools to face this world.

There were so many things that we would do differently if we could go back, but now it was time to look forward. We talked about growing old together either here or in India, the many trips we would take and especially the drive from Bangalore to Kerala.We dont know if the roadside cafes still exist but we felt it was still a drive worth taking. There was still so much to talk about but suddenly the power was back, the lights and TV came on. we had not realized that six hours had passed. In all the years that I have been married I can really say that it was the best six hours that I had spent with him. He had taken me to places I had never seen, met people I had never known. I felt like he had held my hand and walked with me, down his memory lane.


jac 3:01 AM  

Just drifted in.

I see a cool and simple soul here. I bet that in due time you will have many more '6 hrs' too to cherish.

BTW; They still exist through out the roads from banglore to kerala, but a bit more on the commercial type, but it does..

Rose 6:22 AM  


Its amazing how small things in life shape ur life... and stolen moments shape relationships...

"There were so many things that we would do differently if we could go back, but now it was time to look forward"... lolz


Deepika 9:16 AM  

That was beautifully written!
You are amazing, you enjoy the simple things in life, which most people would ignore or take for granted.You treasure moments like this more than material things. Thats one of the qualities you have that make you so beautiful:)

starry nights 9:58 AM  
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starry nights 10:10 AM  

Jac,rose &lydia: thanks for visiting my blogsite, sometimes its the simple things and those few stolen moments that we cherish and makes life more meaningful

samiranghosh 10:32 AM  

A perfect set up, Good food and company marred by power cuts. And a very original and refreshing story. I admire your writing skills and amazed how small things can change our lives.


P.S: Thanks for commenting on my blog. It's very much appreciated.

Jackal 2:26 PM  

yeah sometimes its so much fun if u can just sit an chat without being bothered ..........j a circ buff hmm me too.....some of those things reminded me of my school days :)) tccc starry......may god always give u n ur family a lot of happiness

starry nights 3:29 PM  

Q8techdrive.Thanx for stopping by and hope you will come again.

Jackal..Yes it was 6 hrs of uninterrupted time. I dont think we will get 6hrs like that again.

Bittu's Mamma 12:01 AM  

Nice one and so true! Simply well written!And I would like to have that power cut at my place too, if it's such sweet:)
Thanks for commenting on my blog:)

sophie 1:18 AM  

wow..nice place..
nice read

a lost gypsy,  10:05 PM  

Dropped by....was looking for something that i lost...and ended up here.

Raj 5:13 AM  

nice post :)

starry nights 8:21 AM  

Samiranghosh, lost gypsy,Bittus mamma and Raj: Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog.

starry nights 8:22 AM  

Sophia thanks for dropping by, please come again.

Ajay 10:49 AM  

hey lalitha,
Wow it is soooo soooo romantic.
it sure was the one of the best times u had together. I bet u have seen an another side to J.
Oh childhood memories are the best. You got a glimpse of an younger J. It must have been fun. Do you tell stories to your children. Stories about your childhood?
My mom n dad tell me many incidents, a i can hear them again and again
Beautifully written. Straight from the heart. Hope you get to go for that drive from banglore to kerala soon :)

starry nights 11:07 AM  

Thank you Ajay for your kind words. I do tell my children stories about India.I think they are tired of hearing them and I cant wait to take that drivee from Bangalore to Kerala and when I do I will post it.

Contented 11:37 AM  

Very well written. Now I know how one can define best moments of one's life.
Nice post..
Thanks for dropping by my blog...:)

Inji Pennu 8:26 PM  

It gave me goosebumps!May you have a million power outages!

Do write about how you both met?

starry nights 11:15 AM  

Thanks Lg.I dont know if other power outages would be the same. It was a special moment ,sometimes they come once in a lifetime.


Hey..Very nice..I could vision the entire thing..Esp the road trip from bangalore to Kerala as I was bought up in Kerala...I really wonder wht J stands for...Got tht our son is Vijay and daughter is Maya, is J, just Jay or something or Joseph??

We need such quiet moments to talk of lots of things that we wont otherwise...We get those moments, but I guess when the power is there as without the power I go really mad and angry at the word!!

May you always be blessed with your loving and caring family...:) :)

Rai 5:59 AM  

Beautiful! Can't say anything more. It's good that the lights went out. we miss so much of things amidst humdrum of life. Really loved ur post.

keep writing and pouring down ur thoughts, sometimes simple things turn into exotic ..keep transforming...

Priyankari 2:56 AM  

Nice post, very romantic.

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