Sunday, April 16, 2006

I Missed the Dish......

Our evenings usually comprise of watching movies because there is not much to watch on tv and you just end up channel surfing. J decided that it was time to retire the Dish sattelite service because we seem to be getting a lot of reruns on the movie channel. I agreed to this even though I am addicted to a serial that I watch everyday, I felt it was better to spend some quality time together instead of watching movies. The service was cancelled and we signed up for basic cable service. The first day was fine as J was late from work and did not have too much time to watch tv. The second day we had nothing interesting to watch except for the game shows and J was frustrated because he did not have the DVR and also there were not too many channels to surf (which he likes to do) .He also was not able to see his favourite shows. I did not say anything because it was his idea to cancel the sattelite service. The next day was not much better, he came home and after dinner turned the TV on , he complained about the color and I did agree that it was not as clear, then he commented on how sad I was because I could not watch my serial. I knew all along that he missed the sattelite service and wanted it back, I pretended that I did not care about the shows that I watch. The weekend was coming and I knew he would really miss the movies.He says to me " I know you are really sad about not having the sattelite service so maybe we should get the service back."(I was overjoyed because this was what I wanted all along) I agreed with him that I was sad, I knew he missed it as much as I did .we cancelled the cable service and reinstated the dish service. Now all is well with the world, J can channel surf and pause or skip the commercials , I can watch my indian serial and I just realized that for us quality time meant watching a good malayalam movie together. (even a rerun ).


Anonymous,  1:52 PM  

We had the cable network for the longest time till one day we realised that our neeghbors on either side of us had the dish network. While watering the lawn one day(the only time we get to share a word or two with neighbors) my husband casually asked them about the dish network. Convinced that it was a better deal than the cable, we switched from cable to sattelite. We were thrilled about the number of channels u could get. Every time there was a storm, we noticed that the picture on the screen would vanish and once the storm passed, it would take a few minutes but would reappear. During one of the severe storms that hit our city, we were under a tornado watch and right enough the TV went out(we had power)
we had no idea where the tornado was heading and if the storm was getting worse or weakening. My husband who usually doesnt get worked up and takes things calm was not affected by the severe storm nor the TV going out. I am terrified of tornadoes and all I could do was just sit in from of the TV with the hope that either the storm would pass quickly or I see something on the television. It didnt take us long before we switched back to cable. I see no dish on our neighbors building either!

starry nights 8:44 PM  

anonymous: I remember the Tornado watch when I lived in Michigan it was really scary, those days there was no cable or sattelite just plain local tv channels,life was uncomplicated.

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