Sunday, April 02, 2006


We have had a lot of rain, my daughter best described rain in a poem she wrote at age 11

Beads of silver thundering on the sidewalk

Piercing rain

Spraying plants

Thick gray sky looms over the earth

Looking like doom awaits

Flashes of gold slice the sky

Breaking it in two with thunderous claps

And then......

Blue reigns

Teardrops of silver slowly diminish

Soft drops drip peacefully off leaves

The sky opens up to an expanse of blue

Clouds sink slowly into the horizon

With a watercolor rainbow of pastels

Stretching from end to end
Written by Maya

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@ina 8:50 AM  

Thats a beautiful Poem! Wow! Your little 11 year old sure as an amazing gift at poetry!
Thank you for sharing.

Alexis Leon 9:38 PM  

Yes, very beautiful poem. And that too at 11 years. Excellent command over the language and nice flow of words and thoughts--like a gentle stream. Convey my congratulations and ask her to write more.

starry nights 8:24 AM  

Thank you leon for visiting my blog site.she is a lot older now but still writes and has a passion for reading

Anonymous,  5:16 AM  

I enjoyed reading the poem. Hope we can get to read more of what she has written. That was awesome!

Sojourner 11:04 PM  

at age 11 huh?
simple and simply beautiful :)

starry nights 9:23 PM  

Yes she wrote many poems and still does.

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