Saturday, April 08, 2006


Easter celebrates the life and resurrection of Jesus Christ .Its a time for new suits and dresses, chocolate dipped bunnies, marshmallow chicks and colored eggs. It is also a time to welcome spring.when I was growing up Easter preparations started with Palm sunday , making palm crosses and eating rice dumplings with coconut filling. Most of Good Friday was spent in church.The hot summer breeze carried the smell of freshly baked hot cross buns from the corner bakery , after having fasted all day your thoughts were about food and nothing else. it would make me hungry and I wished I did not have to be in church for so long.

Easter morning was spent dressing up and going to church, and finding almond shelled easter eggs with surprises inside. Mom served a delicious lunch of coconut rice and ball curry. As the day dwindled down we were exhausted from all the excitement and activities ,friends and relatives said their goodbyes .As nightfall came mom read us the story of easter, before she was done we were fast asleep dreaming of easter eggs and chocolate filled bunnies.


hope and love 9:44 PM  

happy easter.!!
txs for visiting my blog..
tomorrow we r going to malayattoor.. its part of our easter routine.. il write abt it..

Anonymous,  9:25 PM  

I miss the Good Friday services at St.Johns. If Rev.Vinay Kumar spoke more than three of the seven words, we surely could get through the afternoon. I do miss the kanji and chutney and then the hot cross buns from Mani's bakery opposite coles park! Memories..

Blessing,  9:29 PM  

Because He lives I can face tomorrow
Because He lives all fear is gone
Because I know He holds the future
And life is worth a living just because He lives

Alexis Leon 9:30 PM  

Similar memories. We also used have rice and meat ball curry. I remember the meat balls very clearly because on one Easter when I was about 12 years, after the lunch I took a couple of meat balls to our dog. While the dog was eating the meat balls, I pulled its tail and it bit my arm and didn't let it go until my dad came gave it some solid thrashing. I still have the teeth marks on my arm. That was a horrible Easter.

But these days, the meat ball curry has disappeared and its place is taken by chicken curry, fry and the like.

starry nights 10:28 AM  

Anonymous; I too remember the church services at St Johns especially the Good Friday afternoon service.sometimes I wish I ould go back.
Alexis Leon: thank you for visiting my blog site.I really enjoy reading the different things you write about.I would still prefer the ball curry to chicken fry. Happy easter

Virgil,  12:46 PM  

I see a lot of comments on what one ate, wore & nostalgic memoirs...Would it not be appropriate to understand the real meaning of "Easter"?
How The Father of Our Savior raised Him from the dead?
Our Savior became the first-fruit of the ressurection that one will enjoy if one repents of his/her sins & turns to his/her Maker?

starry nights 5:56 PM  

Sorry Virgil,we did forget the true meaning of Easter.Those eats were too delicious.

Inji Pennu 8:16 PM  

are you from kerala? If not, did you have the dumpings filled with coconut and jaggery too? I didnt know non-malayalis had that tradition.

starry nights 10:28 AM  

Thank you LG for visiting my site. ala My mom was from Kerala and my husband is from Kerala also.

Sojourner 11:17 PM  

I think by the time i am done, i will have lived through quite a few celebrations..
U have a way about saying these things and i want to read about them too.. Works out very well :)

starry nights 9:21 PM  

Thanks Sojourner for taking a trip through my memory lane..

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