Thursday, April 13, 2006

Tax Time...... $$$$$$

Its the dreaded tax time again, the annual chore that descends upon us whether we like it or not. There are some of us who are very organized and have all the necessary papers to file our returns, there are others who will start to put things together a week before the deadline and then there are a few who will file for an extension because a whole year was not enough , and need a few extra months and hope to have it done. I know some who have decided that they can just wait and file their taxes for 2003,2004 and 2005 together, its better to pay the penalty than get stressed out year after year.My friend C could not decide if she should use a CPA or Turbo Tax, the CPA got her a big refund last year with added deductions, but she decided it was better to be honest than risk an audit, so she would do it herself, in the end she used none. Then there are the early filers (whom I hate) ,who are already enjoying their refund. This is the time of year we wished we had more children, dependent parents, paid more in tuition and made generous charitable contributions. This year we have two extra days, thats what we think, but its Good Friday you dont want to be doing your returns as it may not be right with god and you may be audited. Then comes Holy saturday, no tax work today either because you have to prepare for Easter, there are eggs to hide, food to be bought and also to decide what outfit you are going to wear. ( this is important because you have not been to church since christmas and the pastor and your church friends will want to say hello.) Any way there is always time on Easter sunday after your guests have left, if you are not too full after eating all that ham, and everyone knows you cannot think with a full stomach, you may claim your mother-in-law who died a few years ago , or your dogs and cats as dependents, but there is still another day, all day (if you dont go to work) and if you do work there is still time untill midnight, unless you are too tired, then it can wait for a few more months or years.( who needs the refund I just like to pay the penalty because I hate to file my taxes.)


Diane 9:31 AM  

I so relate to your Easter memories. I too remember the feeling of Spring, The fasting,the hot crossed buns... And I see your photo, as a little girl, which makes me feel as though we are surely contemporaries. I have one of me that looks exactly like that. I'll be visiting again. All the best.

Ajay 12:28 PM  

taxes r a real crap
they say taxes and death r inevitable ...

starry nights 2:24 PM  

Thank you diane for visiting my blog site. I looked up yours and read your beautiful posts and pictures.

starry nights 2:25 PM  

You are right Ajay taxes will be there till death do us part

Alexis Leon 9:21 PM  

A very interesting view about filing tax returns. I entrust the task to a chartered accountant. One must spend time on things one is good at. No point in wasting time when there are people who do it everyday.

I wish you a very happy Easter. Have fun...

Kevin 2:38 AM  

What else would I say??? Taxing times indeed. I know how bad tax can be.
Keep posting!

Sojourner 11:21 PM  

:) cool!
that's how i like to deal with money(and numbers) too :)

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