Tuesday, April 18, 2006



Alexis Leon 7:38 AM  

Nice picture and words. It is very nice view about today, tomorrow and yesterday.

Ajay 11:51 AM  

Hope : A word that makes the impossible ... possible.

quills 12:13 PM  

Beautiful thought! Loved it.

Mary,  6:06 PM  

Yesterday, today forever Jesus is the same
All may change but Jesus never
Glory to His name

starry nights 9:06 PM  

Alexis,a picture sometimes is a thousand words.
Ajay its possible if we think about it
Quills, I came across this and thought I should share it.
Mary You are right we should put God first in everything we do

starry nights 11:48 AM  

Ajit. thank you for visiting my blogsite

Sarah 4:06 PM  

someone once told me, yesterday is gone..but today is a gift..that is why you call it present

starry nights 5:50 PM  

Immigrant in Canada.. You are right,we can never make yesterdays better but we sure can try and make today and tomorrow the best we can

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