Sunday, April 23, 2006

EARTH DAY.......

The main topic these days is how to stop the global warming. Now that global warming is at our heels the whole world is trying to find solutions to stop this by better packaging, using solar power, , stronger fuel economy standards for vehicles and also trying to use ethanol instead of gas for cars.There have been extreme weather events all over the world , we are in the middle of April and still need to have the heater on. There has been extreme variations in temperatures. I am glad that people are finally recognizing that something is wrong. We have known for a long time that this is bound to happen, even when my daughter was in elementry school they were being made aware of the importance of recycling, and how important it was to protect the ozone layer. But we are caught up with our gas guzzlers, all the plastic we use and more recently all the electronic equipment that needs to be disposed off, our landfills are beginning to look like sky scrapers. I think it is in our interest to do everything we can to protect and preserve the earth that we enjoy, for future generations.
I want to share with you an essay written by my daughter in elementry school about the sun. I thought it would be appropriate for earth day.

By Maya

I am the sun, a burning hot ball of fire. Every morning I stretch out, and peek out from behind the horizon. As soon as I am settled comfortably in my little nest among the clouds, I burst with hundreds of piercing rays. My heat sharpens the earth below, and slowly people arise. This is my daily, subtle way of telling everyone it is morning. As the day lengthens into afternoon, my heat increases and I watch happily as the rays touch the earth.

By evening my rays weaken and my strength mellows out. As dusk falls, I begin my slow journey as the earth gently turns, so I can shine my light for the other side. My best friend comes to take over for the night. My best friend is the moon. She will come out at night and light up the darkness of the vast sky. The most unique thing about the moon is its varied shapes. My favorite is when she finally takes over her full moon figure.

My other favorite pals are the bright, evershining stars. In the day they still shine, but in my vibrant sun glow, they are unseen. But when the moons pale, fluorescent light spreads over the sky, the meek little stars shine their light like never before.

Sometimes there are days when I take a break. Often the sky and clouds take a nasty turn for the worse. The sky and clouds turn an ugly grey and they move over me, so my sunshine glow is covered. Then the great sheets of rain pour down and lightning and thunder strike. Lightning and thunder are my greatest enemies and I am deathly afraid of them. But when the storm subsides, I gently peek out from behind the clouds. Nevertheless the earth below is greatly pleased and relieved, when they are recovered from the storm by my blinding sunshine.

Sometimes my rays of sun are dangerous. I did not mean for my little rays to get so powerful, but more times than I can admit , my rays have been the cause of skin cancer and other diseases. Thats why we should protect our Ozone layer. The Ozone layer is like a barrier that protects you from my ultraviolet rays, but still lets sunshine through. Protect the Ozone layer before my rays destroy us all.


Vee 5:24 PM  

Hi, Lalitha,

Thx for visiting my site. I like your posts , great for putting life back into prespective.

Anil The Great 5:33 PM  

Lalitha :

ever wondered why human being are the only speicies who can fiddle with the cycle of nature. Rest all the species play the game as per the rules set by nature or us.

maybe , god wanted to have some fun, or maybe he wanted to close this Yug( of the 4 guys of this universe) naturally by the activities of human being, their insensitivities to the nature and their greed and hunger.

As per scientiifc and biological impact, I guess, we will soon get a mutated version of ourselves which can bear extreme climates without being killed. And similar things will happen to the other smarter speicies, but yes there will be quite a lot of speicies which will be distroyed forver and a new paradigm will be set. Maybe similar things happened previously alos, but we were not the witness and so we dont know.


starry nights 7:16 PM  

Vee and Anil: Thanks for visiting my blog site. I have often wondered what would happen to us, I think we will go the way of the dinosaurs.

Sarah 7:42 PM  

i read somewhere tht every child born is the sign tht god hasn't forgotten mankind.. have hope.. we survived WW1, WW2 and all the natural calamities.. we might just survive the destruction caused by our own hands!!! But suffer we will

starry nights 7:44 AM  

Immigrant in Canada: You are right we have to count on god to pull us through,

Jackal 1:35 PM  

yeah its really sad tht ppl arn't realizing where we are going....the last summer here was the hottest i have seen......things are sure going crazy......earthquake's, tsunami, hurricanes but still ppl fail to understand how grim the situation is........tht was a nice essay by ur daughter....tcc

Ajay 9:30 AM  

hey lalitha
that was certainly a very apt and good message.
we must all unite n try.
play our small roles n we cud stop this

starry nights 7:40 PM  

Jackal &Ajay: If each one does their part and does not rely on someone else we can all make this a wonderful place to live in.

Anonymous,  2:28 AM  

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Sojourner 11:51 PM  

we seem to invent and then become dependent on the inventions... sometimes makes you wonder why we made them in the first place.. but every single coin has two sides..
hmm. tough.

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