Monday, March 27, 2006


Today I had to go to the doctor.Its a long trip there,its 8am I enter the office thinking I am the first one there,but there are three patients ahead of me.I sign in and sit down.I watch TV ,read some magazines and wait.A few more patients trickle in,I am getting impatient,I look at the secretary ,she smiles, I smile back not wanting to be rude.I look around the office and amidst the pictures on the walls and the plants, I see faces.Most of them are young with work injuries. I begin to wonder about the person behind the face.Before they were injured each person led normal lives .All of them went to work each day, looked after their families, now its different, you can see the pain and lonliness in their faces,they have to depend on someone to help them ,I am sure they dont like being in the doctors office, but yet they come, in the hope that they will get better and they can live the rest of their lives as best they can. I wait and I wait ,its 9am and its not my turn yet,I feel my
heart beating fast,I am in a lot of pain ,I want to leave but I see a patient sitting next to me who was there before me,she smiles and says" you will be called soon maybe the person ahead of you had a lot of problems."I look at her and she is calm,I begin to feel better and think about other people who are worse off than me. Behind every face is a story .


Deepika 2:48 PM  

Your message touched my heart
Inspite of the pain you are always so cheerful, happy fun to be with
and always thinking of others.
It helped me realise that I too
cannot focus only on my problem and that I need to think of others who may be worse off than me.
Thanks for putting things in perspective for me
Ive learnt a lot from you the past few years and you neve cease to amaze me.
Your love, committment and dedication to your family is simply incredible and could serve as a role model to many wives out there.
You can take the simplest mundane things aboout life and make it so exciting and fun!! Its great to view life through your eyes.
As Paul urges us in Philipians to
be content and satisfied no matter what situation we are in, I think that you are an epitome of that verse.
I always feel happy and uplifted after talking to you. You are one of the few people in my life who can have that effect!

starry nights 7:36 AM  

Thank you Lydia for those kind words.I do have some down days but overall the good days cloud the bad days

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