Tuesday, March 21, 2006

STARRY NIGHTS I awaken,the room is well light from the light of the silvery moon.As I lay in bed I can see the moon through the glass windows.It is really beautiful. It is very quiet ,i walk up to the window and look up at the sky and i see millions of stars every where,it is a clear night. I begin to wonder about the Universe and its creator.Sometimes I dont understand everything about the universe.I just want to go up in space and look down at the earth and see formyself ,thi s big ball that we call Earth. Ever since I was a little child the sky always interested me.I longed to know more about the planets.,wanted to know about the moon and the sun. The past month I have not been able to see the stars because of the rain,even the moonlight is clouded in the mist.Everything is dark outside.I stand by the window and look out,all I see is darkness everywhere.I wait for those starry,starry nights.


Deepika 2:58 PM  

I remember too as a child looking out at the sky in India.
You could see the constellations
we would play a game to see who could identify Mercury, Venus,the MIlky Way, Big Bear...first
I used to look at it in wonder.
I cant see many stars even on a summers night where we live now
i guess its the bright city lights!

Anonymous,  8:52 PM  

Hi starry,
I like history and think blog archives are great... i think blogs like yours and velu's, post a pleasant challenge for me :) ... long time ago, u had visited my blog and back then your blog looked different.. with a picture of a child with flowers decorating the head as your profile picture :)... and your blog had a very different template too.. somehow i never found time to read much... but i always wanted to.. now i have found time.. Guess the stars weren't right back then:)
Pay no attention to these comments as i mark my way through your archives and no need to make a mention of it either.
I am here to read and to enjoy :)
amazing that i have to come to the internet to find starry nights though:)
at 23, i feel lucky to read these people. I dont know what lies ahead... but hey... I loved that Halloween post, I am curious to know the path to that :) and the stars are now right anyway (even though i dont believe in astrology;)

I am reminded of a story by my grand mother.. I am gonna make it my next post. (first step in the archives has become a giant leap! :)

Thank you!!

b v n 6:14 PM  

so this is where it started huh, I just looked outside, its cloudy here as well, so guess me too have to wait for another starry,starry night :)

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