Sunday, March 26, 2006

"DECISIONS, Decisions and more Decisions." So help me God."

Vijay needs a new dresser in his room, I decided that if we were going to buy a dresser ,we may as well buy a nightstand and a bed. So my husband Joe and I set out to look at some furniture, I wish I had not gone because it did not end well,we can never agree on any thing.First whether to buy a queen or full sized bed. I thought we should buy a queen bed since we already have a queen mattress,but Joe insisted we buy a full size bed because the room was too small,so I agreed because he was right ,the room was too small.Then came the style...Mission or Sleigh, cherry or Oak ,so many decisions to make.I like cherry because it has this rich color.Joe agreed ,even though he insisted the sleigh bed would look too big in his room. we finally agreed on the style and the size of the bed. Then came the price. It was too expensive,,Joe figured it was going to be atleast over $1000 dollars when all he needed was a dresser . I thought it was not too expensive as it was real wood and would look nice. Finally we decided we should think about it some more because we would still need a new mattress to fit the full bed as we currently have a queen size mattress.By this time my head was spinning,i could not make another decision or argue anymore,so we decided to leave. On the way home more decisions."what would you like to eat,indian food or chicken.I said Indian food maybe,i know joe does not like an indian buffet,he said maybe some chicken atleast it is less carbs. My back was in a spasm,my head was spinning i could not make up my mind. I could not make a simple stupid decision on what to eat,so we came home. I hope to god I dont ever have to make another decision today or Im going to go crazy. Anyway Im glad that i did not have to make a decision .Maybe we can leave some for another day..........


Deepika 2:53 PM  

Making decisions might be painful but I like the way in the end, you both sacrifice your own likes and dislikes, yielding and compromising.....
which is a recipe for a long lasting marriage like yours!

Alexis Leon 9:45 PM  

Yes decisions can sap the energy out of you. But if everybody has the same tastes and ideas that what is the fun?

starry nights 10:12 AM  

You are right,if everyone agreed on everything then life would not be exciting.Its the differences that make us unique.

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