Thursday, September 21, 2006

Tag world
I have been tagged by CHANDNI and Raj...

I need to list six bloggers that I would like to meet in person and these bloggers are automatically tagged.

When I started to blog I did not know I would meet so many wonderful people. It has been a good experience for me . so many people have helped me along the way, given me courage and made me smile when I was sad. Whenever I read a post I often think of the person writing it, sometimes I try to get a mental picture of the person, wonder about their life and family, where they live and what they do. I sometimes worry when someone has not posted for a long time and I hope they are well. All my blogger friends have a place in my heart. It is hard to pick just six. If I could have my way I would have a great big Bloggers reunion and get to meet all those faces behind those blogs. Now would'nt that be neat. That is just a dream so here I go.....

.. Fun loving and honest. Ilike reading her posts and would love to see this beautiful person.

.. I read her posts while she was here and then followed her to India. Her posts are always lively and fun. One day I would like to meet her.

.He is my hero. I really liked reading the cartoons he posted and he would take the time to explain it to me. I was really impressed when I read about his life and what he has gone through and how he met his wife. He is just a nice, kind guy. I feel like I have known him all my life.

.. I would like to meet this artist who does all these beautiful lay outs and also he took the time and offered to make one for me .A perfect stranger wanting to help someone he did not even know.

John.. Another blogger, I have read his posts many times and kind of travelled with him to his new job. He also made a template for me and was so sweet to me, he took time out of his busy schedule to do this. I would like to see who this person is.

Neers.. Her writing is awesome, she is mysterious and has an aura about her. I would like to meet her in person, maybe have a cup of tea and look at all her paintings and drawings.

...If I make it to Australia one day, I will have to meet this fun loving, sensitive, and beautiful person. I think it would be a lot of fun and she would go dancing.

.. I make it a point to read her Blog , I think there is a really nice and sensitive person there, much to be learned from reading her posts.

.. Every day there is a new poem out there. sometimes I feel it was written just for me. I have to meet this talented poetess. She is a caring and true friend.

... He is mysterious, very poetic and artistic too. need to meet the man behind the lines.

Twisted DNA.. There is always humor in his posts and it makes me smile.

..His writing is awesome and he is an intriguing person, someone I would like to meet.

..Love to see all the pictures and stories he posts.I think he is a caring and sensitive person

....A very interesting and intriguing person.

..Awesome story writer. would love to see him in person.

Scribblez. Last but not least I would certainly like to meet scribblez. I love reading her posts and poems. I can go on and on but have to stop I think I made it to twelve. I wish I could add everyones name because I would like to meet you all.



Keshi 9:52 PM  

omg thats so sweeeeeeet of ya..ty Starry for including me HUGGGGGGGGGGZ!

Dancing had to be associated with me ha lol! Raj is really a kid soul yes. I'd like to meet him too. btw I so like to meet u too wud be so nice to sit n talk to u over a coffee and walk ard in ur garden perhaps...I so picture u as this cal n composed girl with a very friendly heart. So when do we meet? awwww...


Keshi 9:52 PM  



Sangeeta 10:03 PM goes and makes my own list..

starry nights 10:31 PM  

Keshi..first we will go to star bucks, have dinner and then hit the dance scene.I think you are every girls friend to have.just sweet and caring.

starry nights 10:32 PM  

Sangeeta...why dont you take this tag and make a list.I would like to meet you too.

Aditi 10:56 PM  

oh my gawd..
i looked around over my shoulder literally and then I looked at your blogroll to make sure i was the aditi u were talking about
I am I am
Oh wow.. well I am coming back to the states soon, but to not your side so meeting would be hard.. but I would have loved to meet you

Twisted DNA 11:09 PM  

I am truly honored Lalitha. Thanks for including me in the list. Who knows we might meet one day. We don't live too far from each other :)

Contented 4:11 AM  

Aww..Starry! Thats a great honour for me. Its very much touching and I really appreciate it a lot. You are absolutely an amazing person and I love to meet you...Hope very soon!!

karmicjaydeux 4:20 AM  

Neat.. and nice template.

adi 4:25 AM  

m the 10th :(
i'll check these blogs personally and make lots of frnds...
and who knows, someday we might meet ;)

Sunil Parmar 5:30 AM  

A very gud blog indeed!!!!
Got your link from Velu's Blog.
Happy Blogging.:)

Ganesh Ranganathan 5:58 AM  

I didn't make the list....

I am sooooo disappointed...


samuru999 6:09 AM  

Oh.... how very nice Starry!
Now, let's see if I can do a quick litle poem for you!

You make me feel glee
when you say
you'd like to meet me
that is so sweet
and so very neat
I'd love to meet you too
someday I hope
that I will do!

Nothing more to say
Have a wonderful day
and I hope
I shall be your friend
till the very end!!!!


Well, It was not my best poem...
but, it is early here....
and that's the best I could come up with!


Mr. J 8:37 AM  

Starry... thanks for the nice words, but honestly i'm not sure if I deserve that, given the fact that nothing really came out of it. :p

priya 9:21 AM  


How sweet you acknowledge and recognize others which people hardly do it...
I am flying high seeing my name on your list and thank you starry.
You stand tall always when you do something different from others and thaz what I like about you.

starry nights 9:24 AM  

Aditi.. I would too.thanks. Are you coming to stay or just a visit.

starry nights 9:25 AM  

Twisted DNA ..who knows. we may run into each other and never know.I really enjoy your humerous posts.

starry nights 9:26 AM  

Contented..thanks. I hope so too.I would love to meet all my blogger friends, because they are truly wonderful people who love you for who you are.

starry nights 9:26 AM  

Jay..thanks. I would love to meet you too.

starry nights 9:27 AM  

Adi..there is no order of preference here. All of you are first and important to me. even the people I did not list.

starry nights 9:28 AM  

Sunil..welcome to my blog and do hope you come again.thanks.

starry nights 10:46 AM  

Ganesh..I could not put everyone on the list. I feel so bad. next time I am not going to make a list. I think each one of you I would like to meet because you all have a special place in my heart.

Yogi 10:47 AM  

thank you so much lalitha, it means a lot to me to be part of this list..hug i will see if ppl appreciate the inverse better, if not we can always go back!

Twisted DNA 11:27 AM  

You are playing with your template today, aren't you? :)

I like this one (white background). It's easier on the eyes. But the previous one (black background) goes well with your "starry nights" names.

By the way, looks like you got the link on my name wrong :( My URL is easy to remember: :)

starry nights 11:46 AM  

:) lets see where this goes

starry nights 12:21 PM  

Yogi..thanks. I dont mind white or black. lets see the response. thanks again.

starry nights 12:22 PM  

Twisted DNA..thanks for pointing that out. I will chANGE IT. Yogi is playing with my template, many people said it was dark so am going to see how this works.

starry nights 12:23 PM  

Margie..thanks.This is why I want to meet you, you are so talented, have a wonderful use of words. and a real friend.

starry nights 12:24 PM  

Me..Just the fact that you offered your help was good enough for me. Anyway I liked you even before you did this for me. I just think you are a neat person:)

starry nights 12:25 PM know I have been a regular reader of yours and a big fan.thank you for your kind words.

Loga 12:28 PM  

Coming after along time..i didnt make it up in ur wish list ..nice to know about all these bloggers

Mumbai Guy 3:11 PM  

OMG, am not in list....mommyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy other lalitha has not put me in her list ....No talking to starry again...

passerby55 4:02 PM  

why not me? *runs away crying*

lol ... it was nice to read the list, out of the list, i have read neers, velu, contended , srijith.
I agree all are awesum writers.

i will check the others now...


Andrew 4:20 PM  

:o)!! You obviously have a loyal and fun group of online friends! That's great to see.

I saw your supportive comment over at Cathouse Teri's. I agree it is awful for a husband to tell his wife he likes slim girls, no matter how fit she is, because this will always seem like a knock on her self-esteem. I find myself doing the opposite, reassuring my wife she looks great (and this is easy to do because she does!)

Have a great weekend!

Blessed 4:30 PM  

I want to me Starry and Keshi!!!!!

Hip Grandma 8:41 PM  

The sensitive person that you are and for the sensibility you exude I'd love to meet you.May be during my next visit to USA.

Aditi 8:58 PM  

nah its going to be a visit this time through new years.. and then back

southpaw 11:00 PM  

Lalitha,i m honored.
Very few actually went thru those cartoons and asked the reasons behind them and u were one of them and it was always a pleasure sharing the thoughts behind them with u. And u r right, now its really like as if we know each other from a long long time...:).
It will indeed be a pleasure to meet u one day, and being ur biggest fan, i'll quitely listen to everything u generally write and learn the best out of it.

Ardra 2:46 AM  

Hi Starry!
now let me visit the spaces of all these wonderful people that u've listed...

Neers 9:13 PM  

a slow smile on spread on a sunday morning! starry, would make you one of my special "masala chais" and a walk in my "chotu" cubbyhole at home!

love to meet you! and heyy, lets have the reunion sometime!!

what say, all? you know, you are like the cheery leader of the pack! :)

starry nights 11:09 PM  

Loga..thanks.I want to meet you too.

starry nights 11:10 PM  

Mumbai Guy..pleasssssssssssssssssse dont go.and dont cry. I really, really would like to meet you. take care. I could not write everyones name.

starry nights 11:11 PM  

Passerby..Even though you were not on the list. I love your posts and would love to meet you. the list was random and in no order of preference. I love all you guys and feel sad I could not list everyone.

starry nights 11:12 PM  

Andrew thanks. I do have a lot of wonderful friends including you.

starry nights 11:13 PM  

Blessed..I want to meet you too.

starry nights 11:13 PM  

Preeta..thanks I would love to meet you too.

starry nights 11:15 PM  

Thank you Raj. You are my biggest fan too. It is an honor to have known you too.Hopefully one day I will get to meet you.I think you are just a real nice person.

starry nights 11:17 PM  

Neers...I would love to have a masala chai with you anytime. Wouldn't a reunion be great.we will have name badges displaying our names so we can be identified and we can all have one big party.(dancing included, by that time I would have learned to dance)

The Kid 5:19 AM  

you read a lot of blogs... dont you?

Anali 10:21 AM  

Nice list Starry! Don't worry about hurting anyone that you haven't listed. Anyone who has read your blog knows that you have the biggest kindest heart and would never want to hurt anyone. : )


Wow..this has come to you too!!!You know I too wanted to meet you and see your beautiful garden etc and was thinking I should visit her if at all i get ot Cali side but now its a meek possibility..I thought about this ages and ages and ages ago..Sometime in the beginning n where you had the post about your backyard n the vegetables etc ...:)

starry nights 11:33 AM  

The Kid..yes I do. a lot of beautiful people out there.

starry nights 11:33 AM  

Anali..thank you for your sweet words.

starry nights 11:34 AM  

Scribblez..I wish I had met you too.maybe sometime who knows. It is a small world out there.take care.

Keshi 11:23 PM  

StarBucks for Starry :)

**every girl's friend

that really made my day Starry! HUGGGGGGGZ!

I so wanna meet u too BLESSED! we'd have so much fun I can imagine!


Jeevan 2:54 AM  

:) nice tag, wish u will meet them soon.

KK 9:00 AM  

Nice post Starry... Hope you meet them all soon :)

V N 10:09 PM  

I do agree Starry, that this must have been a tough tag to attempt, LOL!!!

I am sooooo glad that I have made it to ur list though!!! :)

Srijith Unni 10:53 PM  

Thanks a lot, Starry..
This is seriously a tough tag, and I know going by your posts, that you truly like everyone.. Such an energetic blogger you are..

I` shall try to see what I can do about this one.. I really would not want to hurt anybody.. I want to meet everyone.. :)

Sort of stuck, I am..
Thanks for including me. It`s a great honour and privilege, something I shall have to live upto.

With Best Regards,
Srijith Unni.


Oh, I didnt realise I am tagged..Shall do the same in a week maybe...U know my schedule..I will run this tag at the next opportunity!

ari4u 5:37 PM  

That so sweet of you to mention my name. I would love to meet you too. Hope your back is okay by the time we meet.

I am slowly catching up on everyone's blogs. Been away for a while.
thanks again for the nice words. Really appreciate that.

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