Wednesday, September 20, 2006


You stood by the doorway
Fresh and green.
one day

I saw that you had withered
And there were no leaves seen.

I felt sad and guilty
To have neglected you so.
I started watering you daily
Hoping you would grow.

Finally one day
A small green leaf
Appeared on the bough below

I was all excited
And watched you grow.

I watched in anticipation
Counting the leaves everyday
Hoping you would
Now there are many leaves
I know that you are alive.

All that was needed
was love and care
A little bit of nurturing
A chance to grow
to show your new leaves
and still stand at my door.

P.S. I dont have a picture of the plant bare because I thought of sharing this only after it started to grow.


Hip Grandma 3:12 PM  

beautiful Lalitha.only you can come up with such a sensitive poem.

I love Munich 3:39 PM  

That is really beautful lalitha!!
I admit - I had the very same situation as well some years ago - the plant did grow again after I started to take care again! SHAME ON ME! :(
Usually I have a "green thumb" - I don't know why I had neglected that particular one - as well a FICUS!
Thanks for sharing dear!! :)

samuru999 5:22 PM  

Hi lalitha
I wish I had your green thunb! I have two plants that a friend left with me when she moved to another state!
She is supposed to come n get them
around Xmas... but they are almost dead!
I have not had the heart to tell her yet!
Can you come and revieve them for me?
I love your poem!
It is very nice!
The plant is so pretty also!
Very nice post!
Take care!


Keshi 5:33 PM  

hey u have a knack for gardening ha...lucky u Starry! Beautiful verse. The plant is pretty and that green is so fresh!

lol Im like Margie. I kill any plant w.o. even touching it. Cos I forget to water and then it's dead :(


geetha 7:02 PM  

It just happened to me too. Not that I didn't take care of it.. I pruned more than ususal (based on advise of my neighbour) and it still hasn't grown :(

I am looking forward to it grow at leaf soon :P

I acan imagine your excitement when you saw it grow again ;)

southpaw 7:38 PM  

Now u see lalitha why i m such a big fan of urs...:)

KK 7:46 PM  

Wow! very nice. Good Job starry! you revived a life!!!

Cyberkitty 7:59 PM  

I like your new template. I have lots of plants in my home.

Neers 8:39 PM  

wow!! you have CHANGED the layout and this looks cool! :) and a lovely post on the plant... it IS quite a surprise, how we get attached to so many things around us... thats what shapes us

Aditi 8:56 PM  

Oh beautiful that the plant grew back and the wonderful poem on it

starry nights 10:08 PM  


starry nights 10:08 PM  


starry nights 10:10 PM  

Margie..thank you. I do kill a lot of plants. my gardner actually said I should throw it out but I did not feel like doing it, so started to water it.

starry nights 10:10 PM  

Keshi..thanks. I have killed a plant or two. this was on its way out because i forgot to water it.

starry nights 10:11 PM  

Geetha..I sure was. everyday I looked at the leaves and watched it grow.

starry nights 10:11 PM  

Raj..thank you.You are just kind.

starry nights 10:12 PM  

KK..well! I nearly killed it , but saved it just in time.

starry nights 10:13 PM  

cyberkitty..thanks. designed by Yogi a fellow blogger who was kind enough to do this for me. I love plants too.

starry nights 10:14 PM  

Neers..thanks. Yogi did the template for me. I thought it matched my name.I just love it.

starry nights 10:14 PM  

Aditi..thank you.

LERA 10:46 PM  

starry, the plants & your beautiful thoughts reflected in the poem are captivating....:)

ketki 10:55 PM  

that was a lovely poem!

Saira 11:34 PM  

i guess the plants are love hungry as we all are...isnt it??

Ajay 12:01 AM  

wow a new template :)
and good thought on rebirth :)

Jeevan 12:39 AM  

The poem was very green like the leaves! Good pic:)

Srijith Unni 12:52 AM  

Such a beautiful poem, Starry..
Growing a plant gives us immense happiness and we start to look upon it as our child. This is very much visible in your words.
You must read Indira Parthasarthy`s short story about the Drumstick Tree. I am sure you will be able to appreciate it.

With Best Regards,

passerby55 2:43 AM  

u certainly have green fingers.

passerby55 2:46 AM  

it would be wonderful when a bird builds a nest in it.... thanks for posting this plant here. is it american benjamen.....i cannot be right...what plant is it?

starry nights 7:31 AM  

Lera thank you.

starry nights 7:31 AM  

Ketki..thank you.

starry nights 7:33 AM  

Saira..welcome to my blog and please do come again. Isn't that the truth we all need love and just like the plant if we get a daily dose we sure will blossom and be happy.

starry nights 7:34 AM  

Ajay..thank you. the template courtesy of Yogi. the plant did get a rebirth. I was sure it needed to be thrown away but i felt it needed another chance. It has been standing at my doorway for almost 8years.

starry nights 7:34 AM  

Jeevan..thank you.

starry nights 7:35 AM  

Srijith..thank you. yes this plant has been at my doorway for almost 8years and has become one of the children. I have to read her book I am sure I will like it.thank you.

starry nights 7:37 AM  

Passerby..dont know if I have green fingers, I have killed a few plants. this plant is a Ficus and was ready to be thrown out, My gardener laughed when I told him not to. now he looks at it in awe.It is really growing so well.

vuttaa 8:31 AM  

often, we neglect these small things in our life. only when they r gone do we realise.

btw, i find ur blog full of life. very nice. the theme color perhaps dont compliment that very well. never mind, that's what i thought.

Shankari 8:44 AM  

Hi Star,

First time here. I see we have a lot in common- Jane Austen, Bronte, du Maurier ...

Looks like fun!:)

Has to be me 8:46 AM  

Brilliant Starry! U know I've been trying to come 2 ur page for so long today but strangely it wasnt loading fully & I cud only read 1/2 of the poem & Was longing to read it fully! Im glad that i cud do now & tell u tat its wonderful!
Like the new look of ur page too!

Contented 9:05 AM  

aww...nice lay out and also the poem for your plant by the door!

To let ya know my mom also loves and spends time in gardening!

Yogi 9:21 AM  

lovely poem starry..grows into you with the plant!the first time i read it i didnt correlate too much to it, but came back for a second read, seems awfully nice now

ufukhati 9:46 AM  


I enjoy the poem.
I think the plant loves your poem too.

I ever recite my poem to plants myself. Am I crazy? Yes I'm crazy about (best) words and (serene)nature.

dumbdodi 12:20 PM  

WOW...this is incredibile...
It gives a glimpse into your soul.
1. Your hope, your hope that life could be made out of a bare plant
2. Your determination, to keep going till you make the plant green
3. Your strength, for you achieved your objectives
4. Your poetic soul, for you thought about something real as you as a poem

hillgrandmom 12:25 PM  

The new look is BEAUTIFUL. Just saw it today.

Id it is 12:40 PM  

What a great feeling it is to see life seep back into something given up for dead. I guess that's why surgeon's often suffer from the 'god' syndrome. Lifegiving capability can be heady and catchy as well.
Ever considered having a plant nursery?
Great poem.

Yogi 1:01 PM  

:) judging by the comments i can see ppl here come here for the light in the layout, white i guess is a lovely color to depict your blog, let me see if i can put together something which can have both! :)

Poetry by Kai 1:15 PM  

u have change ur blog....
its beautiful..

& the poem reminds me of something i wrote during the summer...

its gorgeous!

Poetry by Kai 1:34 PM  

i've been fine...

starry nights 2:56 PM  

Vuttaa..welcome to my blog and please do stop by again. thank you.

starry nights 2:56 PM  

Shankari..welcome to my blog and please do come again.thanks.

starry nights 2:57 PM  

Has to be me..thanks. I dont know what the problem was. I saw that happen too. the new layout is courtesy of Yogi.thanks to him.I like it too.

starry nights 2:57 PM  

Yogi..thank you.

starry nights 2:58 PM  

ufukhati..thank you. I think my plant loves me for not letting it die.

starry nights 2:59 PM  

contented..thank you. I must be like your mother. right now cannot do too much gardening but once my back is fixed I will be able to.

starry nights 3:00 PM  

Thank you Dumbdodi..very kind of you to leave those sweet words.

starry nights 3:01 PM  

Id it is..thank you. plant nursery? dont think so because this one is a miracle. i have killed many plants.But I do love plants.I find gardening relaxing and in touch with nature.

starry nights 3:01 PM  

Thank you hillgrandmom.

starry nights 3:02 PM  

Yogi..thank you. white will be fine by me.You are the artist so feel free to do what you want.

starry nights 3:03 PM  

Kai..thank you. have not seen you around lately.are u ok. I have not been blog hopping lately. was busy with the kids being home.

White Forest 3:09 PM  

"All that was needed was love and care
A little bit of nurturing
A chance to grow"

so beautiful!

Known Stranger 3:59 PM  

1. the post is amazing
2. the salsa dance animation in your page is mind blowing
3. danks for that comment

Mumbai Guy 7:07 PM  

Starry, I have this plant inside my house. It has grown 4 foot tall already and onto new big vase.

Me too like plants, flowers. And yes, I like new layout of your blogsite. Cool.

starry nights 7:29 PM  

white forest.. thank you.

starry nights 7:29 PM  

known stranger ..thanks. you like dancing too?

starry nights 7:30 PM  

Mumbai guy..thanks. I love plants too. the layout is courtesy of Yogi. I like it too.

deepsat 8:19 PM  

wow!! thats such a beautiful poem!! plants are like forever babies!! and the more love you give them the more they grow beautiful!!


starry nights 8:47 PM  

deepsat..true just like babies.need a lot of care when they are young.

sudhav 10:17 PM  

Lalitha beautiful post..hope the blogger will allow me to comment atleast today here..

starry nights 11:16 PM  

sudha..where have you been.nice to see you back.

pegasus 1:56 AM  

on the top right cornor there is a beautiful picture of a couple dancing... where did you get that?

Varsha 3:25 AM  

Nice sweet...and perfect fotos to accompany!

Known Stranger 7:28 AM  

if you are a salsa dancer then i would say i love to move my hands and legs a if a scorpio has stinged me. :) if you are not a dancer - ya ya aya i love dancing

V N 10:11 PM  

Wonderful lines and wonderful pics as accompaniments!!

faith 10:49 PM  

Very beautiful n touching.. it'll be so good na starry if we can nurture a withered rship again too just like this plant..can we?

Sojourner 3:28 AM  

plants are one of the most resilient things aren't they? they just need a chance... in fact all life is like that.... its all in the design.. beautiful :)

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