Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Everything Happens For A Reason . . .

Sometimes people come into our life and you know right away that they were meant to be there to serve some sort of purpose, teach you a lesson or help figure out who you are or who you want to become. You never know who these people may be but you lock eyes with them, you know that very moment that they will affect your life in some profound way.

And sometimes things happen to you at the time that may seem horrible, painful and unfair, but in reflection you realize that without overcoming those obstacles you would never realize your potential, strength, will power or heart.

Everything happens for a reason. Nothing happens by chance or by means of luck. Illness, love, lost moments of true greatness and sheer stupidity all occur to test limits of your soul.

Without these small tests, life would be like a smoothly paved, straight, flat road to nowhere safe and comfortable but dull and utterly pointless.

The people you meet affect your life. The successes and downfalls that you experience can create whom you are, and the bad experiences can be learned from. In fact they are probably the most poignant and important ones. If someone hurts you, betrays you or breaks your heart, forgive them because they have helped you learn about trust and the importance of being cautious to whom you open your heart.

If someone loves you, love them back unconditionally, not only because they love you, but also because they are teaching you to love and open your heart and eyes to little things. Make every day count. Appreciate everything that you possibly can, for you may never experience it again.

Talk to people whom you have never talked to before, and actually listen. Let yourself fall in love, break free and set your sights high. Hold you head up because you have every right to.

Tell yourself you are a great individual and believe in yourself, for if you don't believe in yourself, no one else will believe in you. Create you own life and then go out and live it.



indianadoc 3:09 PM  

I saw this in Dobhran's inspiration... and it ws indded quite an inspiration...

Jayashree 4:09 PM  

"If someone loves you, love them unconditionally"....I think this is something that we forget to do in our everyday life....we are so consumed by the here and now....there's always some expectation that goes along with the love. True unconditional love is the kind that a baby gives her mother....the baby does not know yet to expect anything....yet she loves!!!

passerby55 5:47 PM  

i agree everything happens for a reason... the only problem is the reason is only visible much, much later...

we never appreciate things there and then ... only when the reason is seen we realise...

realisation does come late!

maybe loving.liking.adoring whatever experience it is should be enjoyed there and then ... maybe we should stop reasoning everything around us...i don;t know!

Does reasoning sometimes kill the delicate things in life? you kept me thinking today.

Ashley 5:58 PM  

Hmm.. If I didn't believe things happen for a reason, a great deal of things that happen would cause me to be hopeless and depressed.

I like to err on the side of hope.

Hope is important.

Keshi 6:25 PM  

Starry I used to think that EVERYTHING happened for a reason. Not anymore. Guess Im too heartbroken. Cos can u answer this:

Why did my dad die at 44? Why is someone so cheerful and precious as Steve dead at 44? Don't tell me that has 'good' reasons??

Just asking...cos I dun see good reason when good ppl die.


Saurabh 7:04 PM  

Very well written. This is a nice way of looking at things. It does help to keep a positive attitude.

samuru999 7:32 PM  

Starry, I don't believe that everything happens for a reason.
When I was much younger, I kind of felt that way, but not now.
There are just too many horrible things that happen to good people.
What could that reason be?

I have a very good friend whose nephew died this summer in a kayaking accident at 29 years of age.
He was such a talented ,wonderful person and had his whole life ahead of him.
Now his family is sad and so lonely without him.
There can not be a reason for this ...
Things do happen, but I don't believe it is for a reason.
Take care!

Kuan Gung 7:39 PM  

It's all a matter of perception and expectations, we always need to perceive and expect a feeling of compassion and respect for all regardless of who they are, after all each and everyone is doing that what they believe makes their life no matter how unusual they are approaching it, it is my hope that my intentions are sympathy for the ill conceived and compassion for all.

Hip Grandma 7:43 PM  

I believe everything that takes place in our lives has a purpose.i've experienced this so many times.yes even tragedy strikes ana an entire family breaks down.and the family gets up and fights back stronger than before.

Jon Cox 7:52 PM  

Wonderful post!!! YES I DO!

southpaw 7:57 PM  

I agree...everything happens for a reason, though mostly we realize it pretty late, but its a fact.

starry nights 7:58 PM  

I read it too indian doc and wanted to share it with every one. it is an inspiring message. I did not know who wrote it.

starry nights 7:58 PM  

jayshree.. that is so true.unconditional love.

starry nights 7:59 PM  

It got me thinking after I read this too.I think everything happens for a reason but at the time that it happens it does not feel like that.

starry nights 8:00 PM  

Ashley..another point of view.We have to have true.

starry nights 8:02 PM  

Keshi..i have pondered over these same things and wondered if what reason and sometimes those reasons dont make sense.even when my mother died I asked myself why.and had no answer.Its at times like that we dont feel that everything happens for a reason.

starry nights 8:03 PM  

Sauraub..i did not write it.but it is an inspiring message.

starry nights 8:04 PM  

Margie..then why does these things happen.all bad things happen to good people.dont you think there is some reason that it happens.

Eclipsed Thoughts 8:13 PM  

Yes, i think everything happens for a reason, its just that-- we are yet to explore the reason or we are running away from it ... but this "reason" is sometimes so silly and pointless that i feel sick of reasonings.... anyways, thats what i think.....

The things you said here are the ones i have been trying to implement, but i think i am still too mean, broken and selfish to be able to DO THEM.... anyways, i guess i need to try harder...

Thanks for your comfort in my blog.... HUUUUGGGZZZZZ

samuru999 8:18 PM  

I do not know!
Maybe someday, I will have the answers!
I keep asking God, why? Why? why?
So, far he has not answered me.
Someday, I will get an answer though.

Aditi 8:53 PM  

Yea everything definitely happens for a reason. We may not understand it right away or even spot the right reason but if it happened to a certain extent it was meant to

chet 9:16 PM  

Things do happen for a reason, but like Aditi said we may not know it right a way.

Just letting you know that you have been tagged. :)

Alexis Leon 9:17 PM  

Very interesting post. Yes, I beleive that everything happens for a reason, but often I don't know what the reasons are. May be time will tell...

richunderconstruction 9:26 PM  

"The people you meet affect your life."

your post reads my mind today, n soothes some part of a restless n unhappy soul.

god bless starry... your words help.

starry nights 9:27 PM  

Preeta.sometimes I have to believe everything happens for a reason and sometimes I have to question if indeed it is a good enough reason.

starry nights 9:29 PM  

Kuan you are so right if we look at life like this it will be a lot easier I think.and have compassion for one another.I also think each one in their own mind think its the best way.we cannot judge.

starry nights 9:30 PM  

Preeta.sometimes I have to believe everything happens for a reason and sometimes I have to question if indeed it is a good enough reason.

starry nights 9:31 PM  

Jon and if so what makes you think that everything happens for a reason.If you ask a young child who has lost a parent he may not think it happened for a reason.

starry nights 9:32 PM  

Raj..Yes at the time it happens we question God and are distraught especially if it is a bad thing.I think only later on do we see hte reason.

starry nights 9:34 PM  

Eclipsed thoughts..yes it is easier written than done.It is hard but its something to think about when things dont go our way and life seems dark with no light in sight.

starry nights 9:35 PM  

Aditi..thanks for your input.I think its how each one perceives it.

starry nights 9:35 PM  

Thanks Chet..I will take you up on the tag.

starry nights 9:36 PM  

Alexis..sometimes it is hard to understand you said only time will tell.

starry nights 9:37 PM  

Thank you rich.I hope it brought some comfort.we do not know the reasons why.Just hold on and time will tell.

Mr. J 10:02 PM  

Maybe.. but not really 100% sure.

Neers 10:38 PM  

i live like that... as far as possible! thanks starry! :)

Contented 11:21 PM  

I very much believe...-) Dont you see an example...-)

Has to be me 12:07 AM  

Yes ofcourse everything happens for a reason & I wld like to think that they happen for the good.And I also believe that it is all divinely planned better go with the flow! :)

Pavithra 1:28 AM  

I've started accepting that everything happens for a reason. It helps me take the next step with trust and faith!!

the sunflower 2:45 AM  

yes... we may not understand it, but everything happens for a reason!

Ganesh Ranganathan 5:20 AM  

i don't agree...I believe that life is random. There isn't a reason for everything that happens...

It is the ability to adapt to the changing environment that makes people sucessfull

Ganesh Ranganathan 5:24 AM  
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amu (amrita) 5:34 AM  

hi this is the first time i'm in here to read your blog, and am quite taken aback to see that still people think deep. its quite transparent that the sentiments are subjective ones, though it sounds a bit pedantic. but it has put across what it had to.

Blessed 5:50 AM  

Yes I do!
Love this quote-
Some people come into your life and stay for awhile. Others come into your life, leave footprints on your heart and you are never the same.

Don Iannone 5:58 AM  

Starry raise an interesting philosophical question.

Comes down to whether you believe there is a grand design out there that maps things out in a pre-defined way or whether you believe life is self-creating anew from one moment to the next.

Divine will and intervention (some God-power) are generally seen as the ultimate reason for everything and the source of causation in universe, or the cause of all causes.

I think the mind creates its own reality, including its own causes as intentions before the fact and reasons for certain events after the fact.

"What is" is its own cause perhaps.

Does the universe have an overall underlying purpose? If so, what is that purpose? To exist? To sustain existence? If such a purpose exists, can we truly know that purpose? Can we wrap our minds around something so vast and complex? My guess is whatever words we use to describe that purpose will fall short.

Isolating causes or reasons for things in life is very complex. I think of my own work with local economies worldwide and it is exceedingly difficult to attribute exact causes and reasons to economic change.

Apart from whether there are reasons or causes, I am focused on the question of whether we can ever know them.

prithz 6:37 AM  

This another one of those best posts frm u. Very simple. Straight forward and carries TONS of meaning. I agree wid every word u have said... i share the same feelings as u in this regard... i think most of the things happen for a reason and its all in the way of learning in our life... Wonderful post starry... this will be one post i can really read so many times, esp if i get too moody.. thnx a lot... take care...bye!

adi 6:52 AM  

to know u, maya n j...
yeah, everything happens for a reason
god bless u starry

starry nights 8:00 AM  

Me..Are you about 80% sure that everything happens for a reason?

starry nights 8:00 AM  

Neers..I try to.but always come back to the same question.

starry nights 8:01 AM you think even bad things happen for a reason, sometimes I find it hard to accept that and thats why the reasoning.

starry nights 8:02 AM you think even bad things happen for a reason, sometimes I find it hard to accept that and thats why the reasoning.

starry nights 8:03 AM  

Has to be me..well said I guess I will have to go with the flow and not question it.

Madhu 8:03 AM  

I believe everything happens for a reason, though sometimes am stumped....why bad things happen. but i believe whatever happens helps us mature......good or bad all are experiences...lessons to learn.

starry nights 8:04 AM are right , I guess it helps us go forward just having faith and accepting our situation.

starry nights 8:05 AM  

Sunflower..are you absolutely sure.even bad a child losing a mother.what good does that bring? what is the reason?

starry nights 8:06 AM  

OK Ganesh you are one out of many that totally disagrees, I am leaning a bit on your side because I find it hard to understand.

starry nights 8:07 AM  

Amrita..welcome to my blog and I do hope you come again.

starry nights 8:08 AM  

Blessed..thanks I love that quote also. it is so true. some people do leave footprints in your life and move on.

starry nights 8:10 AM  

Don thank you for the in put. I struggle with this all the time."Does the universe have an overall underlying purpose? If so, what is that purpose? To exist? To sustain existence? If such a purpose exists, can we truly know that purpose? I wish I had an answer.

starry nights 8:10 AM  

Prithz..thanks I thought it was very inspirational for me also.

starry nights 8:12 AM  

Thanks forgot Vijay.And If the reason that I started to blog was to meet you then I am happy and accept the fact that everything happens for a reason.

karmic_jay 8:47 AM  

Things happen not always for a reason atleast not one that is immediately obvious.

The Brown eyed one 9:45 AM  

Very inspiring!!!

Twisted DNA 10:23 AM  

My personal philosophy is there is randomness in the universe and a few things just happen. We must take everything, good and bad, in our stride. But I agree with you that it's mostly in our hands to make our lives happy, by giving love!

White Forest 1:10 PM  

totally agree..."Everything Happens for a Reason!

priya 3:50 PM  

/everything happens for a reason/

Everything: life; faith; beliefs; mystery

Reason: asking ourselves "why" and the meaning of it.

Ther is something beyond our control and it is invicible. We know what happens in our life has a menaing, but we take time to accept it.

We alwasy ask questions of "why" right from childhood. Ther is a reason to ask becoz of curiosity and want to know.
On the other hand, if something happens we always blame ourselves or others. Reason behind this is just being innocent/stupid. Why do we easily blame others?? We do not study the situation, but blame to run away from it.
A reason behind everything is a purpose to be filled entirely or half way coz time never stops.

We always analyze the causes and consequneces in our lives. Its like, we all ahve a reason to have osmeone in our lives right. Thatz a purpose to have a family so on.
We talk about scientist, astrologers and other great people who predict future cannot give a good reason to say what will the world be in the next few years or stop the casue of destruction.
Good and bad happens and exists in all our lives. So do the reason behind our mask.

Andrew 3:56 PM  

Hi again!

Thanks so much for stopping by my site and for leaving your comment. I appreciate it!

All the best,

starry nights 3:59 PM  

Thank you Brown eyed one. i thought so too.

starry nights 4:00 PM  

Twisted DNA..right on. we have to some where along the way take responsibility for our actions.

starry nights 4:01 PM  

White forest thanks.

starry nights 4:02 PM  

Right on Priya. you have it right.

starry nights 4:02 PM  

Thanks Andrew..

Poetry by Kai 4:16 PM  

everything happens for a reason...its a part of life....
whether its bad or good...

:-] love ya

KK 6:36 PM  

Well, I beleive in this a lot, this is a statement that keeps me going inspite of all the hurdles I face... Nice writeup starry!!!

Kuan Gung 8:37 PM  

Quite a dance going on there starry...something new... ;)

Keshi 9:43 PM  

** at times like that we dont feel that everything happens for a reason.

thats right. So that means 'everything' CANT happen for a reason.


Neers 12:18 AM  

Thank You, Madame!! :)

Rose 12:31 AM  


I thing al the things that happens is a convoluted interplay of chance and intent.


MellowDrama 1:52 AM  

Nice and uplifting but somehow a lot of if never really works out, does it. It just seems nice and inspirational on paper and blogs:) Cheers!

prishah007 2:59 AM  

thats was some post, actually felt as if i was reading my self. wow! how can 2 ppl think so similarly

christabelle 5:18 AM  

this is true, everyhting sure has a reason, reminds me of a verse in the Holy Bible that says that everyhting works together for good.
thats rite!!

indianangel 5:26 AM  

nice post! Very true if you dont believe in yourself nobody will believe you!

starry nights 7:29 AM  

Kai..Do you think everything happens for a reason only when it is good or even when its bad?

starry nights 7:31 AM  

KK..Sometimes it is easy to just believe that everything happens for a reason and keep going.I think when young people die and have everything to live for and is making a good contribution to life and they die.then I question what reason was that.he was helping people.why take him away and leave a really bad person here.Then I find no reason.

starry nights 7:32 AM my dancing , I love to dance and put it there for fun.anyway next week dancing with the stars premiers and its for that.

starry nights 7:33 AM  

Keshi I have to agree with you.

starry nights 7:34 AM are welcome.

starry nights 7:35 AM are with me on this one..thats how I feel.thanks.

starry nights 7:35 AM  

Mellow drama..true, but it makes you think.

starry nights 7:37 AM  

prishah007...welcome to my blog and plese do come again.

starry nights 7:38 AM  

Christabelle. I think its our faith that makes us accept everything good or bad and thinks its for a reason.sometimes i have to differ.

starry nights 7:38 AM  

Indian angel..thanks.

ufukhati 7:42 AM  

One day I stand by the river bank.
And I ever ask : "Why the river is there?"

Jeevan 9:22 AM  

I accpet that everything happens for a reason. its a wondeful post, made me think. I hope, by reading a book about "what is life", we can learn very little, if we experiance the life we can learn more. i am right?

The Kid 1:35 PM  

Nice post starry even though I believe that anything that is random is NOT for a reason. People want to see reason, that is it! I think people are so weak that they are unable to comprehend the brutal randomness of life. Basically denial.

But, your post was nice.

btw, I thought this line
"If someone loves you, love them back unconditionally... "

does not make sense. It is paradoxical.

KK 1:58 PM  

nice question for which I dont have an answer. There might actually be a reason which we may realise later.

starry nights 6:46 PM  

ufukhati..never thought of that.thanks.

Anali 7:31 PM  

I'm not sure that everything happens for a reason that we find to be acceptable or rational, but there is a reason behind everything that happens. I think the key is whether or not we can learn from everything, good and bad, that happens to us. Can we make lemonade from lemons?

starry nights 9:59 PM is a great teacher and maybe everything that happens does not have a reason.

starry nights 10:01 PM  

Kid..welcome to my blog and hope you come back again. I think if someone loves you for whatever reason we dont really know, we should love them unconditionally.

starry nights 10:02 PM  

Anali..good one it makes sense.

neermathalam 11:39 PM  

thanks...i needeed this words.

hillgrandmom 1:31 AM  

Mostly I believe everything happens for a reason. But it is certainly difficult to find a reason in the death of young people.

alex 3:09 AM  


"Everything happens for a reason. Nothing happens by chance or by means of luck."

There are no coincidences in life.

Good to see your outlook of life. :)

And of course everything happens for a reason, its just that some us us cnat find the right reason and moreover we come up with the wrong reasons.

Dr@ma Div@ 5:43 AM  

Agreed 100%. Well, u know when i first broke up with my bf, my mom told me that everything happens for a reason. Later, i found out the real story... i knew it was a blessing in disguise. and Im happy with my decision, that all i can say..

starry nights 8:56 AM  

neermathalam ..thanks. I am glad it helped because it helped me too.

starry nights 8:56 AM  

Hill grandmom..thanks.

starry nights 8:57 AM  

Alex..thanks..I know ther are no co incidences in life but sometimes it is hard to understand the reason.

starry nights 8:58 AM  

Drama diva..sometimes blessings do come in disguises.

ari4u 1:27 PM  

This is a very inspiring and upbeat post. Thanks for making my day.

You are right. If you love someone, set them free. If they come back to you, your love is true, if not, then the love was never meant to be.

Everything happens for a reason. I think that is how we reason out with ourselves when we cannot understand or comprehend why something happend the way it did.

Have a great weekend

hillgrandmom 3:22 AM  

Just wanted to say that for me it's nto so much the feeling that everything happens for a reason. As far as I am concerned, it's the attitude to what happens in your life tha makes for the lessons you learn. Whether something positive or something negative happens, it's our attitude which makes the reasons and teaches the life lessons.

Prashant 7:14 AM  

hey , i had red so many inspirational books many times and also it seems that i am going back again to some written words but still today i take a decision after reading this may be you kan say now ,for me, threshold has been reached.
I forgive the one who hurts me most...........
Thanks ..........

Amimu 4:08 PM  

i have no idea how things happen in this world. do belive in astrology however, but take my own decisions based on gut reactions

Ajay 11:12 AM  

but we realise it later :)

Robyn 11:39 AM  

Beautifully written. I live by this each and every day and truly believe that everyone (good peeps and bad peeps) come into your life for a reason. You're absoultely correct, all the difficulties make you stronger and you learn from those experiences.

Thank you for this moment of inspiration. It was a nice post to read during the day (and break up the work routine).

Take care-


Neers 9:59 PM  

thanks Starry!! am a lil better... just that have had thi sinking feeling for a long time now... think am gonna cheer myself up, now..

ishita 11:10 PM  

that's the way world is...everything does happen for a reason...everything that happens also has a consequence...i believe we learn and grow when life is difficult...I know i am a better person for i have experienced pain in my life...and i appreciate happiness all the more...

and as for telling ppl u care and that u luv them...that's so important and something we tend to forget in our lives...we just take ppl close around us for granted...i made the mistake with my granma...and even now there are times I find myself silently wishing i cld go back to that fateful day and just tell her how much i did...and do luvv her...

well, that was a lesson learnt for I always make it a point to end an argument...always say and show i care...

ps: i switched to blogger beta and can't comment with my usual id. Which is why i'm using this new id on the old blogger...! such a mess na:(...anyway, this profile has a blog wid a post directing ppl to my blog! phew...

Sojourner 3:22 AM  

hmm... even if everything does not happen for a reason, they can be reasoned out... sometimes easily , sometimes never. but most times the "why" is not important i guess.

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