Monday, September 25, 2006


I look around the house, I see traces of the things the children left behind, a magazine, shopping bags, book receipts , coke and a lot of food in the fridge .I am sad. It was a beautiful summer. I really had a nice time that the kids were home though I was unable to go out and have fun, I had a good time just spending some quality time talking, watching movies and sometimes just doing nothing. In the morning Maya would wake up and come sit on my bed and we would watch something on TV. Discuss what was happening around the world. Have breakfast talk about her friends and soon it will be time for lunch. Vijay would be up and would go to the gym. He would always bring a movie to watch , on his way back and never fail to bring me an Indian sweet from the Indian store. I thank god for giving me wonderful children. I was not too much of fun because I would be in pain a lot but they still made me feel that they were having fun.

They tried to spend a lot of time at home with me, we would have a cup of tea together in the morning ,sometimes in the afternoon and at night. In between I got a lot of hugs and they always made me feel special. I am going to miss them.

Vijay made my day when he said "Amma I had a good summer here with you." Sometimes it is the simple things in life that make us happy. It does not have to be store bought presents or big words, it can just be a smile or a thank you.

All good things have to come to an end. I was glad that I spent some time with them. Now it is going to be just "J" and me, hopefully we can carry on the good times that we had when the kids were home. It is hard to let go of your children, I tell myself they have to do what they need to and I should let go. Sometimes it is hard but I have to remind myself that I should not be selfish and only think of how I feel. I have raised them I think pretty well and have given them wings so they can fly. Vijay is still not completely out of the nest , has a few more years to go. All I can say is "Thank you God for giving me this time with them"


samuru999 12:24 PM  

This is very sweet, and touching!
Thank you for this nice post!
I know just how you feel!
I have spent some very nice moments with my son over the summer...whether it was watching one of his baseball games, or sitting down and discussing what colleges he may want to go to after he's done with high school.

This past Friday night was so very special to me.... he was one of the nominees for king of Homecoming Court!
I escorted him onto the football field, and as I looked up upon his face, I could not hold back a few tears... as I realized this is his
last year with us!
I was so proud to be his mom!
He has made me so very happy!
And, I also say Thank you God
for giving me this time with my son! I am blessed!


starry nights 1:28 PM  

Thank you Margie. I know how proud you are of him. Sometimes I just want to hold on to them for ever, but I know I have to let go.

Contented 3:47 PM  

Aww starry! Thats very touching! . I think its the same felling of every mother when it comes to let her child go. Its been a decade I am away from my parents ever since I moved to city and started my junior college. If its not for my mother strongness to let me go I wudnt have been doing what I am...I think all mothers find their happiness in their children happiness. Thats a wonderful gift all mothers have.

You are a great mother starry ....This post just reminded me off my mother. I miss her soooooooooo much....:(

ufukhati 5:42 PM  

This is the beauty of live, starry.

Having the feeling of love, the breeze of joy, the scent of smile, and the colour of tenderness should be much appreciated. And you ever experienced the meaning of this magical term "FAMILY". Congratulations.

ufukhati 5:44 PM  


"live" should be read "life".

Mumbai Guy 8:41 PM  

Starry...tell me said kids are back to school...but they are still wid you right? How old are your kids if I may ask?

p.s. Your name is the best. Know why? my mom's name is lalitha too ;)

Gaurav Jain 8:42 PM  

i love staying with my parents, so can undesrtand your feelings for your children!!

Aditi 8:45 PM  

I'd love being home from college for summer and doing all sorts of things with my mom.. especially work in the garden.This post brought back memories

itchingtowrite 10:04 PM  

the empty feeling comes when anyone goes back after staying for a few days. esp if its your own kids, i am sure it must be more.. u must be looking forward to them coming back again!!

passerby55 10:16 PM  

you are a brave mother, lalitha.

i dont know how to comment here. i am a mother's so difficult.

bye and take care

starry nights 10:17 PM  

Contented..thank you.Its hard when they leave.But as you said all mothers have to let go.

starry nights 10:18 PM  

Ufukhati..thank you.

starry nights 10:19 PM  

Thank you Mumbai will never forget me because of my name.

starry nights 10:19 PM  

Gaurav..thanks.It was fun when they were home for the summer.

starry nights 10:20 PM  

Aditi..Yes we could not do anything out of the home because of my back problem but we sure had a fun time at home.

starry nights 10:21 PM  

Itchingtowrite..yes it is a hard thing.

starry nights 10:22 PM  

Passerby..thanks.You have to be strong for your children.

Alexis Leon 10:28 PM  

Nice to know that you had a nice time with your kids. It is always difficult to see somebody you love go away even it is for a few months. I am sure the kids also must have been sad. But they will come back and you will have wonderful time once again. In fact, it is this breaks that makes the reunions more memorable.

It is very hard for the parents to let the children go. But that is the right thing to do.

Hope you are having a nice time with J. And the dancing sequence is really cute.

Twisted DNA 10:30 PM  

Very touching. I need to show post to my wife. She is already so worried that our kid is growing up so fast and one day will be on his own! It's hard to let go :(

Sunil Parmar 10:31 PM  

My credo in life is: "There can't be anything higher than the motherly love."
And your post is full with that truest & the purest kind of love.
Your kids are really blessed to have you as mother.

chitra 10:35 PM  

Can understand what u r going thru.

Even earlier u had mentioned about not able to walk. May I ask what has happened to You.

my prayers to God for a speedy recovery.

deepsat 10:55 PM  

A beautiful and touching post!!

God's blessing will always be with you!!


samuru999 11:07 PM  

When you are sad or blue
remember all those special moments
they shared with you
even when they are away
all those little treaured memories
with you ... shall always stay.


Keshi 11:21 PM  

I dun have any kids yet...but I know how u feel...cos I can never forget my mum's face on the day i left to Aus.


Nisha 12:52 AM  

came through your blog... loved the way you ve written it. Reminded me of my mom...:-) i know it can't be easy to let go of your kids, but by doing so, i think it's the nicest thing you can do for them.

Jeevan 2:49 AM  

That's nice, you had a lovely times with your children:) your kids are not staying with u?

Madhu 3:49 AM  

Very sweet post Starry. I hope my parents thought of me like this :)

adi 7:02 AM  

i loved this bit about ur life. incredible. how u felt came out so clearly through ur words.
i wish u get more days like this. and speedy recovery from that back pain.
take care lalitha.

sudhav 7:50 AM  

Lalitha, its so true..u feel on cloud 9 when u know that u have given the right up bringing to the was such a touching prayere are there for u always lalitha..get well soon and get to bang with the children when they are there the next time..I m keeping my fingers crossed so that one day even i can feel the same way lalitha..for my lil one is just turning 2 and she has a long way to go..or do i say i have a long way to go..
And ya i m right now very happy because blogger is been kind of good to me to allow me to comment here...

starry nights 9:03 AM  

Alexis..thank you. I love the dance sequence too. love to dance, thats one of the things that I am going to learn to do when my back is fixed.hope you are doing well.

starry nights 9:04 AM  

Twisted DNa..time does go by fast. I sometimes wonder where the last 10 years went.

KK 9:04 AM  

Thats so nice of your kids! I am sure they will come out in great colors.
All the best for you kids on all their endeavours and make their mom happy :)

starry nights 9:05 AM  

Sunil thank you. you are kind.

starry nights 9:06 AM  

Chitra..well I need to have two discs replaced, am waiting to have surgery. most of the time I am in a lot of pain. cant wait to get up and go.

Eclipsed Thoughts 9:39 AM  

hi... wow.... u seem to be such a great mother!!
Its quite difficult for kida to go away from their mother, i felt quite terrible when i had to go away to hostel when i was a kid.

U certainly spread lottsa love around!

Id it is 2:36 PM  

Letting go of something you've borne and nurtured is bound to be tough. However, you've handled it well going by what you've written; you've given them the wings to fly and are now enjoying their flight toward achieving their dreams.
Nice post

Neers 6:55 PM  

ah Moms!! :)

southpaw 7:39 PM  

I think the way u hv raised them is absolutely perfect and they'll always make u proud of them....:)specially maya...she writes so very well at this!

RefleXtion 8:52 PM  

Me mom's back home, my brother and I left home at the same time, when she was in her 50's's kinda been hard for her....I love her a lot! And I will go back to her when the time comes. I feel you!

V N 10:13 PM  

U so much remind me of my mom, Starry!! And its so obvious that u r one of the best Moms in the whol world!!!

Anali 10:23 PM  

What a nice post! I'm not a mom, but hope to be one day. Posts like this make me think about motherhood even more.

Has to be me 12:33 AM  

Wow u r so sweet starry & it so nice to have ur kids beside u for sure. Its indeed a lovely thing for ur son to acknowledge ur love by saying so. Im so glad 4 u tht u'd a good n happy time with ur kids.

Dr O2 1:44 AM  

It must feel bad! even the thought is not pleasent! a family full of noise & activity comes down to a two person tale. :-( Life is cruel but the inevitable cycle repeats itself.

Prashant 2:42 AM  

Hey i just love to spent time wth my parents....and you know if i would be a king i will be with them always...but i am very far away from them just for earning...
I can feel how it feels when a child hugs his/her parents. Its like you got all the things in life no more desires left. World complete.
I am not a parent but i know the feeeling the parents feel is different from what childrens feel.
I am mising them a lot.

starry nights 7:21 AM  

KK..thank you.

starry nights 7:22 AM  

Deepsat..thank you.

starry nights 7:23 AM  

Margie..thanks for that beautiful and touching poem.

starry nights 7:23 AM  

Keshi..thank you. I know how how your mother must have felt when you left for Ausie.

starry nights 7:24 AM  


starry nights 7:24 AM  

Jeevan..thank you. they are away at school.

starry nights 7:25 AM  

Thank you eclipsed are sweet.

starry nights 7:25 AM  

Madhu..I am sure your parents felt like this. I think all parents do.

starry nights 7:26 AM  

Adi..thank you for your kind words. I am sure I am going to be fine.It is just a matter of time.

starry nights 7:26 AM  

Sudha..thank you for those kind words.

starry nights 7:27 AM  

Id it is..thank you.

starry nights 7:27 AM  

Neers..yes you can say that again..moms.they never stop worrying.

starry nights 7:28 AM  

Raj..thank you.

starry nights 7:29 AM  

Reflextion..thank you. I am glad you are back home. she must be really happy.

starry nights 7:30 AM are so sweet. thank you for that kind comment.

starry nights 7:30 AM  

Anali..thank you.I think you will make a great mom too.

starry nights 7:31 AM  

Has to be me... Thank you. I indeed had a great time with them at home and would not have traded that for anything in this world.

starry nights 7:33 AM are so right. we began as two ,mutltiplied to four, now back to 2 again atleast for the time being.the circle of life.

starry nights 7:33 AM  

Prashant..thank you.that was a very thoughtful comment.

LERA 10:23 AM  

starry, I 'm glad you 've had a lovely time with your kids .I wish you many more such fun moments.

christabelle 10:29 AM  

first off, ur template is just wonderful, really.
Just came by to say thank you very much for your supportive words, I appreciate them.

Do take care starry, will come back to catch up soonest.

starry nights 11:40 AM  

Lera..thanks. I wsh I did too.Time does go by fast when you are having fun.

starry nights 11:41 AM  

Christabelle..thank you. do come by. I am going to miss you.

Hip Grandma 1:09 PM  

cling on to them as long as you can.These days are not going to come back.Nice post lalitha.

priya 6:23 PM  

Starry: Good for you and my best wishes to them.....

Someday one must fly with their own wings starry and you can be confident coz its your children and you don't have to worry about it.


Hey Starry...Chandni has requested u to activate all comments in your blog as she is unable to comment on your blog....U have to modify your comment settings I guess! :)


Hey...I was the first person to leave a comment here...Did u delete it in error ?? Am surprised to not see my comment here as I saw it after commenting.....** confused**..Anyways Great poem!

Usha 5:52 AM  

I can completely relate to what you have written about. It is so tough to go back to the emptiness especially after a fun filled visit. Did you say you were in bed? you better now? I hope that wasn't a silly question as this is my first visit here, will come back for more. Hope to get to know you better.

dumbdodi 12:38 AM  

Hi Starry
I got slightly teary eyed..thinking of my amma...will see her in December can't bro is to leave soon too...she has work to keep her busy but she feels same like are very sweet Starry

Gauri 12:24 AM  

A very touching post Starry !!

I can so relate to the "empty" feeling in the house - and my kids are just in Primary School and kindergarten !!

Even a few hours without them and the house feels silent as a tomb.

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