Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Over the weekend I watched a movie called CRASH .It was a really sad movie depicting a slice of life in a day in Los Angeles. Even after the movie was over I caught myself waiting to see more or to see what would happen or if things got better, but the movie ended. Do you sometimes feel that even after the show is over you are waiting for more. I see myself doing this often, sometimes getting into the lives of the characters and pondering over what would have happenend and what could have been done to save the person. I don't know if I am the odd one here or not.

I have been watching the serial Kavi Anjali on surya TV for over a year and the show abruptly came to a stop. I think the viewer should be told that the show is ending or atleast end it like in a story. I keep thinking of the different reasons that the show ended and also what became of the characters and also what the writers were thinking of. The serial was getting a bit boring and stupid, but I still think the networks owe it to the viewers to let them know when a show is about to end. Do you think so? Do you think a serial that has been running for over a year can just be turned off and a new one put in its place by the same producers, without as much as a goodbye. I like to know how others feel about this or is it only Me.


Arz000n 8:45 AM  

I dont know about this serial you mentioned in your post...but CRASH seriously have some good memories attached....

I thought it was going to be one jam-packed-action movie...and there was not a single scene....on that we were sitting on the 3rd row from start.....YIKKKESSS!!!


Gaurav Jain 9:44 AM  

I haven't seen that movie, will check it out soon.

What you have mentioned above wanting to see more when the serial/movie ends is quite true. I think the serials (esp. non-last episodes) have this strategy to keep their audience waiting for the next episode. But they should definitely let the public know if they have ended/aborted the show altogether.

Hip Grandma 9:50 AM  

sometimes it is better for certain boring serials to end without a farewell note.I don't know abt Kaavyanjali but I do want serials like Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi' to get lost.I won't bother with a tearful 'good' bye.

karmic_jay 9:58 AM  

Crash is a good movie. I don't watch any Indian TV or movies so not sure what the one you are talking about is.
I tend to think some stories are best left with loose strings. Not every thing in life is like that, so why should movies be different?

As a very infrequent TV watcher you san guess my indifference. Nothing personal btw just my opinon thats all.

priya 10:40 AM  

Starry: Thaz a good movie and I have watched it.

When you talk about Indian serials they are all just full of crap. Here we get plenty of Indian channels and I have Jaya TV and I feel to disconenct anytime. You just get addicted so much watchign ppl coming with 2-3 wives. Wat a good example for the society.

BTW: I liked your butterfly and got for my blog too. Hope you don't mind.

indianangel 10:53 AM  

I tend to vary a little hee starry, serials are useless(atleast the ones i see in tamil, except for a very few). It talks incessantly on things that never happen or happened once (they portray as if mother-in-laws are monster-in-law) and too much unnecessary emotion! Nay! its not going to help one bit to women or men who watch it! I'd rather say watch some comedy scenes, laugh your heart out and watch some good shows like KBC. Honestly, in my opinion all Tamil channels are not worth a penny!

There was a show called "Kadhaiyalla Nijam" anchored by actress Lakshmi in Jeya TV and it was good and bad: good becoz it showcased the downtrodden and illfated side of our society and bad bcoz it was overdone and Lakshmi's anchoring made it a point to make people cry - cmon what the heck! Why Im saying this even if serials are not good atleast we need to have good jockeys who can make the show lively! Duh even that is missing!
No wonder they call TV the idiot box!

Robyn 11:04 AM  

As far as Crash is concerned. That movie truly MOVED me. It was well done and very disturbing. I do the exact same thing. I somehow identify with characters in movie and start to feel compassion and some sort of attachment. You must be a very emotional and compassionate person. I think it's a rare and special quality to have.

Answering your question: I think a series should give you some sort of indication it will end soon, it shouldn't just end abruptly.


starry nights 11:59 AM  

arz00n.....I think crash was a very emotional movie but true to life.Just felt it could have gone on longer.

starry nights 12:00 PM  

Gauruv..you should see crash, it is disturbing but emotional and like I said before true towhat goes on here.
I also think serials should not just drop like a hat but given some warning.

starry nights 12:02 PM  

Preeta..I usuall dont watch too many daytime shows on tv.Kaavyanjali was the first tv serial that I started to watch because I was home.I really dont miss it because the plot was getting to be very stupid.actually I am glad it was dropped but I think viewers need to be told.

starry nights 12:05 PM  

Jay..i did enjoy crash.it was a little too emotional but good.its just that I felt it needed a little more in the end.but then I am always waiting for something else to happen even after the movie is over. I watch only one serial and it was because I was home after being hurt.It needed to end but I was just wondering if the Network should have said a goodbye or something like they did when cheers, Raymond and seinfeld left, they just did not drop off the planet.

starry nights 12:07 PM  

Priya..I am glad you liked my butterfly and I am going to steal your dancers.I realy love dancing and I thought it was cute. I usually dont watch too much Indian TV, we only got a indian channel when I had to stay home after getting hurt so I wont be bored and before I started to blog.You are right the same old stories and the same nonsense.

starry nights 12:08 PM  

Indian angel I like comedy shows a lot and would rather watch that.you are right about indian movies portraying people in the wrong light and making them appear evil.

starry nights 12:10 PM  

Robyn..thank you.I found someone who does the same thing. I always identify with the characters and feel really sad when things go wrong. The movie crash really moved me too. especially when the child was shot.I think thats why I dont like guns,because of it landing in the hands of wrong people.

Eclipsed Thoughts 12:27 PM  

Movie is good.... i am not much of a soaps-watching person though....

Well, yeah, sometimes we feel somewhat nauseated or too analytical when ends are left with loose strings.... maybe justa human tendency to see a good/bad end... it is so difficult to leave it just like that without no proper end.... even i suffer with such problems(something running down my spine when i dont have a preoper end to watch) sometimes.. esp movies.....

Anyways, i think it helps us grow more analytical and thoughtful... at least we exercise our brains to get some creativity for the termination point... isnt it?

samuru999 5:45 PM  

I have not seen Crash, but am plannning to soon!
I also identify very much with the characters in a movie.
I keep thinking about the charcters long after the movie has ended.

I do not watch much TV, so really
can't comment on TV shows ending
Take care!

Ashley 8:22 PM  

I have the same problem with books. I always want to know more after the last page is turned. So, I usually read fiction to avoid the time-consuming knowledge quest, but then there are always facts throughout fictional stories that set me on little research trails! ugh!

I just read the Kite Runner and I can't stop reading about Afghan history. It's something I knew very little about, and now I have spent entirely too much time researching!

I now have a map of Afghanistan in my head, including a moving picture of the migratory patterns of centuries of Tajiks, Hazaras, Pashtuns, Uzbeks and others taking up brain space!

So, I got a really dumbed down book on the secrets behind the t.v. show Lost to shift my light reading focus this week. We'll see....!

Jayashree 8:38 PM  

Lalitha, your blog is one of my favourites.....I visit you often....but this is the first time iam posting a comment.
I thought Crash was a really good movie....portrayed what really goes on here in a way that really makes you sit back, notice and think about it long after the movie has ended.
And yes, like you, whenever I watch a movie,I too do wonder what would have happened if the character had reacted differently or if the ending had been different.

starry nights 8:46 PM  

eclipsed thoughts..I also Like movies and rarely follow a sopa.my first indian soap that i watched ended abruptly.so much for that.

starry nights 8:48 PM  

Margie..should see crash.it was a very emotional movie and I could not stop thinking about the characters long after the movie ended.it is a sad movie but depicts what really happens.

starry nights 8:49 PM  

Ashly..I found my soul mate. i am just like that always wondering what would have happened. I enjoyed the kite runner and was facinated with Afghan History as well.welcome aboard shipmate.

starry nights 8:51 PM  

Jayshree. Thank you and I am glad you stopped to say hello. I have found another person like me who wonders about the movies long after it has ended. now i dont feel like the odd one.please stop by again.

chet 8:51 PM  

Lalitha, I am not a tv watcher or movie goer much anymore. But I guess to put it bluntly, I don't like to be left hanging wondering why there was no ending. I agree they should let a person know when they are going to take something of the air. Movies is different, usually what I have found is that when they don't have an ending, there is going to be another one made at some point in time.

Dawn....सेहर 10:04 PM  

Oh dear...I can understand how u feel, but somehow I never got into tv serial or soaps but its true many viewers get mad at such times...!
I havent seen the movie ...may try sometimes..
thanks dear

Anali 11:07 PM  

You are definitely NOT the only one. I feel the same way about shows too. One of my favorite shows ended last season and they decided not to renew it. I'm still upset about it! I know it's totally irrational, but I really liked the characters and now they are just hanging in limbo in my head. They could at least have ended the show, so the audience would have closure. Oh well...

Keshi 12:17 AM  

some movies leave me feeling that way. in a way its good cos they make u think. but some movies end abruptly and thats just slack :)


starry nights 12:19 AM  

Anali..am glad you feel the same way too.I really think there should be a goodbye before a show ends.

starry nights 12:20 AM  

Keshi..I think maybe you are right it makes you think but what happens when a show is abruptly taken of the air .

Dr O2 1:13 AM  

Crash was a sad one :-S before I see it, I was agnst it's nomination for an Oscar but afterwards I totally agreed. Films do get to me. I should quit watching them.

passerby55 2:48 AM  

I don;t watch serials.

few years ago i did get glued to one show called HUm log(many many years ago)...actually some long lost serials were good... . i think if the serial is good they should end properly.
for all the current shows i would say, honestly, these shows which are aired should have not begun in the first place....they are not up to the standards. and should go whichever way they want.

richunderconstruction 4:27 AM  

I find myself wondering wat happens wen the show is over.. but in my case, its with books. even after im done with it, i ll re-read it, thinkin' mayb it ll end differently, or tryin' to find a conclusion. but personally, i like the ambiguity sometimes.. i like some stories left to the readers imagination, if.. then wat?

sorry went a lil tangent, but its exactly the same strain, except for me, its with books.

p.s. its said, girls love to be confused :)
mayb thats y i love abrupt endings.. leaves me with my musings.. :)

= rich

Ganesh Ranganathan 6:09 AM  

I never see serials....most of them require 100 litres of glycerine per episode.

ishita 6:30 AM  

boring shows need to go but yeah i know how it feels when u switch on the tv at a certain time and find something else on instead of the usual serial!!:(

haven't seen "crash" yet...will luk out fr d cd...

and i really do get that feeling a lot @ wanting more even after the movie ends....almost always!!

tc:)...have a pleasant wk ahead!

southpaw 7:40 AM  

ummm yeah it was ard 2001-2002 when they used to shift the serial Friends from Star world to Zee english and again on Star world, it was pretty annoying, then finally both the channels started showing it different series ofcourse....

starry nights 8:16 AM  

Dawn thanks.you should watch the movie because it makes you think of how lucky you are to have the things we have and not be in a situation like these people. it is true to life.

starry nights 8:17 AM  

dr o2..they get to me sometimes too. I just keep thinking of the characters and somehow it effects me deeply.

starry nights 8:19 AM  

Passerby..so true. this serial that I was watching started off good but then the writers were lost and the story took on all sorts of ridiculous turns.in a way I am glad it ended, not going to get involved in another one again. better to watch a movie and be done with it.

starry nights 8:20 AM  

Rich I htink you are right. sometimes it is good to be left in limbo.

starry nights 8:21 AM  

Ganesh..he he he could not be far from the truth. real tear breakers.

starry nights 8:23 AM  

Ishita..thats what I mean, I was happy in a way that the show ended beacause the story was going nowhere but to just drop it and replace it with a new one I thought was bad.most serials over here will tell you its the last episode or may be just a note on the screen would have been ok.

starry nights 8:24 AM  

Rajbir,,that must have been hard because you had to change your subscriptions from star to Zee and then back.how are you doing.how is K

priya 10:13 AM  

The dance looks nice on ur blog starry....

KK 12:00 PM  

Crash was a nice movie...very realistic story...I am sure someone will make one such movie in India too...
I hat serials and I stay away from them...I just love watching comedy soap's...

starry nights 1:39 PM  

priya thanks. I first saw it on your blog and liked it.

starry nights 1:40 PM  

KK. i am sure someone will.No more serials for me.I think I had enough of one.

Keshi 6:25 PM  

abrupt endings r irritating. I know. That's just a bad movie :)


amu (amrita) 5:41 AM  

well i assure you , you're not the only person to walk that 'pondering what next' path. . rest in peace that u have another comrade right here, posting comments.
yes it has been a fav passtime for me, to weave the story where it has been left open-ended. to wriggle myself into the garb of a certain character, speak words and cook up actions.. its really a wish-fulfillment experience. right!

adi 6:51 AM  

i ws living a life, blissfully unaware of the end, and it happenned all of a sudden, time's up buddy, the timekeeper said, and yet i fell, there's something more to come,
it happens with everybody, its the show that never ends...

b v n 5:46 AM  

I watched the movie sometime in feb...during the oscar hype...what you said is absolutely true...after the movie we were all quite disturbed ...you know went on discussing it for a long time...and had to have two beers back to back to quench the excitement .

but i still beleive brokeback mountain shud have got the oscar :)

Jeevan 9:29 AM  

I also dont like the movies wich end in sad. i have expected some of my favorite hero or director movie should be entertain with my favorite scenes, but if some thing miss in that movie, it feel disapoint meant. I am a fan of KBC and Crorepathi in SunTv, but i dont like this programs to end, because they are usefull for us.

Should watch the Crash soon, i heard its a good movie.

hillgrandmom 1:26 AM  

actually starry, there was something about the ending of Kavyanjai in the local papers, cos over at my mom's house they were all telling me that the serial was being watched with bated breath because it was going to end. Guess Surya never thought to tell their outside Kerala viewers :(

Suji 6:34 AM  

Crash was a wonderful yet disturbing movie.

V N 11:54 PM  

And thx for bringing up CRASH. Its one of the best movies that I hv seen in my enitre life!!


mommyof2 11:56 AM  

Oh I know about that feeling. Lately I saw Omkara and I was so upset when it ended in not the usual happy way. I was kept thinking there should be more and it really ruined my mood. But yeah, this is so known feeling...:-)and it shows up from time to time once or twice a day at least:-)

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