Monday, January 22, 2007

Two shy and timid creatures Have found each other in safe companionship... Through the lens ofTanja Askani of Alberta, Canada.

Sometimes friends come from unexpected
places, but they are life's most special gift!
Have a wonderful day my friend

Sorry that I have not been able to visit everyone's blog. My laptop is givng me a problem and "J" has promised to get it fixed. I am unable to sit for long periods at a desk top so rely on my laptop . Never knew I would miss it so much. In the meantime I thought I would share these incredible pictures. It goes to show that anyone can be friends no matter where you live or how the other person looks or what religion the other person follows..All it takes is kindness and love for a fellow human being.


Sanjay 9:06 AM  

Word! You put it so well. Lovely pics, I hope your laptop gets fixed soon. I hope your recovery is moving along well?

Anonymous,  9:12 AM  

those pictures are so adorable!
thanks for sharing-

Anonymous,  9:12 AM  

those pictures are so adorable!
thanks for sharing-

priya 9:32 AM  

Starry: Thank you and its always love, hope and kindness brings us all together for the better.

polona 12:30 PM  

oh, this is so sweet!
thank you for sharing.

White Forest 1:20 PM  

hey beautiful pics..just love them!

Anonymous,  1:45 PM  

Thanks for the pictures and the nice words.....yes freindships are cool that way!


Asha 1:47 PM  

What a beautiful friendship between two most unlikely creatures!:)) Great to look at.
Take it easy and don't worry.
Btw,I will post your tag on wednesday!:))

Dotm 3:43 PM  

I agree, we should all be able to get alone together if we just treat others the way we like being treated. Doesn`t matter about Religions, Race or color as they don`t make a person become a friend. As they say, actions show your true self to others.
Nice pictures!

Keshi 4:30 PM  

hey Starry these pics had me in tears...truly beautiful! Says so much abt kindness beyond imagination!! If only humnas cud think like these 2 cuties.


deepsat 6:51 PM  

ain't that a beautiful piece of nature. nothing can beat that!!! wish humans can also be like that..always!!


Mystic Rose 7:44 PM  

those pics are absolutely heart warming!

thanks starry!

samuru999 8:45 PM  

Hi dear Starry
So very precious, the pictures!
Love this post so much!
Take good care!


Neihal 9:38 PM  

lovely pics

Cyberkitty 9:49 PM  

Amazing pics, its great when animals from different species are friends

Linda 10:03 PM  

Speechless with delight at the beauty of these - thank you so much for sharing them :)

Sojourner 12:45 AM  

warm images...
hope your laptop gets fixed.
have a nice time starry.

Krithika 6:10 AM  

cute pics :)..
how are u doing? and hows ur health?
take care..

starry nights 7:28 AM  

Sanjay..thanks.The laptop is still not fixed.J says there is a bug ,he says I am bloghopping too much.(I think he was kidding).I am feeling better.still cannot sit for long periods.waiting to start physical therapynext month.

starry nights 7:28 AM  


starry nights 7:30 AM said it right.Love, hope and kindness.This world would be a better place.

starry nights 7:30 AM  


starry nights 7:30 AM  


starry nights 7:31 AM  

White forest..thanks.

starry nights 7:31 AM  

Orchid..thank you.

starry nights 7:32 AM  

Asha..thanks.will be looking forward to reading your tag.

starry nights 7:33 AM  

dotm..thanks.You said it well. It is who the person is.

starry nights 7:35 AM true.Friendship from unexpected places.This world would be better.

starry nights 7:36 AM  

Deepsat..thanks.So true.

starry nights 7:36 AM  

Mystic Rose..thanks.

starry nights 7:37 AM  

Margie..Thank you.

starry nights 7:37 AM  

Neihal..Thank you.

starry nights 7:39 AM  


starry nights 7:40 AM  

Linda..thanks.and welcome to my blog and do hope you stop by again.

starry nights 7:41 AM  

Sojourner..Thanks.I hope so true.I rely so much on my laptop that I am actually going through some withdrawl symptoms.

starry nights 7:42 AM  

Krithika..Thanks. I am doing better. waiting to start my physical therapy next month.

Sanjay 8:14 AM  

Lalitha, do you want to do the tag with the letter.. "S"?

I picked "S" because you embody the word "spirit" for me. And you knwo why. :) So go for it.

Contented 11:52 AM  

I completely agree.

Those pics are cute and adorable.

Fuzzylogic 2:21 PM  

Aww..those pics are so cute.Friendship doesn't need any form of boundaries.Lovely heartwarming post Starry.Is it ok if I link you at my blog?Thanks for the kind comments you left at my blog.

beenzzz 3:27 PM  

What wonderful pictures. Very inspiring for me. Thanks!

Shionge 4:19 PM  

Awesome pictures and it melts my heart :D

No problem Ms. Lalitha....we'll be friends forever remember?

Take care my dear pal!

starry nights 4:34 PM  

Thanks Sanjay.I Accept the letter S.hope I can come up with something interesting.

starry nights 4:35 PM  


starry nights 4:35 PM true.Friendship knows no boundries. Sure you can link me.thanks.

starry nights 4:36 PM  

Beenzzz..welcome to my blog and please stop by again.thanks.

starry nights 4:37 PM  

Shionge..thanks my friend.

Blessed 6:44 PM  

it's pics like that bring tears to my eyes.

Sugarlips 9:22 PM  

Such a tender & warm post!!
Gorgeous pics :)

Stay Beautiful..!!

starry nights 8:23 AM  


starry nights 8:23 AM  


Anonymous,  11:29 AM  

Beautiful pictures,shows the beauty of relationships,its so simple and so easy to love and to be loved,wish we the people understood this.Hope you are recovering well and do takecare:)

Mumbai Guy 7:23 PM  

Cho chweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!

Anali 8:55 PM  

Such cute pictures! It is pretty amazing when we think about how we find our friends, especially when it's unexpected. Thank you friend!

KK 10:33 PM  

Wow! awesome pictures... Your description about the pictures were even better :D

iamnasra 11:09 PM  

How lovely to know that if animals can live togather, how difficult can it be for humens and they thought they are with brains ..LOL

Neers 11:25 PM  

Lalitha!! these are super amazing!!

Ekta 3:21 AM  

hey wow,
such amazing snaps!!!...hope ur laptop is up and running soon!

chadni 7:01 AM  

well said!!

all it takes is love and kindness!

prithz 7:03 AM  

Woooowwwww!!! Thats so damn cute! Thnx a lot for sharing starry. :)

Hope ur laptop gets ok soon.. take care..

hillgrandmom 7:06 AM  

oh what lovely pictures! Bambi & Thumper:)

starry nights 8:53 AM true. we should learn from animals.

starry nights 8:54 AM  

Mumbai Guy..thanks.

starry nights 8:54 AM  

Anali..yeah friends from unexpected places.

starry nights 8:55 AM  

Iamnasra..very well said.

starry nights 8:56 AM  


starry nights 8:57 AM  

Ekta..thanks..well! my laptop is still not fixed.I know its nothing major but J has not had the time to see what the problem is.

starry nights 8:57 AM  

Chandni..yeah..just love and kindness.

starry nights 8:58 AM  


starry nights 8:58 AM  

Hillgrandmom..yeah Bambi and Thumper.


Hey Starry..Its so nice to be back into your blog! Really warm in here...The companionship is so natural but it gives so much to each other. Nice pics..:)

Asha 1:29 PM  

Starry,I can not comment on your new post.It's not allowing me to open the comment page.I have been trying to for the past 30mins!:(

Good luck to your brother.I think he will happy there.After 30yrs,I bet he is willing to enjoy B'lore!:))
I will try again to comment.If I can't just know my dilemma!:)

passerby55 4:12 PM  

Hello Lalitha,

Your current post is refusing to take any comments.

"All it takes is kindness and love for a fellow human being" ... nothing mor eto add...well said lalitha.

GOing back to india with all resposibilities over and done. HE and his wife. I can feel the satifaction they both well deserve.

And back to your own country and roots. Just lovely and the right thing to do. I simply respect them.

Jeseem 12:37 AM  

Oooo my god,
so cute

mommyof2 7:43 PM  

awww.. so cute:-)

Jeevan 1:40 AM  

Hope ur feeling better now. Cute Pics!!

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