Thursday, January 25, 2007

The comfort of returning home.


My brother is returning
home to his roots.
He has lived his life,
now he will live his dream.
It may appear foolish to some
But it is happiness to him.

I ask God to guide him
This path that he returns to
Where the past and present mix,
Where the nights are black
And the stars are clear and bright.
And the fields stretch far and wide.

He is moving away
To familiar places and faces
To hear the eerie silence
Of a freeway-less night
And wake up every morning
Cheerie and bright.

He is going to learn a lot of new things
Make new friends and look for the old.
His body is going to join his heart
To reside where all his memories start.

Thirty long years
The children have grown
Just him and his wife are leaving to India
To A place they call Home.

My eldest brother has returned to India. I will miss him a lot and thank him for all the things he has done for me. He was always willing to lend a hand and help everyone in need. I know it was hard for him to leave but this is what he had always wanted to do. I just wish him and his wife good health, Happiness and lots of fun travelling.


samuru999 3:27 PM  

Oh, good, I can comment now.
Was not able to earlier.
Starry, this is a beautiful post, and lovely words in your poem!

You will do doubt miss your brother and his wife.
To live his dream is a wonderful thing...he is very lucky to do this.
I hope he and his wife will find much happiness at India!

Take care!

Asha 3:32 PM  

Hey!! I got in after trying for hrs abt 10 times!:))
Good for him and your SIL!30 yrs in US is a long time.Good luck to them.Atlast,they could live in their dream land.I am sure they will have a blast in B'lore!
You can always visit them and have a great time too!:))

pria 3:48 PM  

Starry: I know its hard and you will miss him. But many people love to go back and settle. Life is not just comfort and needs alone, but a peace of mind. Good wishes to his family and now you can go for a long vacation to fill the gap both sides.

A beautiful poem just for your brother is really awesome:-))

Rauf 5:17 PM  

Wish them all the best in life.

Neihal 10:03 PM  

lovely poem Starry.
I love the way you keep it so simple :)
Hope ur brother has great time in India...I dont think he'll regret his decision:)

divya 10:17 PM  

that sounds like a dream..someday i will return..good luck to ur brother..

Sudarshan 10:25 PM  

Really nicely written:-)

30 years is a really long time hey!!

Wish him all the best:-)

mathew 1:51 AM  

now it should be nice to go back home..sit back..and look at all the hard work your brother had done..nice tribute!!

Has to be me 2:32 AM  

Goodluck 2 ur bro & family. :)
Hope they settle well in India. Which place in India r they gonna be?

Contented 4:14 AM  

Thats very touching poem for your Brother. I wish them all the Best and Good health!

Sanjay 4:41 AM  

That is so sweet. I am sure you will miss them, well at least you get to see them again soon.

Fuzzylogic 6:44 AM  

That was beautifully put.Though it might feel sad to see them go,I'm sure you are happy to finally see them live that dream.Lot many folks I know too have returned back home after having lived a fulfilled life here for a long time.Maybe everyone does wish to get back to their roots someday.I too certainly hope someday I can do that too.
I wish your brother and his family all the very best of happiness.Now India is no longer that far,you can have fun visiting them and have a blast:)

starry nights 8:24 AM  

I think he is lucky also to fulfill his dream, but my whole family is here and we are going to miss them.

starry nights 8:25 AM  

Asha..thanks.Yes they are settling down in Bangalore.Thats where I am from.

starry nights 8:25 AM  

Priya..Thank you. Cannot wait to go on a vacation now.

starry nights 8:26 AM  

Kai..thank you

starry nights 8:26 AM  

Neihal..I hope not.because this was what he always wanted to do.

starry nights 8:27 AM  

Divya..thank you.I hope so.

starry nights 8:28 AM  

Sudarshan..thank you

starry nights 8:29 AM  

Mathew..thank you

starry nights 8:30 AM  

Has to be me..We are originally from thats where they have returned to, but to a completely different Bangalore.

starry nights 8:31 AM  

Contented..thank you

starry nights 8:31 AM  

Sanjay..Thaks. Yes if everything works out well.I will see them this summer.

starry nights 8:32 AM  

Fuzzylogic..Thank you. Yes he wqs the oldest and everyone kind of relied on him a lot. But even though everyone is sad, I am glad he was able to do something he had always wished to do.

meet_me 8:41 AM  

hey starry, thanks for ur comments on my blog ...
loved ur poem ... n i too wonder when i'll be home :-)
Take care

Sunil Parmar 9:27 AM  

Hello Lalitha,
A very sweet poem.~ I guess if i had a sister she would miss me like this... :)

Hope you are fine.:)

my life.... 9:27 AM  

lali, i know that yr bro definately knows that u will mss him... yup, nothing beats homeland... well, even if i wanna move, i wld be in a tough situation coz sg is my homeland.. yes... he will be ok... :)

polona 12:50 PM  

i read this with mixed feelings. i'm happy for your brother and yet feel the gap he'll leave behind.

lovely poem, starry. i'm sure you'll keep in touch.

starry nights 1:58 PM  

meet me..Thanks.

starry nights 1:58 PM  

Polona..thanks.Yes he is already being missed.

starry nights 1:59 PM  


starry nights 1:59 PM  

Sunil..thanks.I wish you had a sister.

Orchid 2:09 PM  

Was here yday and unable to comment. I would too...miss my brother if he were to go back....But absence makes the heart grow fonder! and hey I was reading some of yor older posts.. hope you are feeling better now.

saby 4:29 PM  

heyyyy Starry
i will be in california soon
Wud like to meet up with u

Mystic Rose 5:03 PM  

hi starry,

thats a lovely poem! it must be hard for you to see them leave. and they must be looking forward to a peaceful life back home :))
will they be living in bangalore or in the suburbs? :) last i was in india, the cities felt just too busy.

take care.

Aditi 6:17 PM  

good luck to him

Jeseem 12:36 AM  

my best wishes to him too.

hillgrandmom 9:06 AM  

lovely poem! Must have been a major decision for your bro and s-i-l to take. Wishing them luck on their relocation.

Ghost Particle 10:04 AM  

wish him well to. The prodigal son returns?! Life is all about connections and admiration and love. Life is beautiful.

Cuckoo 10:49 AM  

Lovely Poem.
Wish you bro & his wife luck for going 'home'.

Thanks for dropping by.

your blog is awesome too !!

Cuckoo 10:49 AM  

Lovely Poem.
Wish you bro & his wife luck for going 'home'.

Thanks for dropping by.

your blog is awesome too !!

starry nights 11:10 AM  

Orchid..Yeah I am going to miss him,but have comfort in knowing that he is happy.His heart always belonged in India. I am doing much better.Have to wait for February 15th to have a ct scan to see if the bone has fused,so untill then I am just chilling.Thanks for asking.

starry nights 11:11 AM  

Saby..would have loved to ,but I have still not started going ou yet.have to wait to have a ct scan middle of Feb and then start physical theraphy.I hope to be as good as new by the summer, will be visiting India.maybe can see you then.

starry nights 11:12 AM  

Mystic Rose..they will be in Bangalore.Thats where we were born and grew up.I have not visited in many years, heard Bangalore is like Mumbai.

starry nights 11:13 AM  


starry nights 11:13 AM  

Jeseem..welcome to my blog and do hope you stop by again.Thanks.

starry nights 11:14 AM  

Hill grandmom..yeah it was a difficult decision, but it has always been his dream to return and now that he is in a position to go back he seized the opportunity.

starry nights 11:15 AM  

Ghost particle..Thanks.

starry nights 11:15 AM  

Cuckoo..welcome to my blog and do hope you stop by again.Thanks.

Blessed 3:57 PM  

I wish your brother and his wife MUCH happiness and many blessings!! It is wonderful that he can follow his heart!!!
May they be safe.

Ashley 6:04 PM  

nice poem! you will have to go visit India (and your brother) more often now!

take care...

Krithika 8:29 PM  

that was a beautiful poem!..he's lucky to have a sis like u..n as u said,no place can match the warmth n pleasantness of India

Shionge 1:13 AM  

Oh sweet an nice and all my best to your brother & family ~ Home Sweet Home :D

Don Iannone 4:07 AM  

Wonderful tribute. Sounds like an opportunity, perhaps, for you to visit India some day.

southpaw 6:27 AM  

Good luck to big brother...:)

Alexis 7:06 AM  

Wishing your brother and sister-in-law a happy life in India. I am sure they would enjoy the change. And they are just a phone call away...

How are you? Hope you are well..

jac 7:53 AM  

I am sure that he will never be sorry !
Good luck to him.

You have a cute picture there, starry !!

starry nights 9:38 AM  


starry nights 9:39 AM  

Ashley..thanks.Yes more reason to make more trips.

starry nights 9:40 AM  

Krithika..true.the comfort of returning to a place you can call your own.

starry nights 9:40 AM  


starry nights 9:42 AM  

Alexis..thanks.I am doing a lot better.How are you doing?.

starry nights 9:43 AM  

Jac..I am sure he is going to be happy. I thought that pic was cute too.feels comfy.

mommyof2 7:40 PM  

"He has lived his life,
now he will live his dream."

Everything is in 2 lines:-) All the best to him & him family for starting a new life :-)

artnavy 10:20 PM  

I just got goosebumps as i was reading your post

I hope your brother and SIL feel at home in India as in their visions of india when they were away

Lotus Reads 4:00 AM  

THis is my first visit to your blog, Starry Nights, and I am so glad I found it! I salute your brother for returning home, it's not an easy move to make, especially when you have lived away for so long. SOme day I might like to return to India on a sabbatical. I wish your brother and his family all good things. Give us updates when you can.

Beautiful poem, very touching.

Mr. J 5:11 AM  

Ahh the joy of returning home. Mera number kabh ayega.

Eclipsed Thoughts 8:42 AM  

i am sure your brother will have a very nice time in his homeland... and you can always go home and visit him... all the best for him and his wife.

starry nights 12:08 PM  

mommy of 2..thank you.Yes he is going to live his dream.

starry nights 12:10 PM  

ArtNavy..I sure hope so,he has been going frequently to check things out and he feels now is the time to return.

starry nights 12:11 PM  

Lotus reads..welcome to my blog and I do hope you come back again. Thank you for your good wishes for my brother and sister in law. I sure will keep everyone updated. I hope to return one day also.

starry nights 12:12 PM  

John..Your number will come in due time. How are you doing, are you in London yet?

starry nights 12:12 PM  

Eclipsed Thoughts..thank you for your kind wishes for my brother.

Dotm 5:16 PM  

I am sure that Bangalore has changed a lot in 30 years. I hope the places he has dreamed about seeing again are still there for him to visit, and that many of his childhood friends will be still there to greet his return.
Sounds like your older Brother is looked up to as my oldest brother is by my family. I wish him and his wife all the best. Missing him and still being so happy for him makes you a wonderful sister to have.

Keshi 6:50 PM  

o thats a BIG change. So how long has he lived in the US, can I ask?

I wish him well too. After all, he's going back to his homeland. Wud be great to live there again.

but yeah...ur gonna miss having him close by :(


Anali 10:29 PM  

Good luck to your brother and his wife! That is a big move. I'm glad that they were here for you this past year.

Anali 10:29 PM  

Good luck to your brother and his wife! That is a big move. I'm glad that they were here for you this past year.

starry nights 2:13 PM  

dotm..Yeah I hope he gets to meet all his friends,it is going to be hard but he will make it.It was always his dream to return.

starry nights 2:14 PM  

Keshi..My brother had lived in the US for30 years.He always wanted to go back.

starry nights 2:14 PM  

Anali..thank.Yes I am going to miss him a lot.

Keshi 9:41 PM  

wow thats a very long time!


Casper 7:59 PM  

I always liked that picture of the leopards!

Good to see him follow his heart... 30yrs is a long time! oh how you so love all the people around you.. its wonderful.

Anonymous,  8:13 PM  

thanks for the comment starry. Sojourner may go, but i will be around. I am not willing to lose certain things and some wonderful people over something else. I have to learn to keep things separate.

[please donot publish this comment or reveal the identity ever. I did not want to hide who i am from a friend. Treat this as a personal mail.]

I will blog again... I am just taking things as they come... I am making my intentions be known to a handful of friends... I am not bothered about the rest.


Jeevan 1:37 AM  

I too join with u, to wish your brother to have a warm living in India. Hope he will be carrying the memories which u have shared with him.

Nice poem dear:)

smiley 2:03 AM  

The comfort of returning home...

His body is going to join his heart
To reside where all his memories start.

very well written...

ur bro knows where comfort, peace...where heaven is :)

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