Thursday, January 04, 2007


My friend sojourner wanted me to write a post on what I did for the holidays. My first thought was "I dont have much to write because I was stuck at home and was not able to do much. what can I write about"? But as I looked back I did a lot of things during the holidays and I had a wonderful time. Having fun does not always mean going out shopping, having romantic dinners in a fancy restaurant or going to parties.( even though I would have loved to do those things), sometimes we have to accept life as it is presented to us and make the best of it.You can still have fun even if it means just staying at home.

The kids were home from school for the holidays. I love putting up a chrismas tree so my family decorated the house and made it all christmassy. The days were spent listening to music, reading and talking.I had a chance to talk to the children at great lengths because there was nothing else to do. we talked about their school, their friends and everything under the sun. My children decided that this year it was going to be a parent's Christmas. Most of the presents under the tree was from the children for me and "J". I thought that was a really sweet gesture on behalf of the children. There were books, magazine subscriptions and more books. A nice leather handbag and lots of stuff. There were visits from the family and lots of good food.

I got a kitchen Aid from J and the kids . I have been reading all these food blogs and want to bake, something I am not good at but want to experiment with. I think they got tired of me talking about how nice it would be to have this appliance that would make it easier for me to mix. This is going to be my first project when I am fully recovered.

Now that the holidays are over everyone is back to work and school. This is my first week alone at home since my surgery. J makes sure I have everything I need when he leaves so it is not too bad. My day is spent mainly reading. I don't watch too much of TV. I still walk threee times a day inside the house and cannot wait to go outside. From my bedroom window I can see the hillside , sometimes a few bunnies hopping around. I watch the birds and the butterflies. I can see new shoots and leaves erupting from the bare stems of the plants in my back yard. It is so quiet and serene and I think that is the hard part. I miss the talking, laughter and the hustle and bustle during the holidays.But all good things cannot last forever. It's just one day at a time. Soon I will be well enough to do a lot of things especially go on a vacation which I am looking forward to. Well! thats about all I did during the holidays. Not very exciting but still a lot of fun.Most important of all we spent it together as a family.And that I am thankful for.


Aditi 10:08 AM  

I love the song u have picked.. its one of my favorites...
Happy New Year. You seem to have had a wonderful time, i think the holidays are about spending it with ppl close to us, doesnt matter how and where.
I hope u can better quickly and start experimenting with the baking. Look forward to those stories

priya 10:46 AM  

Starry: I will join you with no baking experiment. I hardly bake at home coz I have never given a try. But I use the ready mix which comes out well.

Bunnies around the house is awesome and cute. Good to know you are doing things you can do and keeping your holiday spirit.

Asha 11:47 AM  

Great post to read Lalitha!A great big hug from the kids and "I love you mommy" is equal to 100 carat diamond,isn't it starry?!I am so glad you had this recovery time enjoy the family.You will and they will remember it forever.
I have a green Kitchen Aid too,although it's pretty old.I just got a Meat grinder attachment for that,have yet to use.Enjoy.It's a great machine!:))

mathew 1:15 PM  

infact the way you have spend is really the best way to spend a holiday..people these days have less time for anything..even to talk with folks at home..nice to see you are getting well and people around to take care of you all time!!

samuru999 1:34 PM  

Hi dear Starry
Spending time with our family and loved ones is one of the most wonderful things in the world!
Just to be together is all that matters...talking, being happy in one another's company!
I am so thankful for my family as you are!
You have a wonderful family that loves greater gift than that!
Sounds like it was a perfect time during the Holidays for you!
How special your children made it
a Christmas for you and "J"
A lovely gesture, indeed!
Reading this made me realize how very blessed you are Starry!
I am so happy for you!

Take care now...
and enjoy watching those birds, bunnies and butterflies...
before you know it you will be outside with them in all the beautiful glory of God's lovely creation!


Id it is 1:37 PM  

No wonder they compare life to a roller coaster ride; there are the lows but always with the highs following! Chin up, this too shall pass and you will be vacationing in a place you've always dreamed of.

Dawn....सेहर 4:30 PM  

Dear..I think thats the most important thing which usually people ignore or take it for granted and am glad that you did lots during this holiday season :)
Your family is blessed

Sunil Parmar 6:05 PM  

Hello Lalitha!
It was an nice spree...!
Hope soon you'll be able to do the things which you are not able to do.....

Keshi 6:22 PM  

I think u had the best relaxing and homely holiday one could ever have Starry! I love being at home during mini-breaks. It's quality time with yourself and few close loved-ones. Seems like u had just that and it's great!

** sometimes we have to accept life as it is presented to us and make the best of it.You can still have fun even if it means just staying at home.

Spot on! I once wrote a post abt this too :) U can have a great holiday while ur at home too. Then u can take time to observe whats ard u and ur home. Spend more time with family. Get in touch with ur inner-self and do things that u never did b4. Everything needs time and this is the best way to wind down and chillax.

Wonderful and encouraging post!

Sojourner 6:40 PM  

I think this will be one of the christmases you will remember the has all the ingredients Starry.

And what i would give to be: alone in the house, by a hill side, silent and watching bunny rabbits and trees...
If i were you: I will shoot some pics but mostly revel the silence knowing fully well that there are people to huddle around and make noise when necessary...

You are in an enviable position you know:)... because you know there are people around you who care immensely and on top of that you have all the time for yourself... what can beat that? (ofcourse a strong back that lets you venture out.. but.. I would think that this is a training period or opportunity for something else...)

ofcourse these are just my views :) and it will certainly overlap with some of yours.

I am glad I asked you to write this. Thanks!

deepsat 7:00 PM  

you have nice view from your window!! that in itself sounds so beautiful!!

get well soon!!


starry nights 7:28 PM  

Aditi..thanks. I had a wonderful time and I do hope to experiment with some baking.

starry nights 7:30 PM  

Priya thank you.You are welcome aboard on my baking experiment.I am also a ready mix person, but I want to bake from scratch. Yeah I have bunnies to keep me company.

starry nights 7:32 PM  

Asha..thanks. Nothing can come close to "I love you "from the kids.I got a crimson red kitchen aid.can't wait to try something out.All you food bloggers out there have inspired me to venture out into baking and trying new recipes.thanks a lot.

starry nights 7:34 PM  

Margie..thank you. I am indeed blessed with a wonderful and caring family.My illness made me realize a lot of things.I have to believe that everything happens for a reason. Yeah I do love those bunnies and the butterflies .

starry nights 7:35 PM  

id it is..thank you.yes life would not be exciting if we did not have the highs and the lows.I am looking forward to going on a vacation this summer.

starry nights 7:36 PM  

Dawn..thank you.I am truly blessed.

starry nights 7:37 PM  

Sunil..thank you.I know I am going to be able to do a lot of things I did before hurting my back.

starry nights 7:38 PM  

Keshi..thanks.It is a time of reflecting and enjoying with family.I am most grateful to God for giving me this time.

starry nights 7:41 PM  

Sojourner..Thank you for making me reflect on my holidays and see how wonderful it was.This is indeed a training period for me. It is very silent where I live. When I look out I see bunnies on the hillside,butterflies and birds.It is an awesome sight.

starry nights 7:41 PM  

Deepsat..thanks.I think its what sometimes makes my day brighter, the view from my window.

starry nights 7:43 PM  

Mathew..thanks.I think I do have the best time in the world to reflect and spend time with my family.

Neihal 9:26 PM  

me too want to bake....have been reading a lot myself...let me see if I can come up with something decent(eatable)...very lil chance though:)
you take care starry:)

Ghost Particle 10:35 PM  

ITS indeed sad to be lonely, sometimes we can reflect back. I love the holidays jsut because like you say, we have everyone home. I wish you an excellent new year, and hope you will be happy always!

take care!

geetha 12:32 AM  

Nothing like spending some time with the family.
So sweet of the kids to turn the tradition around.. giving parents presents.. very sweet!
Wishing you well for your speedy recovery :)

Sanjay 5:19 AM  

Have a happy, new year with a new back and a new you. :)

Mumbai Guy 6:28 PM  

You are 100% right in that holidaying does not mean just shopping and going places. Enjoying and having peace of mind is real holiday even if that means staying home.

This is close to my way of vacation wherein I like to just stay home and do nothing. ;)

AlterinG Abhishek 7:10 PM  


Whata amazing way to spend hols//
"The days were spent listening to music, reading and talking."

simply superb!!

mystic rose 7:45 PM  

that was a wonderful write up. and you sound content and happy. keep recovering starry and take it slow and enjoy the resta nd the peace, because you know it is only a matter of time before youa re caught up int he hustle again :)

happy new Year to you and may this year be fulfilling in every way for you.

southpaw 7:50 PM  

I just pray that u get well soon and back to ur chores again...:)

hope and love 9:00 PM  

hmmm ur holiday sounds great..

happy new year..!

Krithika 9:36 PM  

that's quite a holiday..hope u get well soon..take care

Jeevan 1:33 AM  

Its truely a positive post from you! glad u had good times inside the home reading, spending with children and family. Watching birds, flyes and hills are an plesent movement's in our life and a must one to experiance.

My advance best wishes for your bake project:)

Contented 2:32 AM  

Nice read. Glad to know you have had wonderful holiday with your family...:)

keep the spirit. very soon you will be fully fine to bake and dance...:)

Sugarlips 9:48 AM  

Sweet Starry...

It looks like you had the best
Christmas ever :) with your loved
ones & thats all matters :)
We are always here to cheer you up if u feel down always remember that...
I wish u lots of happiness in your life...Here is some gigantic get well hugs for u :)

Stay Beautiful...!!

starry nights 11:58 AM too.its good to experiment sometimes never know, may end up with a prize winning recipe.

starry nights 11:58 AM  

Ghost particle..thanks.I think it is going to be a good year. hope your's is too.

starry nights 11:59 AM  

Thank you Geetha.It was indeed a pleasent surprise from the children.I am sure your kids will also when they grow up.

starry nights 12:00 PM  

Sanjay..thank you.wishing you a Happy and wonderful 2007.

starry nights 12:01 PM  

Mumbai Guy..true.sometimes Home is where we need to be and I think its up to us to make it a happy place.I have to agree with you.

starry nights 12:02 PM  

Abhishek..thanks.It was a nice peaceful way to spend the holidays.No stress of going shopping.I did everything Online.

starry nights 12:03 PM  

MysticRose..thank you.wishing you and your family a wonderful New year too.

starry nights 12:03 PM  

Raj..thank you.I know this year is going to be really good.

starry nights 12:04 PM  

Hope & love..Belated Christmas wishes to you and wishing you a wonderful New year.

starry nights 12:05 PM  

Krithika..thank you.

starry nights 12:06 PM  

Jeevan..thank you for the Bake wishes.I will post the first thing I bake. Yes it is nice to look out at the Birds and the butterflies and the bunnies.Makes life peaceful.

starry nights 12:15 PM  

Contented..thanks. The holiday season was really good and I had a good time.How was your Holidays.

starry nights 12:15 PM  

Sugarlips..thanks.Wishing you a wonderful New year.

Blessed 2:24 PM  

Happy New Year Miss Starry. I love what you wrote. It was so pretty and descriptive. I can see your hillside now and the bunnies. I am glad your holidays were nice. Since you are doing alot of reading I have a book to recommend. It was very touching and powerful:
"Left to Tell, Discovering God Amidst the Rwandan Holocaust by Immaculee Ilibagiza. I could not put this book down.
Also, have you read the "5 people you meet in Heaven". Short read but amazing.
I have a new book by the same guy who wrote the 5 people you meet in Heaven (Mitch Albom) and I have yet to read it. It has been on the best seller list for awhile now, it's called "For One More Day".
Anyway, just stopping in to see how you are, how you are healing. Keep up your beautiful, positive spirit.
It touches me all the way over here in my little place in blogland.

brute 2:47 PM  

hey u seems to hav had a wonderful holidays...:D

starry nights 3:46 PM  

Blessed..thank you.I have not read the book""Left to Tell, Discovering God Amidst the Rwandan Holocaust by Immaculee Ilibagiza" I have to read that.I did read the book"One more day"by rich Albom.It was a really touching book. Yes I am enjoying the time that I have reading.Sometimes I am so engrossed in a book that I can even skip lunch.I dont know what the world would have done without books.Happy new year to you Blessed.wish you everything that is wonderful and good.

starry nights 3:47 PM  

Brute ..thanks.Yes I am enjoying all this down time I have.

mystic rose 4:42 PM  

hi starry,
are you lalitha, who comments on my blog? becos i cant access ur profile with that id..and i was wondering.

southpaw 5:11 PM  

Thats the spirit my friend...:)

starry nights 7:27 PM  

Mystic rose..yeah its me lalitha who comments on your blog.I think it does not take that Id because I dont have Beta blogger.

starry nights 7:27 PM  

Raj..thank you.Did you have a good weekend.

southpaw 8:58 PM  

As usual quite weekend...:)

Shionge 6:26 AM  

That is just wonderful and such bliss too to just bond with the children.

It is more meaningful and fulfilled rather than the rush with others during the festive period.


Anali 10:49 AM  

Lalitha, I think this was one of those Christmases that you and your family will look back on as being a really great one. The hustle and bustle of the holidays makes it really overwhelming sometimes. So to have time to just relax and talk to each other. That is the best!

You know I have a sweet tooth, so I am really looking forward to hearing about the baking that you have planned!

starry nights 2:46 PM too ,just a quiet weekend reading.

starry nights 2:47 PM  

Shionge..true.It was a wonderful time to just bond.

starry nights 2:49 PM  

Anali..I think so too.This is one holiday season I will look back and may be wish it would come again.It was really relaxing and quiet.The first thing I bake I will post.I am not good at baking but I am going to experiment.Maybe start with some simple chocolate chip cookies:)

Poetry by Kai 3:23 PM  

sounds like u had the best time ever..

best warm hugs!

Blessed 4:22 PM  

Hey Starry!!!
You asked about HNT.
Well, go to this blog:

HNT or otherwise known as Half Nekkid Thursday.
I have done some HNT's. Usually pretty tame. I always left some to the imagination but some in blogland are flat out explicit.
I hadn't done a pic in awhile probably since Aug 06. I thought it was fun then I thought maybe it was a little too revealing and not the image I wanted to project.

pRicky 7:00 PM  

if you rested and you cooked... i think it was quite an exciting holiday...
i would love toeat what u cook though...
An addict foodie...

saby 9:12 PM  

i took the link for HNT from u

polona 12:38 PM  

i'm glad you enjoyed your holidays. yours must be a wonderful family.
hope you can go out soon.

starry nights 1:22 PM  

Blessed..have to check it out.had not heard of it before.

starry nights 1:23 PM  

Pricky..have not cooked in a while because of my back injury but will start soon as I am able to.I am tired of just visiting all those food blogs and not able to try them out.Have book marked a few to try out.

starry nights 1:24 PM  

Saby..from me?

starry nights 1:24 PM warm hugz to you.take care.

starry nights 1:25 PM  

Polona..thanks.Yeah I can't wait to get out soon also.

Mystic Rose 1:37 PM  

hi starry, am tagging you.
check out,

saby 3:08 PM  

Having fun is HNT's
Do one

i dare u

alex 5:00 PM  

The thing about these surgeries is that, once we recover, we start appreciating life more.

Hillside, bunnies- :) Great.

Experience life, buddy.

Dotm 5:52 PM  

Glad to hear you are doing better Always nice spending time chatting with the family members. They all grow up and move out too soon, and the house seems way to quiet till they grop in again.
I spent Christmas chatting with all my family that stopped by. I always enjoy their visits.
I hope you continue to improve and that it won`t be long before you are feeling great again.

starry nights 4:29 PM  

Mystic rose..thanks I will do it.

starry nights 4:29 PM true it makes us appreciate life more.

starry nights 4:30 PM  

Saby..don't know if I can take u up on that dare.

starry nights 4:31 PM  

Dotm..thank you and I hope you are doing better also.It was really nice sitting down with famioly and talking and sure the house is really quiet now.

amu (amrita) 3:01 AM  

Belated Merry Christmas And a Happy New Year.
You seem to be resonating the calm, serene and tranquility that you enjoy.
Good to hear that you had a perky time with your kiddies. So you are redaing up a lot ....a very rich time killer indeed. :)

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