Monday, January 29, 2007


Was given the letter"S" by SANJAY to write 10 things that I love . I was happy with the letter given because a lot of things that I hold dear to my heart begin with the letter "S".


Sunny skies always make you feel warm you extra energy and somehow makes you refreshed. I think life would not be the same if we had no sunny skies. Gloom makes you feel sad.Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy.
Starry favorite.hence the name starry nights.To just look up at night and see the stars and to look at the expanse of the limitless sky and know that I am just a speck in this universe.

Have always been intrigued with space even though I am not very good in science. I love reading and watching shows about space, would love to go up into space if the opportunity arises.Sometimes I find it hard to understand but I think our whole solar system is awesome.

This tag would not be complete if I did not include shopping.I know most women love shopping , sometimes even if it is window shopping. It has been a long time since I have been shopping but am looking forward to doing that.

I think the sari is a beautiful garment, it can be worn by all women and it is very graceful.To just go to a sari shop and look at all the wonderful material, the color combinations and the array of designs is awesome.

I consider myself a spiritual person rather than a religious one. To me spiritual means to learn to focus on making myself better .On what I can do to live a more meaningful life and to take responsibility for my feelings, experiences and actions.

Sunset is defined as the time when the sun disappears below the Horizon.Sunset is also associated with summer, because most people are outdoors and can see the sun setting.
The sunset is often more brightly colored than the sunrise, with the shades of red and orange being more vibrant.Sunrise is defined as a time when the sun begins to appear.Sunrise is what awakens us each morning and gives us that energy to get out of bed.I think the different colors that we see in the sky at sunrise and sunset is what makes them so special.

For someone who is afraid to swim, I really like the sea shore. To take a nice brisk walk in the morning along the seashore.I remember collecting sea shells and pebbles,and different colored stones. I can sit for hours and just watch the waves .

I have been blessed to have really nice sisters.They have been a tower of strength to me during my illness. I think God put sisters on this earth for a very special reason. I thank God everyday for giving me sisters.

I love gardening.Have not been able to do any gardening of late but hopefully I will be able to plant something by the summer.It is just awesome to plant a seed and watch the plant grow.I planted a curry leaf seed in a pot and was really excited to see it grow into a plant.It is amazing to see all the different kinds of edible seeds there are.

I think I would be very sad if I did not have sight. Just to be able to see and admire God's creation. to see all the different animals and birds and to see the different seasons.And most of all to see the person I love and my children.I think sight would be a very hard thing to lose.

I know everyone is thinking" why would anyone like sickness" I really don't like sickness but I think my illness has made me a better person. I am more tolerant and patient, have learned what it feels like to be in pain, so be able to be more sympathetic to others when they are sick. and at the same time appreciate my family.I think it has brought "J"and me a lot closer. I had a chance to spend quality time with my children, something I could not do before because I was too busy with other things. I have learned to appreciate good health and to look after myself and not take things for granted.To make the best of my life and to just take one day at a time.


I love Indian sweets and I think it is my weakness.DOn't eat too much of it these days because I dont get a lot of exercise so cannot work it off. I think it is the best .


I had to mention superbowl because it is right around the corner and Iknow J is all excited about it.I know I am too. I know just enough to follow the game and I think the excitement is in everyone getting together, the cheering and the good food .It is fun especially when you have a favorite team in the finals and that happens to be the Chicago Bears.(used to live in Chicago)so it makes it even more fun.

Any one out there wanting to do this exciting tag,let me know and I will give you a letter.



Hey Starry..I too love shopping n sarees! I dont have a collection thought but think saree is something really beautiful!! :)

You have a atta attitude gitl! Regards sickness, wht an outlook, really impressive! :)

Id it is 4:26 PM  

'Spring' and 'Sushi' are two favorite 'S's with me; the former for it's colorful splendour and promise of hope and the latter for the zest it savours.

Shionge 4:57 PM  

And S is for Shionge of So Shiok too :D

And S is for Ms. Starry too :D

Luv Ya!

Keshi 5:43 PM  

Saree is my fav dress...I just love love love love it :)


Fuzzylogic 5:49 PM  

This post somehow made me feel very warm.Maybe because it had all the elements that I love.You really did a great job with this tag.I agree with all the things though gardening is perhaps not my cup of tea,I just don't have that green thumb:( and yes I don't have sisters perhaps that's one thing I always wished,I think sisters indeed have that special bond.And I'm a sucker for sweets too!I loved this post.

Kai C. 5:52 PM  

may i join the tag, please?
i love your letter s list....
warm hugs

starry nights 7:18 PM  

Thanks scribblez..I think saree's are so beautiful too.

starry nights 7:19 PM  

Id it is..totally forgot about spring,my favorite time of year.

starry nights 7:19 PM  

Shionge..shiok indeed.

starry nights 7:20 PM too.

starry nights 7:20 PM  

Fuzzylogic..thanks.Me love indian sweets a lot.

starry nights 7:21 PM  

Kai..sure How about I give you the letterC.

deepsat 7:27 PM  

such a lovely post!!


Sugarlips 9:18 PM  

Awww loved your list..
I love Sarees..Sunrise & sunset...Sea shells & sea shores & I'm spiritual too :)

Stay Beautiful...!!

Neihal 9:35 PM  

sweet & Interesting!!
well written....I love starry nights too:))

Sunil Parmar 11:44 PM  

Wow that was great!
And one more amazing thing is that you still have our Indian touch.:)

Aditi 12:25 AM  

go bears!!! =)
i had to say that.. i loved your list... beautiful all of it.. i love saris too .. it can be the most graceful thing if carried off properly...
sunsets sunrises.. walks along those..yep quite a beautiful list

Sanjay 4:48 AM  

Very very well done tag. :)Ofcourse I should have guessed starry nights would be on the list.
Go Bears! (It's hard for me to say it as I am a Packers fan). ;-)

Love Indian sweets too, actually anything sweet.. I will eat but I manage to control the portions.

Lotus Reads 5:08 AM  

Love your responses, Starry! I, too, can't resist a good sunset or a beautiful starry night (what a pity we don't see too many of them in the city), but when we lived in Dubai we'd go out and camp in the desert and the night skies were just glorious! I love how you mentioned sight and sisters, also two things very important to me.

You did really well on the tag - loved reading it!

Asha 6:42 AM  

Great list of S and tag well done!I got tagged again for something else!Ah...!!!!:)
Never liked Sarees and sweets!Like Sun ,Starry nights and Spring!!

priya 6:45 AM  

Starry: All "S" were just awesome and love sarees.

Orchid 7:57 AM  

Very nice job with the tag...i really like the way you put a positive spin on the sickness part. Maybe, something s do happen for a reason after all even if it difficult to notice that when it is happening and ofcourse..once you face an adversity you are always stronger at the end of it.

Kai C. 10:00 AM  

i did my tag...

Kai C. 10:01 AM  

did my tag.

polona 3:15 PM  

mmm, nice selection.
i, too, am drawn to the sky and the stars and especially the sea...

Mumbai Guy 4:23 PM  

Cool listing. No wonder "s" sounds sweet, afterall shopping word starts wid it.


starry nights 6:33 PM  


starry nights 6:33 PM  

Sugarlips..thanks.same things that I like.

starry nights 6:34 PM  

Neihal..thank you.

starry nights 6:36 PM  

Sunil..don't think you can ever forget your roots.

starry nights 6:37 PM  

Aditi..thank you.I think the saree is such a graceful garment and can be worn so many different ways.I just love the material and the color combinations.

starry nights 6:37 PM  

Sanjay..thanks. Have to root for the Bears.J is too.Are you haveing a super bowl party?

starry nights 6:40 PM  

Lotus reads..thanks .we live in a small town and ther is a lot of open space and a hill at the back of our house.If you get up there you can see the city lights and the stars .I would love to just lie down and watch the moon and the starry skies.

starry nights 6:40 PM  

Priya..thank saree's too.

starry nights 6:41 PM  

Asha..thank you.I love Indian sweets not all of them but a select few.Have to keep away from eating them.

starry nights 6:42 PM true.I think it makes us look at life in a different light and learn to appreciate all the things we take for granted.

starry nights 6:43 PM  

Kai..I checked your blog.I think you did a good job with the letter"C"

starry nights 6:44 PM  

Polona..I can tell you like nature from your blog and the beautiful pics you post.

starry nights 6:45 PM  

Mumbai guy..thanks.Shopping has to be on the list.

Sojourner 10:09 PM  

S is a letter that starts a lot of words...
if you like to read about space, you might like this blog Quasar9. Just a suggestion... check it out if you have time.
laptop fixed?
you take good care!

KK 10:17 PM  

Very nicely done tag Starry!!! I just love sweets... but recently I am cutting down on them :(
Space is an awesome thing... there is so much to explore in this universe...
Finally GO BEARS!!! :D

Anali 10:31 PM  

Great list Starry! Did I detect a little John Denver song in there? : )

Contented 1:23 AM  

Nice Tag and well written.

How is you??

mistsofwine 6:27 AM  

s is for starry and s for something i have to tell you..

Mystic Rose 7:29 AM  

hi starry thanks!

thats all im doing..drinking lots and lots of herbal teas.

Eclipsed Thoughts 8:31 AM  

Quite a tag.... you surely have something about you to love that openness.... freedom, vast horizon... and "sickness".... impressive!

Hip Grandma 8:43 AM  

lalitha:This is the first time I read your post after coming and what a wonderful one.Don't you love Sundays??I bet you do.Nice tag enjoyed it,looking forward to being more regular.

starry nights 1:12 PM  

Sojourner..thanks .I will check his blog.Yeah lap top is fixed.thanks.How are you.

starry nights 1:14 PM  

KK.yes so much to know and explore.sometimes it is mind boggling.And can't wait for sunday to see the Bears go!

starry nights 1:15 PM  

Anali..thanks.well I think I like nature like John denver and love his songs too.

starry nights 1:15 PM  

Contented..doing good.getting better everyday. thanks for asking.How are you doing.Did you have a good Birthday?

starry nights 1:16 PM  

Crazyaboutyou..yes.thanks and thanks for stopping by my blog.

starry nights 1:17 PM  

Mystic rose..Hope you are feeling better.Can't go wrong with herbal teas.

starry nights 1:18 PM  

Eclipsed thoughts..thank you. I just love the outdoors and nature. everything out there is so beautiful.

starry nights 1:19 PM  

Hip grandma..How could I forget Saturdays and sundays.the most important days of the week. I think I forgot because right now because I am home all the time.everyday is a weekend.Good to see you back.

chitra 1:19 AM  

Hi dear, Long time, Nice reading your post after a long time.

I will take this tag but not sure if i can make it sound so sweet.

starry nights 9:32 AM  

Chitra..good to see you. I would like to give you the letter "T". I am sure you will come up with lots of things with T

adi 2:13 AM  

vry intrstng tag :)

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