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The tabloids are all over Tyra Banks about gaining weight.She no longer is a runway model and may have gained some pounds, but do you think it is our business and if we should be mean about it. All over the internet there are pictures and mean captions about her and her weight. I think that too much emphasis is put on weight than beauty.Now I am not saying they should be fat because everyone is aware how detrimental obesity is to one's health.

Too many supermodels are very thin and a few have died of anorexia, should we not be concerned about this. I think the fashion industry is to blame because the models have to remain thin in order to keep their jobs. I am glad that organizations in Milan , London and Newyork have set some limits to as how much a model should weigh and are encouraging healthy models.
I am glad that Tyra Banks is fighting back about all those fat stories, it may send a healthy message to all young girls and women .Not all women can be a size 0 or size 2.

I really cannot understand how people can rejoice and be mean to someone because they have gained weight.I think being concerned would have been better.

Do you think Young girls are at risk and are they getting an unhealthy message?


mathew 1:15 PM  

Considering my malayalee idea of beauty..these skinny girls in ramp is more obscene and starved than anything else..Monica bellucci and Salma Hayek can be beautiful without being skinny..Hope these folks get some inspiration from them!!

mathew 1:15 PM  

Considering my malayalee idea of beauty..these skinny girls in ramp are more obscene and starved than anything else..Monica bellucci and Salma Hayek can be beautiful without being skinny..Hope these folks get some inspiration from them!!

Kai C. 1:52 PM  

i think most young girls are at risk and getting the wrong messages just by looking at their low self esteem. they are not happy. so they gain so much weight & make other girls feel bad...just to makes themselves feel good... and i think thats sad...

Asha 2:35 PM  

Tyra Banks is 5'10" tall and she weighs Supposedly 160lbs which is normal weight!
She is not underweight anymore like she was.Ppl are just mean and want to sell their mags.If she is unhealthy and feels that,then it is up to her to lose whatever.It's none of our business really.
When they make a big deal,young girls who are little plump feel guilty and start starving themselves.Pretty sad but true!

pria 3:46 PM  

Starry: People are obsessed with what they saw back in her glittering world and now when she is normal, the media wants to be mean.

Give her a break. She is her 30+ and she needs to be normal women.

It has become a stigma for the media or people to see the same person just the same till he/she dies. How cruel some minds are??

I think people who talk about weight shud check their weight at home and then talk about others.

/Do you think Young girls are at risk and are they getting an unhealthy message?
Its an unhelathy message form the media and most of the girls go crazy to be models/actress and wanna be liek them. They are human beings too and have a life to live.
Youc annot be a barbie doll till the end. Wish they bring different age group barbie dolls as people can understand whats all about the weight process.

Sunil Parmar 6:01 PM  

Hello Lalitha!
A point well raised.~This problem is not only limited to models. There's one girl in my class who never eats the food served in mess{Dal, roti} rather she has a little amount of junk and that's all. and the problem is that she faints every now and then.

I don't understand why people keep their body under constraint.

Sanjay 6:11 PM  

You know more power to Tyra Banks. I am glad she is pushing back.

Shionge 8:31 PM  

Yes I read about the Tyra story and people are so concern about the way she looks now.

I think ultimately being fit & healthy supercedes look but when it comes to supermodels, they just add on the pressure on themselves.

Keshi 9:41 PM  

Im so sick of the idea of 'skinny' being the IN thing...cos it's so not, it never will be. Fleshy is better and I think ppl who laugh at Tyra r ppl who have no other self-esteem.


Neihal 9:44 PM  

very thoughful post starry
you are right...abt the pressures the fashion industry puts on models....and this whole Tyra Banks episode shows how finicky and irresponsible the media is...the same media that writes pages on how bad this trend of thin models is...

Cyberkitty 10:11 PM  

If models were not thin and had a good shape then everyone would be staring at them and not the clothes - i suppose that's why fashion houses ue thin models , coz they are like clothes hangers.

Fresh Ink 1:10 AM  

Hi starry nights, it is really sad that society is still looking of the 'perfect' beauty instead of celebrating the beauty that each on us already possess. There is nothing wrong with looking good and keeping healthy, but it is definitely wrong to deride someone just because they do not fit the ideal. I have a similiar post that I put up regarding this topic Best Ad of 2006?. Do take a look ;)

Ganesh Ranganathan 3:20 AM  

I don't like models who are so thin that their ribs show, they dont project a healthy image...Being fit is different than looking like a skeleton

Pritika Gupta 3:50 AM  

hmmmm.. i think we already have chart stating wht should be weight for each height.. if any one lies in that limit its okie.. why other people bother..otherwise also y people bother..

Mr. J 7:27 AM  

Hmm.. I guess surely the wrong message gets across.

Recently during my trip to London was having b'fast with one of my colleague accompanying me and she is an ex model herself.. Somehow I enjoyed my English Breakfast much more while she stuck to her 1 bowl of cereals.

And in her own words a moment on the lips a life time on the hips..

Orchid 8:34 AM  

I fond it ridiculous too that they would hound Tyra for those extra pounds....but again like you pointed out....obesity is an epidemic here, costing thousands of healthcare dollars...somewhere the awareness has to start...don't know it's a li'l complicated i think....I didn't answer your question, I know :)

starry nights 8:54 AM  

Mathew well said.I don't think skinny looks beautiful, good to see a man's side of view.

starry nights 8:55 AM true.I certainly think young girls are getting the wrong message.

starry nights 8:57 AM true.If she is concerned about gaining a few pounds it is up to her to do what she has to do, and it is no one's business to call her names.

starry nights 8:59 AM true.different weight for different ages.we cannot be the same from a teen to old age.the body goes through different changes and I think we can age gracefully and look good without being just skinny.People forget that models also grow old like the rest of us.

starry nights 9:01 AM  

Sunil..yes there are people who don't look after their bodies.I think everyone should take care of themselves, exercise and be fit because it is good for them and not just to be skinny and look good for someone else.

starry nights 9:01 AM  

Sanjay..That's how I feel.Hats off to her for fighting back.

starry nights 9:03 AM  

Shionge..true but I was reading an article where if the model weighs too much then she may lose her job to the next skinny person, so she has to keep up, and also fashion designers have a part to play with this.

starry nights 9:03 AM true.I admire her for standing up and saying she is beautiful the way she is.

starry nights 9:04 AM  

Neihal..yes it is for whatever sells, irespective of how the person feels.

starry nights 9:06 AM  

Cyberkitty..good thought , they are like clothes hangers. The beauty is lost. It is sad because actually these models are so pretty I don't know why they have to be so thin, just starving themselves.

starry nights 9:07 AM  

Fresh Ink..true. the inner beauty is lost. I have to read your post.

starry nights 9:08 AM  

Ganesh..yes.ther is nothing wrong in staying ft.i believe in it and work hard to stay fit but not to be skinny.

starry nights 9:09 AM  

Pritika..yes there are so many charts but one cannot be obsessed with charts.I believe in eating right, exercising and staying fit.everyone cannot measure up to the charts.

starry nights 9:11 AM  

John..nothing wrong with the bowl of cereal, overeating and unhealthy eating habbits are not good for any one, not just models.Its when you reach the anorexic stage just to keep your job,it sends a wrong message.

starry nights 9:14 AM  

Orchid..Obesity is bad and I know they are getting to be an epidemic.but that is the extreme. A lot of young girls read these magazines, are not happy with the way they look, because the clothes look good on those skinny models.she looks in the mirror and sees herself fat. not even a healthy weight is enough because she still cannot measure up to the skinny models, so anorexia follows.Why can't the models be a normal weight.

jac 10:00 AM  

Skinny ??? You mean skinny ???

I can't comment at all.

brute 10:57 AM  

well skinny sucks,...nt my kind

b v n 12:37 PM  

"Can you imagine a world without men? No crime and lots of happy, fat women." from a friends blog :)

passerby55 5:09 PM  

I remember how my Grandmother said, you shuld eat well and look fresh and plump. If she had to see the models of today..She would think these girls are poor that they dont; have food to eat at home.

lol...she would have donated some money so that they could buy food for themselves.

To grow Thin, thinner is in for fashion. Ironically, They earn money for not buying but to keep away from food.

Fuzzylogic 6:47 PM  

Great post!I think in general people are way too critical about celebrities.But I'm so glad that Tyra has stood up for herself and let them have it.And this obsession with pencil thinness is costing so many young girls their lives.Eating disorders are on the rise among pre teens and teenage girls. It's very disturbing trend.It's very important to introduce the concept of a healthy body image and ideal weight concept to kids from the early stage and the entertainment industry should stop making it such a big deal.I say go Tyra!

Fuzzylogic 6:52 PM  

Great post!I think in general people are way too critical about celebrities.But I'm so glad that Tyra has stood up for herself and let them have it.And this obsession with pencil thinness is costing so many young girls their lives.Eating disorders are on the rise among pre teens and teenage girls. It's very disturbing trend.It's very important to introduce the concept of a healthy body image and ideal weight concept to kids from the early stage and the entertainment industry should stop making it such a big deal.I say go Tyra!

Kuan Gung 8:16 PM  

I think young girls are at risk for many things and this being one...

Ghost Particle 9:12 PM  

i think the industry is demanding too much from them. The pull of fame and money, the illegal bonds, its all screwed up. When the buying stops, the killing does. Time to rethink all this and stop the industry from enticing the young ones.

Casper 9:13 PM  

My motto has been: listen to your body.
we feel hungry, then we eat till the hunger is gone. That is the design :) and the design is there for a reason.
I am dicounting things like comfort food etc..

I guess only girls can answer the question of "are they getting the wrong message?".

to me, i see: some one gaining weight. alright. why is it in the news paper at all??! (ok... i guess i must say 'tabloids'. just dont read them! cant believe that that is what people do to make a living! - by running stories like these??!).

Has to be me 12:39 AM  

Undoubtedly they r getting the wrong msg. The younger generation tends to ape the models & they feel its in vogue to be thin & skinny! As a result they diet & lack all the nutritive food @ the young age itself. To top it up they have junk food, coke etc & by the time they r middle age they seem to catch up with all sorts of pains & aches!
They r just being totally mean of Tyra.

Jeevan 1:31 AM  

Very lean girls don't look nice, even it also spoils their health; when it was going like this the rules must be changed my the fashioners. First health, next wealth!

Eclipsed Thoughts 2:29 AM  

i dont care much about being slightly plump as long as its healthy... but me, i am always underweight though i can eat like hell... i die-eating.

Princess 3:21 AM  

Surely the younger gen are getting misguided coz of this kind of mass publicizing..


Aditi 6:49 AM  

I think tyra still looks great... and much better then some of them skinny girls... besides beauty isnt really in the shape but more in how they carry themselves...
just my take

starry nights 9:11 AM  

Brute..I have to agree with you.

starry nights 9:12 AM  

Cannot imagine that. we need men and all the women need not be fat.Fat is unhealthy. You mean a world of healthy men and women.

starry nights 9:13 AM true. It was always the poor who were thin and the richer you ere the more fat you were.Now it is just the opposite.

starry nights 9:15 AM  

Fuzzylogic..thats how I feel ,I admire Tyra for standing up and defending herself and not givng into all this media talk.I think she is sending a good message to all these teens and pre teens.

starry nights 9:15 AM true.this is one of many.

starry nights 9:16 AM  

Ghost particle..good point.It has to stop.

starry nights 9:18 AM  

Casper..welcome to my blog and do hope you stop by again. I think all this has to send a wrong message.even as adults we can cope with this,don't know how the teens and young girls of today do.

starry nights 9:20 AM  

Has to be me..well said.I am so glad all these soft drinks are banned for vending machines in schools. instead they should have more physical activity that children will have a healthy weight and feel good about themselves.

starry nights 9:21 AM true.I think it has to start with the fashion industry, the designers.

starry nights 9:23 AM  

eclipsed thoughts..lucky you. You fall into a different catagory, you are not starving yourself to be thin, most of these models are and I was reading an article where they were scared of losing their jobs if they added a few pounds.

starry nights 9:24 AM  

Princess..welcome to my blog and I do hope you stop by again.You are right.we have to adress the young men also.because they are doing the same thing.

starry nights 9:24 AM  

Aditi..could not agree with you more.

Mystic Rose 9:24 AM  

hi starry,
frankly i dont think tyra banks should care about what the media says. she's had her day, and she's a huuuge success and well, wolves always bark at the moon.

as far as the unhealthy image goes, i totally agree. here's a youtube video i had a long time ago, you might like it. hte unrealistic expectations. but to tell u the truth, i odnt see anyone in the normal world that obsessed with looks and beauty, atleast i havent yet come across any. it seems like a small percentage, comprising mostly of the fashion industry. and yes, unfortunate for some teenagers, but if the parents talk to them, im can be handled a lot better.

look at this video: (u might have already seen it)

Dawn....सेहर 11:05 AM  

So true! this is the talk of the town everywhere! I dont see being starved there is any beauty!

If that's the case then all those mal-nutritioned, poor kids who actually dont get food to eat due to poverty should be considered the models!
A very nice post dear...keep it up

Blessed 5:04 PM  

Oh my goodness YES I think young girls are at risk!!!!!!!!
I just can't believe the obession that it seems so many girls, women have with their freakin' weight!!!
I don't understand what is so pretty about stick thin??? I have never understood it? Nothing against stick thin people, but my goodness gracious. I see girls,and women that watch what they eat, I meant ever fat gram, every calorie. I see them do with out. And to me it's seems like such torture. It's actually very sad to watch people when they act so obsessive over food or better yet the lack of it.
It definitely is a mental disorder that our society has created this terrible madness.

starry nights 9:56 PM  

Mystic Rose..I am glad that Tyra Banks is standing up for what she believes in.True that the majority of people are not worrying about their weight but I really think it is hurting the young girls.

starry nights 9:58 PM are so right.when you are poor and are thin because of malnutrition nobody thinks you are beautiful,on the other hand if you practically starve yourself to be thin then you are beautiful.crazy world we live in.

starry nights 10:00 PM are so right people are obsessed about their weight.I think it is really bad in California.I certainly think teens are getting a very unhealthy message.they should be sending a message to stay healthy, not to starve yourself to look thin.

my life.... 11:27 PM  

lali, i agree with u 100% taht gals nowadays esp the teenage ones are getting the wrong message... yup i have following up the news closely and in fact a few died lately coz of these probs... sometimes, it really depends on the genetic make up of one's model... some models are genetically slim... whereas some try to force their way through to become thin... Thin is not called beauty... the beauty lies in the eye of beholder... to me a beautiful person is one who has a beautiful heart... external beauty is secondary... once these ppl have realised that, then i guess such probs can be resolved... :)

samuru999 11:54 PM  

Great post Starry!
I saw Tyra's show yesterday, and she told the media ...
they could kiss her fat a@#!!!
Of-course, she is far from fat!
But, she was mad!
There was a young mother on her show that only weighs 88lbs...she is straving herself, but was going to get some was so very hearbreaking!

Starry, thank you for the visit tonight..I do appreciate it.
I guess you saw my comment about my brother at Polona's place.
Well, he is not doing so great...
he is in a psychiatric hospital...
prayers would be so appreciated.
I send a big hug back to you, my friend!

P.S I have not been going to blogs or posted this week...just have too much on my mind!

jac 2:51 AM  

...that too is something I can't comment.


Hip Grandma 4:58 AM  


_Jonathan_ 6:41 AM  

Hello my friend.
In Chile (lately) are adopting some weight limits for models. Some of ther aren't too happy 'cos they are extremely skinny.
Take care!

Beloved Dreamer 8:21 AM  

Hi Starry, I read your post on Lotus's blog and hopped over to see what was happening.
Once about 7 years ago I weighed 100 pounds and I was 5'81/2. In those days I was a runner and loved every minute of it. I ran miles and miles and felt great. Of course I was too thin but I sure could run like the wind. I now weigh a normal weight but then I no longer run.
Glad I stopped by and will be back. Your blog is great!


Anali 8:50 AM

The link above is a very interesting story. It talks about how dieters fainting on NYC subway trains is the top reason for train delays. Something is very wrong with the mentality of people in this country.

Dieting is a much bigger problem than I thought. This is obsession with being thin is literally holding up transportation!

Yogi 9:34 AM  

i just think too much emphasis is given on looks frankly..i think sometimes there are other parameters to ppl too..

Lotus Reads 6:03 PM  

I was watching the Tyra Banks show the other day and while I noticed she seems curvier than before, I thought she looked incredibly beautiful! Nice post, Starry - with two teenage girls at home, girls and weight is a topic that comes up often at our house.

starry nights 6:15 PM  

My life so true.I think it is up to parents also to let their children know that they look good and encpurage good eating habits.

starry nights 6:16 PM  

Margie..I was sad to hear about your brother.I do hope he is better.My prayers are with you and your family.A warm hug to you.take care.I will be here when you come back.

starry nights 6:17 PM input.

starry nights 6:18 PM  

Hip are so right. I think children should be taught the importance of eating right to be healthy and not just to look beautiful.

starry nights 6:19 PM  

Jonathan..I am so glad they are setting weight limits.I think the models will get over it.

Sugarlips 6:21 PM  

I think Tyra Banks should not care about tabloids and media...She looks great & perfect at the same time...I feel sad for people who are suffering from Anorexia & Bulimia especially young girls!!

Stay Beautiful..!!

starry nights 6:22 PM  

Beloved dreamer..welcome to my blog and I am so sure you stopped by and please do come back again. I think it is ok to be thin.some people have a high metabolic rate and cannot gain weight, that is a whole different thing and that goes for people who exercise and also run like you.that is a healthy way to stay thin.I think is is sad that people get anorexic and die trying to get thin.

starry nights 6:24 PM  

Anali..thanks for the link, I did not even hear about that.I wish the public can get a better attitude about all this starvation and dieting.they are not doing it to stay healthy but just starving themselves to fit into a size 0

starry nights 6:25 PM  

Yogi..I was over joyed to see you my friend.where have you been.You are absolutely right.there are other factors which count towards beauty too.just not your look from the outside.

pRicky 6:40 PM  

you know they started out being the exact same thin so they could all fit into any dress...
it had more to do with economy than anything...
fit is what is the need of the day...
long time... u doing well, i hope...

Jim 4:23 AM  

i am thin too

when we make love
we make a lotta noise

bone on bone ... skeletons

tell mathew to knock off his moustache
it dont suit him

SOUTH needs one
a cop widout a moustache is absurd

Jim 4:24 AM  

tell kai to drop in at IMNUTSINCAPS

starry nights 2:50 PM  

PRicky..I am doing a lot better.I am sure they all started out being thin and had to stay that way to keep their jobs.

starry nights 2:51 PM  

Saby..bone on bone is no good.need some cushioning.

Ashley 3:07 PM  

I think there is too much focus on weight and on artifice. I often wonder what some girls look like with their natural hair color and natural bra size!! Such a shame that we have such skewed beauty ideals in the West. I think beauty role models in the world include women such as Salma Hayek, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Kajol (and she doesn't even have to groom her eyebrows. gasp!!)

Cecilia 8:12 PM  

In a way, its good that the media made a point of this. While i'm pretty slim/thin myself - tho i hog alot - sometimes i guess its genetic, other times tho when its just tryin to ape models and starvin yourself, it isnt healthy. being fit is more important, the right food, execise - whether you thin or fat! No point looking healthy when you're unfit!

Mindinside 8:48 PM  

hi .. am back
hope ur back is better and ok now.

This is an interesting subject ..heard about it few days ago .. this is very serious but made me smile.

Shiva 9:00 PM  

As long as the person (even a model) is happy and healthy, doesn't care about what others think, as long as they don't become an object of display or exhibitionists (both men and women), there is no need to worry about slim or fat. In India, aesthetic aspects are best seen as the unity in diversity - Bengali voice and hair, Kashmiri complexion, Parsee sophistication, South Indian .........!

Never thought, there's a blog called Starry Nights - incidentally, my recent post is about you!

Gauri 9:14 PM  

I really dont see why people are making such a hue and cry about Tyra having gained weight. It really is none of their business.

While on one hand obesity is an increasing problem among the youngsters of today (thansk to all the junk food), this problem is quite spoken about. More dangerous is eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia which many are unaware of.

Talking of wrong messages being sent across - I would say YES. Girls - especially teens - would get the wrong message what with all the media hype about skinny being beautiful.

Another issue on teh parental plate to tackle with the kids, I guess !!

deepsat 11:07 PM  

thin looks so unhealthy!! its too much to do to stay in the so called "form"!!

starry nights 3:00 PM are so right beauty ideals are all skewed up over here.

starry nights 3:01 PM  

Mindinside..good to see you.I am doing a lot better.getting there slowly but are you?

starry nights 3:02 PM  

cecilia..welcome to my blog and I do hope you stop by again.You are so right more emphasis has to be placed on being fit rather than being thin or fat.

smiley 1:56 AM  

Do you think Young girls are at risk and are they getting an unhealthy message?
absolutely true...who said this was beauty? very meanngful post :)

mommyof2 11:00 AM  

people need to learn how to mind their own business and get some healthy hobby instead of making somebody's life difficult.

And yes, not even young girls but everybody is getting the wrong message. Thats why kids get teased for being chubby & parents put them on diet.

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