Friday, January 12, 2007

Martin Luther King Jr. Tribute

January 15th is Dr Martin Luther King Jr's birthday. It is a holiday and may we all remember and
celebrate the life and legacy of a man who brought hope and healing to America. We commemorate as well the timeless values he taught us through his example -- the values of courage, truth, justice, compassion, dignity, humility and service that so radiantly defined Dr. King’s character and empowered his leadership. On this holiday, we commemorate the universal, unconditional love, forgiveness and nonviolence that empowered his revolutionary spirit.

DR Martin Luther King pointed out that nonviolence means more than the absence of physical violence. Nonviolence is not passive, but a courageous, active resistance to injustice. It is a way of life reflected in thought and deed, a method of conducting yourself in all of your affairs.

Song By U2....
Pride (in The Name Of Love) I have listened to this song numerous times and never knew it was written for Dr Martin Luther King Jr.


Neihal 8:58 PM  

I am actually ashamed of myself...just to think how much more aware I was when I was at I dont even bother...whoever said we become wiser as we grow up :)

Me again 11:21 PM  

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I absolutely loved your blog. Saw the Shahrukh and Amitabh video clipping, that was indeed funny.
I guess there is an autobiography on Martin Luther King.. Do u know whats the title of the book?

Jeevan 11:59 PM  

Happy holiday dear. Dr.

Martin Luther King Jr is a respectful leader and he too makes the India proud by taking Mahatma Gandhi as his role model and he make Gandhi’s thought of My life is my message, as his motto too.

Sreejith Kumar 12:12 AM  

Pretty good post!

Sojourner 1:08 AM  

lovely song. lovely person. thanks for the post starry. I did not know some of the details before.

have a nice weekend.

samuru999 7:32 AM  

A very good tribute to a great man!
Thanks, Starry!
I could not get the song to load though...I know the song very well, and I too, did not know it was written for Dr. King.

Take care!

Asha 7:56 AM  

And he learned all that stuff from our Mr.good old Gandhi too!YAY!
He was great for black community and hope younger generation realize what he did for them and learn from his life and sacrifice.
Happy Sankranthi!

hillgrandmom 8:30 AM  

and he was big time fan of M.K. Gandhi, who inspired him to try non-violence. (sorry if that sounded a bit jingoistic, but couldn't resist)

starry nights 12:11 PM  

Neihal..I think sometimes we have to be reminded and thats why all these holidays are important.not only to have an extra day off but to also remember what these people stood for and gave their life for.

starry nights 12:13 PM  

Me again..thanks .I am glad you came back and please do so again.I am sure there are a lot of books out there about Martin Luther king Jr.I think I read a lot about him from my childrens text book.I should read his autobiography.

Poetry by Kai 12:25 PM  

happy birthday to Dr. King

starry nights 3:57 PM  

Jeevan..I think thats why he is revered so much because he stood for non violence just like Mahatma gandhi.He had a good role model.

starry nights 3:57 PM  

Srijith..thank you.

starry nights 3:58 PM  

Sojourner..thank you.This monday is a holiday as it is Martin Luther King's Birthday so thought we should pay tribute to him.

starry nights 3:59 PM  

Margie..isn't it weird that I too have heard this song so many times and did not known it was written for him.

starry nights 4:00 PM  

Asha..Happy sankaranthi to you too.True I do hope the younger generation learn.It feels really good to know that he learned from Gandhi the concept of non violence.

starry nights 4:02 PM  

Hillgrandmom..I think Gandhi was a shining example of non-violence and I am glad MLK learned that from him.

priya 6:22 PM  

Starry: MLK is a great man to be remembered forever.

Ghost Particle 9:31 PM  

It should be a remmebrance day worldwide. What he did and achieved will echo in eternity and hope it would teach the coming generation on what is trully needed in our society today and tomorrow. Youre the only post I read of MLK's anniversary. Thank you for this.

Anali 10:26 PM  

Great post for a great man! Happy Birthday to ya Dr. King! Happy Birthday!

nandi23 11:12 PM  

"Nonviolence is not passive, but a courageous, active resistance to injustice."
Exactly!He stood against apathy of the masses!
I am reading some of the comments from bloggers here,who seem to remember Dr. King simply because he followed Gandhi's beliefs on non violence. Without a doubt Dr. King followed Gandhi's principles on non violence but he also practiced it. we must also remember that he stood up for what he believed in and fought not just for the African American but for every oppressed race and creed.
Happy Martin Luther King day to all.

Krithika 4:21 AM  

I love his explanation of non violence..came to know abt him only thru this post..great person indeed..

prithz 9:27 AM  

hey starry, hope u r doin good! thats a neat tribute to MLK.

Happy shankaranti to u n ur family :)

Contented 11:53 AM  

Nice and informative post. Thanks for sharing with us!

Dawn....सेहर 11:57 AM  

Yes are right! I have high respect for this person...who's inspiration was none other but MK Gandhi!
I have often seen about the documentary in American History and I feel bad that how young he died! Such people are so valuable to our society and wish they lived some more...
Many people enjoy the holiday without knowing why its given...your post is really a worth lesson to all
Keep it up dear

starry nights 12:10 PM  

Thank you Ghost particle.sometimes we forget what these holidays stand for and only happy that it is a holiday to stay home from work and have fun.But on the other hand I think we have to remember what these people did in their lives and how it has helped humanity.

starry nights 12:10 PM  

Priya..Thank you.

starry nights 12:11 PM  

Anali..Thank you.He was a great man.

starry nights 12:13 PM  

Nandi23..thank you .Sometimes we forget that.He surely stood for and helped a lot of people worldwide.

starry nights 12:14 PM  

Prithz ..Thank you and Happy sankaranthi to you and your family.

starry nights 12:14 PM  

Contented..thank you.

starry nights 12:15 PM  

Dawn..You are so right these people are so valuable to our society and I am glad we have these days that we can remember them and the contributions they made to society.

Keshi 7:09 PM  

he was a great man! Where r such leaders today?


deepsat 7:10 PM  

very nice post!!! good tribute to a great man!!


my life.... 8:11 PM  

Hey lali, happy pongal to u and to yr family:)

Ganesh Ranganathan 9:09 PM  

Dr. Martin Luther King was a great man who laid down his life so that everyone in America can enjoy equal civil rights...

But he also had a side to him, that we all rather not remember...

Remember the FBI surveillance tapes on him

Srijith Unni 10:24 PM  

It is so nice that you shed light upon these great people, by remembering their birthdays.. :)

With Best Regards,

Sanjay 5:13 AM  

Lovely post. I wish this country tried to live up to the ideas od Dr. KIng, we would be a much better off nation.

starry nights 11:56 AM true where are they?

starry nights 11:56 AM  


starry nights 11:57 AM  

Ganesh..thanks.I did not know there was another side.

starry nights 11:57 AM  


starry nights 11:58 AM  

Sanjay..true. all we see is violence these days.thats the only way we know how to solve anything.Just kill innocent people and everything will be right.

Drama Div@ 6:55 PM  

Happy King Day!!

Dr Martin, one day your dream will come truth!

Fuzzylogic 7:29 PM  

One of my favorite U2 song!Great tribute to a truly great man.His message needs to be heard and followed in these troubling times more than ever!Good post Starry.

itchingtowrite 10:34 PM  

Nonviolence is not passive, but a courageous, active resistance to injustice.
i love the above sentence....

Neers 4:59 AM  

"Nonviolence is not passive, but a courageous, active resistance to injustice" --> not only i completely agree... staunch believer! thanks Starry!

starry nights 8:40 AM  

Drama Diva..Thanks

starry nights 8:40 AM  

Itchingto write..Thanks.I sure hope people from all over the world will follow .

starry nights 8:41 AM  

Neers..Thanks.It is a very poweful sentence.something we all can think about.

starry nights 8:42 AM  

.Fuzzylogic..thanks.Yeah it is a powerful message.

Eclipsed Thoughts 9:01 AM  

hmmm... Martin Luther King... i remember we used to know his life story by heart... with the numerous essays we wrote... hmmm... and now it seems like the pages of history have been closed...
thanks for rekindling and refreshing them again....

Mr. J 9:08 AM  

The Civil rights movement. Thank God for some people, we are living in perhaps a better world.

Mystic Rose 10:43 AM  

hi starry,
thats a nice tribute to Martin Luther King!

hope you had a good weekend!

starry nights 2:15 PM  

Eclipsed thoughts..You are so right.We learn about all these great leaders in school but forget when we grow older.same for me too.

starry nights 2:15 PM  

John..yes thanks to a few Good people we live in a better world today.

starry nights 2:16 PM  

Mystic Rose..thanks.Did you have a good weekend too.

Kuan Gung 9:50 PM  

Great...moving and profound

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