Thursday, January 11, 2007

Amitab vs Sharukh (Colbert Report)

I thought this was funny.


Mystic Rose 2:40 PM  

huh??? what was that all about? and the audience was laughing like they understood it all..:)))

Mystic Rose 2:46 PM  

glad you liked the cuppycake song!
isnt it just so cuuuute!
i love the way it goes..
ur my honeybunch sugar plum
Pumpy umpy umpkin,
u're my sweetie pie
u're my cuppycake, gumdrop
cant get over those lines! :))

yeah, and the other video is something else..i still watch it..after allthese days.

Keshi 5:28 PM  

LOL is this for real? I mean didnt SRK turn up?


Sunil Parmar 6:39 PM  

It was funny indeed...

Contented 2:49 AM  

It is indeed very funny.

Jeevan 3:14 AM  

Nice one!

_Jonathan_ 5:56 AM  

yeah... really funny...
how are u?....
I see u have a new friend... "Youtube". Good. I love it too.

Anonymous,  6:00 AM  

hmm... pronunciations.. I think he did fairly well! :)

mathew 8:52 AM  

Lol..damn funny..never knew these guys got such primetime presence there..

samuru999 10:38 AM  

Hi Starry
This is funny!
I love Colbert, and watch him quite often!

I am back home now, and my sister is doing better!
Thank you so much for the visits and prayers...I appreciate them so very much!

Have a wondeful weekend!
I have plans to have a lovely evening out to dinner with my hubby... cannot wait! It has been a difficult week!

How are you feeling now?
Hope you are getting stronger with each passing day.

Take care!


Fuzzylogic 10:55 AM  

Hey,that was a good one!I enjoyed that.You have a really cool blog.
Thanks for the laugh,that guy had a tough time getting the Indian names right but he did a pretty good job:)

starry nights 11:05 AM  

Mystic rose ..I think there was some problem because Amithab refused to go to Sharukh khan's New Year dinner.I enjoyed your video and am amazed at the stuff people can do.

starry nights 11:05 AM  

Keshi..It was for real.I am a fan of Sharukh khan.

starry nights 11:05 AM  

Sunil..I thought so too.

starry nights 11:06 AM  

Contented..yeah it was.

starry nights 11:07 AM  

Jeevan..I thought so too.could not help laughing at the pronounceations.

starry nights 11:07 AM  

Mathew..I was surprised too.They made it on prime time TV.

starry nights 11:08 AM  

Jonathan..I am doing a lot better.thank you for asking.I love UTube.can see some really funny stuff.

starry nights 11:10 AM  

Margie..I am so glad your sister is feeling better and you are back home.I remember how it was when my sisiter came to stay with me after my surgery.I treasure every moment of it.I am getting better slowly.cant't wait to get out of the house. Have a good weekend.

starry nights 11:11 AM  

Fuzzylogic..welcome to my blog and I do hope u stop by again.thanks .

Orchid 1:05 PM  

cool.....colbert did quite well I thought with the indian names :) and thanks for stopping by my blog and hey, you can listen to radio salaam namaste on their website just not on the radio, for that you would have to move to DFW !!

southpaw 6:26 PM  

I dont really enjoy and understand the comparison between the big B and Srk, its like comparing the Taj Mahal with some well decorated tomb.

Mumbai Guy 7:26 PM  

Lolz, that Preity Zinta line was damn good. Funny clip, Indeed.

Krithika 7:56 PM  

haha..the way he said Salman khan..rofl, but was not abl to watch the video fully

brute 8:43 PM  

very funny indeed.. :D

starry nights 9:48 PM  

Thanks orchid.No plans of moving to Dallas any time soon so I will check the website.

starry nights 9:49 PM  

Raj..I dont think they can be compared either.they are two different stars at different stages in their career.I think this came about because one did not want to attend the others party.something like a sibling rivalry.

starry nights 9:50 PM  

Mumbai guy ..I thought it was kind of funny.

starry nights 9:51 PM  

Ibnu subair..welcome to my blog and please do stop by again.Thanks.

starry nights 9:51 PM come you were not able to watch the video?

starry nights 9:51 PM  


Alexis 6:32 AM  

That was a really hilarious one. I am still ROFL...

priya 6:21 PM  

Starry: Looks like tom and jerry will be that way always. You never know.

b v n 12:27 AM  

This is outright funny !! I love the colbert report btw

Nabeel 8:24 PM  

lol .. yes I saw that too and yes it is funny .. the way he pronounces names and the statement about priti zinta .. hahaha

Ajay 3:23 AM  

amitabh is d best. no one can beat him

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