Thursday, April 01, 2010


"J"  and I had this serious discussion this morning about morality.he posed this questions to me." Should Judgement be based on motive or outcome"?

For example  he says. 'A....  drives recklessly on a road but does not kill or hurt anyone but B drives recklessly but kills or hurts someone, should they be judged the same way. we may say that A did not hurt anyone but B did, but in the end the motive to drive recklessly was the same.How would we judge them.

As usual I am stumped and don't know the correct answer DO YOU?


Priya 1:34 PM  

Its the presence of mind finally:))

Anonymous,  2:33 PM  

I think they should be judged the same way but they aren't. I think that's what we call luck. Their motive is the same just that one didn't kill people but the other one was not so lucky. As far as morality is concerned, both are equally guilty but legally(and in our life too), it's the end result that matters. We so easily tend to overlook the fact that both person were potential murderers and judge them by their end result which very much depends on their 'luck'.

Margie 3:29 PM  

I have to give this some thought!
You are making me think too hard today! LOL!

Be back later.

Margie :)

D 4:26 AM  

Motive. Remembers it's the means and not the end which matters. And if A was lucky this time doesn't mean he can be absolved of his crime, which is to put in danger his life and that of others as well. So judgement should be based on motive. And I rest my case :)

Sorabh Raina 8:37 AM  

i guess the devil lies in the process.........

no matter what the judgement, its the act that needs to be corrected

in btw.. your blog is very nice

starry 12:38 PM  


starry 12:39 PM  

Ajay...I have to agree that they are both guilty but one had luck on his side.Thanks

starry 12:39 PM  

Ajay...I have to agree that they are both guilty but one had luck on his side.Thanks

starry 12:40 PM  

Margie..Hi and have a good weekend.Happy Easter to you and your family.

starry 12:41 PM  

D welcome to my blog and I do hope you stop by again. I know that it is the means that is important, but we often overlook that and it is the end that counts.

starry 12:41 PM  

Sorabh ..Thanks.

Margie 1:26 PM  

Hi Starry
Back again.

Both drivers were reckless and both could have killed someone.
One was just lucky.

I had a good friend that lost her son to a drunk driver.
He left him on the side of the road to die.
But his judgment did not fit the crime as he got only 1 year in jail.

Have a wondeful weekend, starry.

Margie :)

Ajnabi 3:10 PM  

it is a matter of luck.. for both..

i mean driver and pedestrian...

Jeevan 7:45 AM  

In a game everyone shoots the target, but only those are right get the price and others are praised for there cause and claiming rest. The motive of each player is to reach the target, but fate or by chance they miss there target, so can we give price to everyone. Thus I see the one who kills pay the price and the other not, but is act is to condemn seriously.

starry 2:22 PM true

starry 2:22 PM  

Jeevan..I get your point too.

N 3:45 AM  

The outcome. Certanly. The intention to sleep with someone else is better or to actually sleep with someone else is better? Come on. I am sure, you agree with me.

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