Friday, April 09, 2010

Is it a Slate, is it a phone,is it a page? No it is my IPad

      "J" walks in with this  little bag from Best buy, I immediately say to myself "I wonder what he has bought this time". He opens the box and hands me the IPad. I hold it in my hands, look it over and then I am immediately  transported back in time. It is the begining of the school year,my mother was really busy, there were books to be bought and new clothes to be stitched.My older brothers would be busy covering their books with brown paper and fixing  nice colorful labels on the front of the book.I was just happy with my slate.

To me the slate was like an never ending book,you could write and draw and at the touch of an eraser you could  start over, it was magical.I remember writing my name on the wooden frame and carefully putting it into my school bag,sometimes I would come home crying because my slate was broken,or sometimes it was because it was stolen,but I did love my slate. I would spend a lot of time sitting in a corner,slate propped on my knees writing and drawing.

Today I felt I was holding my slate in my hand again,it is the same size and shape and to me everything about it is magical.At the touch of my finger I can make things appear or disappear and I can also flip the pages as if it were a book.It is just so  exciting.If only my mother were alive to see this,she would understand why I am so much in love with the Ipad. Thank You "J" for getting this for me.

I pick up my Ipad, put it in my bag and I feel I am on my way to school.


Priya 1:32 PM  

Congrats on ur new tech gadget. Way to go. It shud be handy for u now isn't it.

starry 1:34 PM  

Thanks Priya, it has kept me busy,no time to think of my pain while I am on the IPad.

Srijith Unni 11:32 PM  

A pretty good gift, I must say..! :) But I liked the fact that it reminded you of your slate!. In this era of tech gadgets, today's children are so much more lucky.

Have Fun, take Care and God Bless!
With Best Regards,

Anonymous,  9:40 AM  

Congrats on your Ipad. I am just waiting for it to be released in India but I think it'll take a long time. Till then I'll have to make do with Ipod and Mac. Apple gadgets are awesome!isn't it? And it's been time since you last wrote a poem. Looking forward to reading wonderful lines again :)

Anali 2:27 PM  

Look at you all cutting edge with your iPad! Glad to see you around and blogging again. : )

Jeevan 4:38 AM  

Glad you reconnect with memories touching the screen. Congrats dear, enjoy with you IPad! I still remember scraping on the slate and the sound that comes annoying while scraping.

starry 10:58 AM  

Srijith..thats so true.

starry 10:58 AM  

Ajay..yes. I have to write a poem soon. writers block I guess.

starry 10:59 AM  

Anali..thanks.could not stay away from blogging.missed all of you.

starry 11:00 AM  

Jeevan..yes it did remind me of my slate.I am sure kids of today don't even know what a slate is.

geeth 10:46 PM  

Cool! And interesting that you connect it with your slate ;)

iamnasra 10:44 PM  

How touching that something as moder as Ipad could bring memeories to your first slate. I dont know much about them but I enjoyed the ride to your past. It was so lovely to pass by my blog Im knd of slow now days, with the baby as an excuse for me not writing but everything in life so poetic it remains poetry in the air


Nasra Al Adawi - Oman

~*. D E E P A .* ~ 12:32 PM  

hadnt seen this blog

very nice 1 .. aah 'The Slate'

Hip Grandma 10:25 PM  

your child like enthusiasm is so catchy. I too loved my slate and have broken a few too. Congrats on getting a new gadget. Glad that J bought you this wonderful gift. I know you will put it to good use.

N 3:48 AM  

Oh so you are an ipad fan...I still have to understand the idea behind having one...

starry 7:56 AM  

Hip grandma..thank you

starry 7:57 AM  

N welcome to my blog.Thank you for stopping by and I do hope you stop by again.I am sorry I do not have acess to your blog to leave a comment.

starry 7:58 AM  

thank you Geetha.

starry 7:59 AM  

Iamnasra...I am sure you are really busy with the baby.I just stopped by to see how you were doing.

White Magpie 8:42 PM  

Showoff :p I am waiting to own one now..Enjoy..BTW, I was not able to post a comment on your mortality post..

Q: What happened when Bappi Lahiri accidentally sat on his iPhone and returned it to Apple for replacement? A: Steve Jobs re-launched it as the iPad!

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