Sunday, April 25, 2010


In honor of earth day I would like a tree planted to make my blog carbon neutral.According to Alexander Wissner just planting one tree per blog can help the planet.So many trees have been destroyed in fires over the years and have not been replanted.Here is how you can participate


Ma What's 4 dinner 10:19 AM  

Happy Earth Day! Thanks for coming by my site. I'll go plant a tree as well!!

geeth 1:11 AM  

Happy earth day! Hmm, it may be a good time to plant a new plant in my garden ;)

Adee 4:53 AM  

yes. n what u can do is not only plant that tree, but take care of it through its young age and keep us updated about its growth. that way, u'll inspire so many amongst us :)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ 1:41 PM  

this looks like what Bangalore was earlier ... sigh !

starry 9:24 PM  

Ma Whats 4 dinner welcome to my blog.I do hope you stop by again.thanks.

starry 9:24 PM  

Geeth..I think so.

starry 9:25 PM  

Adee I think I can do that.

starry 9:26 PM  

Deepa..I know because I am from Bangalore.It does not look anything like that anymore except for some areas of the city.

Anya 2:48 AM  

I love your thought :)))))
Lets try safe our green ......
and the world !!!



N 3:49 AM  

The picture reminded me of a place I went to at Mauritius!

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