Thursday, November 01, 2007

Dare to Dream

I was tagged by Hip grandma to write about my dreams.

"So where did you go last night?"J" says. "This trip was not very good" I say to him, I don't remember the details. I have been taking these nightly trips but without the burden of paying for Air fare and Hotel. And the best part is that these trips have been always fun , no vacation nightmares for me. I have been to faraway lands, sometimes with people I don't even know but mostly with my family.The downside is I have not piled up any miles.and no pictures to post.I bet everyone wants to know how I go on these free trips. well! I have been put on a drug called LYRICA for some nerve damage that I have , it is supposed to help with the burning sensation I have in my feet.Ever since I started to take this medication I go on these trips, they are always peaceful but in the morning I wake up and try to remember parts of the dream and it has always been a journey to some place or another. Sometimes I am able to recall the whole trip and sometimes it is bits and pieces.I am always going somewhere.

So what are dreams? Dreams wake us up to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. according to Robert Moss the author of the book "The three only things, tapping the power of dreams, coincidence and imagination."
He also goes on to say that dreams can make us smarter, more creative and better able to cope with problems. And also they are tied to goals , motivations and desires.I am sure there are many instances where dreams have played a part in someone being successful, or have alerted them of an impending disaster.

As for me I am just happy that I get to go on these free trips with no baggage and passport. A world with no borders.where I am free to roam and enjoy nature, meet new people and just be ME.Is that not how this world is supposed to be? What do you dream about. Do you always remember your dreams. Has your dream helped you in your work or in your daily living?

Do you have any dreams that you want to share? Starry would like to know. I will leave this as an open ended question without tagging anyone.but please feel free to write about your dreams.


Asha 6:27 AM  

I took Trisha for her Driving license yesterday, Level 2. It's giving me nightmares rather dreams. I am scared how is going to drive alone, whether she will be safe!:)

deni 6:39 AM  

I just stumbled on your blog from Dot's blog.

Very nice background.

As for dreams, I dream all the time, sometimes weird dreams, sometimes just normal dreams, adventure dreams.

Sometimes I remember them vividly, other times the fade fast and I can't remember them at all.

I had a scary one the other night, maybe stress induced, I was being attacked by a wolverine and I killed it with a hammer. Weird.

Do you mind if I link you? I read some of your posts and found them interesting.

starry nights 12:16 PM  

I had those nightmares too Asha when maya was learning to drive.

starry nights 12:17 PM  

Deni..welcome to my blog and thank you for stopping by.i do hope you stop by again. Sure you can link me.BTW that was a scary dream you had.

deni 1:49 PM  

Thanks, I will link you and feel free to stop by my blog anytime.

Yeah, that was a scary dream, I wasn't thrilled by it. LOL

Id it is 5:27 PM  

Dreams usually help me catch up with all my 'misses'.
I have to admit, I rarely dream. Perhaps I do, but I seldom remember my dreams, but the few I do remember are often reminders of sorts: about people I miss, about places I miss, sometimes about things I haven't done in a while and would like to do,

Jeevan 8:18 PM  

That’s nice your dreams caring you on the desires. Some of my dreams follow a heroic think. dreams getting a positive strength in life and what comes on the way satisfy me, bringing the reality that I couldn’t do in real.

Don Iannone 5:59 AM  

Dropped by and caught up on some of your writings. Enjoyed what you have written. Your blog is a blessing to others. Best wishes, Don

Anali 10:22 AM  

I tend to have a lot of very vivid dreams and often write them down. Although strangely enough, I think I dreamt last night, but I can't remember it. I must have been too tired. One of my favorite things is when I fly in my dreams.

Of course, food plays a role too. I only eat poutry and seafood and have given up other meats. When I first gave it up, I would have these really vivid dreams of eating hamburgers! When I woke up, I'd be all upset, then realize it was only a dream! : )

Lotus Reads 5:45 AM  

Starry, what a nice attitude you have towards the effects of this medication. Yeah, a nice trip without cumbersome baggage etc., is a gift indeed and I am glad you are enjoying it. I have to say that I am quite stressed out at the moment and tend to have more nightmares than dreams, but like all things, they too will pass.

starry nights 1:09 PM  

id it is..yes i sometimes don't remember my dreams either.

starry nights 1:10 PM  

Jeevan..heroic dreams thats nice.

starry nights 1:11 PM  

Lotus..thanks.sometimes you got to live with what you have and no use making a fuss about it, just enjoy it and make the best of it.

Dotm 5:37 PM  

I don`t usually sleep more than 3 or 4 hours and don`t remember dreaming. Fell back to sleep yesterday morning for about an hour and had a weird dream. I was at some place with my sisters and sister-in-law and after they left I was leaving too. It ended up with me heading for my car, remembering I forgot my purse, going back into the place, not finding it, then heading for my car and unable to find where it was parked. Then remembered it didn`t matter because what good was finding my locked car since the car keys were still in my purse, wherever it was. What a weird senseless dream. Guess I shouldn`t have put the c-flex mask back on and fallen back to sleep again. I usually stay awake once I wake up no matter what time it is.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Have a wonderful week-end.

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