Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I am really sorry for not updating my blog and also for not visiting any. I have no excuse to give. It has been a bit hectic though.Most of the time it is either to physical therapy or Dr visits or just sitting around or usually on the phone with family .This thanksgiving I am thankful for fairly good health, a wonderful family and friends like you. I am going over to my brother's house to-morrow for Thanksgiving dinner.Maya will be home for thanksgiving so I am really happy. will give you an update on everything next week.Untill then have a wonderful Thanksgiving day and weekend.When you look back what are you thankful for ?


pria,  12:30 AM  

Wishing you and your family Happy Thanksgiving Day.

AVIANA 7:45 PM  

happy turkey to you, your sister, your family and all close to you... :)

Asha 5:52 AM  

Hope you had a good one Lalitha!:))

Kai C. 7:47 AM  

hope you have full of turkey!

Jeevan 1:26 AM  

I want to be an always thank giving for my parents. Have a wonderful time with your family dear; take care of yourself too :)

Thank you fro being my Friend.

hope and love 6:55 AM  

hmm.. gratitude.. it enriches life so much..

Madhu 7:43 AM  

hey starry, hope u r doing better now. happy thanksgiving to you. Well, Am thankful for a lot of things.....but most of all having a loving and understanding husband and family. :) take care.

Anali 11:09 AM  

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving Starry!

Ashley 1:49 PM  

I am thankful for a roof over my head, a loving family, amazing friends, and a good job.

Take care!

Blessed 5:50 PM  

I do hope you had a wonderful, blessed and delicious Thanksgiving!

priya 12:23 AM  


My blog url is changed and please do check my profile.

D 7:19 AM  

Thanks to you as well...couldn't have been a better time to come here.

Anonymous,  10:32 PM  

I hope you had good one too...I hope it will a start of more ood things for you

Anonymous,  3:04 AM  

Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving & just stay well & enjoy the time, the posts will come up automatically...have a nice time with your family & friends!

mathew 12:07 PM  

happy thanksgiving day too!!:-)

Probably most people thank God when they are asked this question..i guess i ll thank my parents on this special day..although i know a thanks is not all that it takes..

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