Saturday, November 03, 2007


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THE Right Brain vs Left Brain test ... do you see the dancer turning clockwise or anti-clockwise? FOR RESULTS CLICK ON THIS LINK

Just some weekend fun.


polona 11:20 AM  

i've seen this one before but it is a great illusion.
i see it turning both ways although more often clock-wise :)

Kai C. 1:31 PM  

that's interesting!

pria,  4:32 PM  

That was damn cool Starry!!!

Alexis 9:55 AM  

That was a nice link. Thanks

tulipspeaks 6:33 PM  

in a glance, it rotates clock-wise but within 30 seconds, it switches to anticlock-wise :P


starry nights 9:12 PM  

I think it is really neat polona.did you see anti and clockwise?

starry nights 9:13 PM  

Alexis..thanks.nice to see you.

starry nights 9:13 PM  

Tulip speaks.thats what I figured.

Keshi 9:35 PM  

I cud do that cos I write the 6 from inside out..LOL I know Im crazy anyways!


AVIANA 9:39 PM  

HAH! i'm right matter how i reasoned with it and kept sayign clockwise....

i thought for sure i would fall under the "logical" left brain section..but i was wrong....


have a nice one!

Anonymous,  2:44 AM  

Yeah, its a nice visual illusion & in gaps its turning alternatively...nice one!

Jeevan 4:42 AM  

For me the dance turns clockwise only, but it’s cool ;)

Happy Deepavali Friend!

Lotus Reads 5:41 AM  

Wow, this was so cool, Starry! I definitely saw the dancer moving to my right...which is really surprising because I always thought I was left brained? I would have preferred to see her moving both ways...that would have indicated a more balanced mind, right? :)

preetilata 7:34 AM  

hi!! nice blog n very intrsting post. for me it ws clock-wise..but a li'l concentrtn n it ws ant-clkws.

crawled thru kalyan's blog.

tk cr
:) :) :)

Aditi 8:41 AM  

i saw anti clockwise i couldnt get it to be clockwise for me
quite neat
how r u? and hows your sister? sorry i havent been around lately

kaylee,  4:48 PM  

cool!!!!! :)

Mumbai Guy 6:16 PM  

Anti-clockwise for me.

Here after ages. Was busy travelling and travelling again to India next month. I am getting married next month and am so excited. Nope - I havent found girl yet. More details in my nxt blog post. cya later.

Hip Grandma 9:03 AM  

Happy Deepavali Lakita.

starry nights 1:12 PM  

crazy and cute keshi.

starry nights 1:13 PM  

Aviana that shows that we are not always what we are supposed to be.

starry nights 1:21 PM  

Lotus reads..for me too.I thought I was right but apparantly I was wrong.

starry nights 1:21 PM  

preetilata..welcome to my blog and I do hope you stop by again.thanks.

starry nights 1:22 PM sister is doing so much better and is through with the chemo.thank you for asking.take care.

starry nights 1:24 PM  

Happy are you doing.

starry nights 1:25 PM  


starry nights 1:26 PM  

Hip grandma..thanks

mathew 1:58 PM  

wow..awesome illusion..nice one..

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