Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Nobody likes going to the hospital or the doctors office. The problem is not so much as seeing the doctor but the wait.I am beginning to think that there is a purpose in waiting. First of all you get time to just sit, stretch your legs, make conversation with strangers, watch TV.(the doctor I go to has this nice plasma TV in the waiting room)and most of all you get to read all these magazines.sometimes the wait can get annoying and may send your blood pressure up the roof by the time you see the doctor.Today I did not feel like watching TV or reading and there was no one else in the waiting room, but I still sat there for more than an hour before I was seen.
Today makes one year since I had my back surgery and as I was sitting in the waiting room to have some Doppler studies done on my feet, I had time to reflect on the year that was behind me. so much has happened.I am able to do a lot more that I could before my surgery. I do have some residual pain in my left leg and the numbness and burning in my toes.sometimes I do have an aching back also, but all in all I have so much to be thankful for.I am on the road to recovery .I am thankful to all the people in my life who stood by me, gave me encouragement and prayed.I would not be the person I am today without their help.I am also thankful to the blogging community who made me think positive and even in the times that I was sad, uplifted my spirit and got me through the rough times.Thank you everyone.
So what do you do while you are in the doctors waiting room or any other place you have to wait. do you just get stressed out waiting impatiently or do you use this time to reflect?

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Dotm 3:06 PM  

If I end up waiting very long, then I usually grab a magazine to pass away the waiting time. Last week I was lucky as I only waited a short time-- not long enough to feel the need for a magazine. I usually try to get either the last morning appointment or the first one after lunch as they get you in and out faster.

AVIANA 6:44 PM  

hi there...

how did it go with your appointment?

i don't like doctor's visits..i went to the doctor this morning..and when i was waiting i was thinking about if my job was gonna fire me today for just getting up and leaving and not telling them and because i did so little work yesterday....

how odd is that...shouldn't i be thinking about more important things like if the doctor is gonna find something wrong with me?..oh well

so be it...i didn't get fired and looks like my results will be fine....

have a nice nite and take a slow walk and breathe the crisp california air tonite...i miss california....i wanna move back...oh well...


deni 3:47 AM  

I can't stand waiting in the doctor's office, I never understood why they set appointments like they do. And if I try to read a magazine, I usually get called in right when I finally get interested in an article.

I've been working on patience, but it's hard in some situations.

Asha 6:05 AM  

Glad to hear that you are doing well.If waiting rooms have loads of mags, I don't have a problem waiting!:)
Happy Deepavali, enjoy.

Aditi 6:21 AM  

I absolutely hate waiting at the doctors it makes me nervous.. the whole place makes me nervous...

priya 8:18 AM  

Waiting for the doc' cal at the right time. Oh god, then its like being in heaven. Its always an hour wait even with appointment and sometimes I wonder what do patients chit-chat for hours with doctors. I cannot stay for long and just finish what I need and comeout.

I ususally read magazines til I am called and remain quiet looking at the assistant, talking to myself- please call me now, let me go.

polona 9:52 AM  

pew, i'm traumatised whenever i have to see a doctor or dentist or whomever in a white coat and my blood pressure sores to infinity anthough it's normally rather low...

starry nights 11:02 AM  

dotm..yes sometimes you do get lucky and don't have to wait too long.

starry nights 11:04 AM  

Aviana..the appointment went well and waiting for the results.do you have a new job? thats good.hope you are doing well.take care.i did go out and took a deep breath of the california sunshine.

starry nights 11:05 AM  

Deni..yes patience is hard and I do get frustrated sometimes.I have seen so many doctors in the last three years that I don't get too upset.

starry nights 11:06 AM  

Asha..yes I love to read also and am happy to see a mag that I have not read. Happy Diwali to you and your family.

starry nights 11:06 AM  

Aditi..I used to be like that but now am kind of used to them.

starry nights 11:07 AM  

Priya..I know how it feels. every appointment is more than an hours wait. I keep praying that they will call me in soon also.

starry nights 11:08 AM  

Polona..I think many people feel the same way as you do.

Id it is 7:29 AM  

I dislike doctor's offices intensly; they bring out the worst in me:impatience, negativity, selfishness...

While waiting all I do is focus on myself and usually delve in self pity. After reading your post I'm going to make a conscious effort to change that.

Don Iannone 7:57 AM  

Going to the doc's office can be intimidating, and too often the doc is late. Hope you are well!

hillgrandmom 4:52 AM  

I try to remember to take a book along!

Jeevan 5:21 AM  

I feel getting the right time of appointment would avoid waiting, but its still not possible we have to wait for some time. It’s very happy to know you’re doing fine better now that before surgery, I wish u get well fully soon... Hugsss.

RobEEna 8:37 PM  

hi Starry!

Thought I would check in...

I get very anxious while waiting at doc appointments, but will listen to music or read magazines to pass the time.

btw, I started a new blog (travel-chica.blogspot.com)! This one is more focused on photography and travel.

Hope all is well...Robyn

Cuckoo 1:44 AM  

I generally avoid reading magazines while waiting. I try to read people instead.

JustCurious 1:13 AM  

Visiting your Blog for the 1st time. This post of urs left me thinking. My father has also had operation for the similar prob. One of the discs in the spine got dislocated and was pressing against some nerve causing a burning sensation and numbness in the toe, although there was no pain as long as he remained on bed but the mobility was restricted. Oflate he is again having a similar prob and is resting and we hope no operation is needed this time.
I read some of your other posts as well. You write well.

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