Monday, March 01, 2010


A whole year has gone by and I had so much to say, so much to write about but I decided to be still.I have no reasons why, no excuses to get me by.It was more of feeling sorry for myself, engaging in self pity and blaming the whole world for how i was feeling.

A lot has happened during the past year, some colorful and some not.I started out with just a pneumonia , also aggravated my back condition and sent me down hill and it has been a long road to the top again.Had another surgery for my back and I am feeling a lot better.Now I am a little bionic and a little electric.I will write another post on that.

I am able to do a lot more, not as depressed and dopey as I have been and am ready to take on the world.I am extremely sorry for this long silence.I did miss all my blogger friends.I know I have lost a few ,I do hope I am welcome in Blogosphere again.My family has been very supportive and if it was not for them I do not know how I would have got well.Anyway it is a new year and hopefully a new life for me.


Priya 12:39 PM  

Starry, welcome back and missed you.

Blog world is always open and thaz what friends are for. Good to know you are feeling better.

Renu 1:33 AM  

Hi Lalitha! how are you? its again a long hiatus?

Jeevan 2:52 AM  

Nice to hear that you're doing better and well along your family's support starry. Take care and be in touch with us.

Asha 5:18 AM  

Oh, you have had a done pretty bad year. I was okay the first half but after July 2009, everything went down hill for me too. Not healthwiae but other stuff. I am doing okay now although not perfect.

Hope 2010 will be a clam and more stable for all of us. Good year to start, I think.

Take care, hugs to you L! :)

Margie 7:40 AM  

Dear Starry,
How happy I was when I saw you at my blog today!
Welcome back!
I have thought about you so often while you were gone and wondered how you were doing.
I came to your blog not too along ago but could not leave a comment...I guess it was disabled.

I see it's been a very hard year for you and but so glad to know you are doing better now.

You are always welcome in the Blog world dear!
So glad you are back!

Warm hugs to you!

Margie :)

starry 9:08 AM  

Priya thank you

starry 9:09 AM  

Renu...doing a lot better.thank you.

starry 9:09 AM  

Thank you Jeevan.

starry 9:10 AM  

Asha...sorry to hear that you had a bad time too.I am sure this year will be better and good for all of us.I am going to be positive.

starry 9:11 AM  

Thank you so much Margie.I am doing better and hope to stay in touch.

Id it is 4:23 PM  

It's great to see you back! A break is often rejuvenating and spurs you on with fresh ideas and energy. So here's to your next post....Cheers!

Hip Grandma 5:11 PM  

Welcome back. i checked out your blog a couple of days back to tag you but was disappointed to see that it was inactive. good to see you blogging again. Here's wishing you good health and happiness in the years to come.

geetha 8:25 PM  

Welcome back.. yeap, have been long. Good to hear from you.. that you feeling all better too :)

hillgrandmom 10:07 AM  

So good to see you back Starry.

White Magpie 10:50 AM are always welcome. Sorry I've been out too but hope you get double your strength and quadruple your friends.

On second thought, let the number of "friends" be minimal.

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