Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Yesterday started out as a very uneventful day.looking out of my bedroom I can see the yellow and red flowers on the hillside,heralding the appearance of spring.Usually in the afternoon if there is something interesting on the Oprah Show I watch it. lately she has not had too many good shows so when I saw that Roger Ebert was on I decided to watch. I have been a fan of Ebert and Siskel who are film critics for a long time.Siskel died of cancer and then Ebert was dagnosed with cancer..After multiple throat surgeries he was back. He has lost his voice to cancer but he is the same funny person.His wife read something that he had written in his journal that really made me think and made me feel thankful for the life I had and also that no matter what my problems or circumstance in life is, I can try to make others happy and also be a happier person.I really wanted to share his words with you.

" I Believe that if at the end of it all according to our abilities,we have done something to make others a little happier and something to make ourselves happier,that is about the best we can do.

To make others less happy is a crime.To make ourselves unhappy is where all crimes start.We must try to contribute joy to the world ,that is true no matter what our problems, whether it is our health, or our circumstances in life we must try.I did not know this and I am happy I lived long enough to find this out."
Roger Ebert.

When he was asked if is unhappy about how he looks.this is what he said"Nobody is perfect, we have to find peace in the way we look and get on with life" I thought his words were so true.


Asha 12:50 PM  

Last sentence he said about perfection and life, that's exactly what I said to my husband this morning! My worse half one is right in the middle of his mid life crisis and acting crazy theses days, always complaining and blaming others for his misery! :P

Margie 1:48 PM  

Gosh, what an amazing man Roger Ebert is!
I so admire him!

Thank you for sharing his words!
I am so very impressed with the man he is!
A great soul!

Take care, I am so happy you are back, I really am!

I'll be away for a few days so see you when I get back.

All my best wishes to you for joy in your life!

Margie :)

Priya 2:51 PM  

I missed that show. Yes making others happy does benefit us in a good way. Good one.

krystyna 5:04 PM  

I like to watch Oprah Show also.
Roger Ebert - grat and inspiring man!
Love your post,
thank you for sharing Roger's words.
We need insiration every day.

Great you came back.
Take care!

Diana. 12:28 AM  

We crib so much about flaws in things around us...It wud b so peaceful if we start seeing good in everything.

The last line is so true.

starry 8:44 AM true I think happiness does start within ones self.

starry 8:44 AM  

Margie..thanks for stopping by,you have a good weekend.

starry 8:45 AM are right.sometimes it gets your mind away from your own problems.

starry 8:47 AM  

krystyna..thank you.we do need inspiring words in our lives.

starry 8:48 AM true.

Srijith Unni 10:59 PM  

Very true indeed..! All our lives acquire more meaning due to the small imperfections we all have.

Happy to see you blogging..

Have Fun, Take Care and God Bless!

With Best Regards

Dreamer 5:23 AM  

Good point. I wish if we had more believers to this school of thought.

Jeevan 2:28 AM  

His words are inspiring! Thanks for sharing this happy message.

Renu 9:35 PM  

Thank you for sharing his words! they are so valuable..we must value the things and life we have as we have enought o be thankful to god.

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