Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Life is but a cycle every so many years
Starting out as infants without a care in the world.
Then came childhood with its innocence and grace.

The teen years brought rebellion, a life without fear
and acne on your face.
Involved with becoming our own
We could not wait for the years to go on.

Then came twenties,college,fun times,parties and all
Followed by a time to settle down,raise a family and
set an example for your own.

The thirties flew by,with no time to spare
So much to do,no time to prepare.
The forties were upon me without a thought.
Filled with obligations and worries
with no time for self doubt.

Then I got sick,life almost came to a stop
The years have gone by I sure missed a lot.
The children have grown,have a life of their own
"J" still beside me weathering the storm.

Hopefully the next cycle will bring a new life
So we can travel,go to the movies and do all the things
we have put on a shelf.

each day brings renewed hope, even though I miss the early years a lot.


Renu 11:27 PM  

so true..we always keep thinking that we will do this when...and the time nevr seems to come.but then so what enjoy the moment and whatevr you are doing.

hillgrandmom 6:53 AM  

Hugs Starry! Here's wishing you a next decade full of fun times.

starry 9:29 AM  

Renu..thanks, so true.

starry 9:29 AM  


Dawn 3:27 PM  

Such a truthful yet put in simple words...tough job but you have done it so smoothly :)
Loved every bit of it...keep up the writing dear
God Bless You

Id it is 12:14 PM  

The truth is...
Life happens!
It's true for all of us, so the best we can do is to enjoy the ride no matter how bumpy : )..just await that period of comfortable cruising because that too is in store, just round the corner .

~*. D E E P A .* ~ 10:02 AM  

that was one heartfelt poem (lines)
hope u have all the success in your life

hope life becomes easy for u again

starry 11:20 AM  

Dawn..thank you

starry 11:21 AM  

Id it is..thank you.Thats what keeps me going.

starry 11:21 AM  

Deepa..thank you

Jeevan 5:07 AM  

Like is become short and sweet like your poem. Life is a cycle and the spokes are the stages that support the life run.

Anonymous,  9:34 PM  

Ohh Dear Really ExlentYours Blog.....

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