Monday, August 16, 2010

What is love

I came across this phrase "Love doesn't make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile"
Franklin P. Jones

The more I read it , it began to make sense and I asked myself "what is Love" I think this question has been asked so many times and used so often that the true meaning has been lost along the way.I think that you don't love a person because he loves you ,love has to felt and experienced.Love enhances and bonds a relationship.I feel that there has to be a lot of tolerance and acceptance to love and also you cannot create love by always finding the negative traits in a person.some have more negative traits and some have more positive traits, if we focus on the positive we can overlook the negative.

There are so many different kinds of love.A love between mother and child is unconditional and cannot be bought it has to be felt,a romantic love is deep and enduring,where as an affectionate love is what we feel towards friends and family.Love changes with relationships but it does help us live a better life.No matter how hard the journey I think it the love shown that helps us through .I think in my life it is the love from family and friends that has made the journey so far worthwhile .Do you feel the same way? How would you describe Love?


White Magpie 12:09 PM  

Love is what I feel for you :) One a sincere note, I think whatever feelings require courage is love. Loving someone takes too much courage. Falling in love - the term is methinx because you need to completely cut your ego, your self before the other. IT has to fall.

And I better post before I ramble in my delirium..Cheerio..Nice article.

Renu 8:44 PM  

Love makes the life beautiful be it the love of family, spouse or friends...but I feel we must not love blindly, like justifying even bad things about our loved ones, or hiding the bad truths about our children. To me being true in all spheres of life is real love.

Pacifier Returns 8:41 AM  

Hey, i dont wanna comment on this cat define love.
But yes, i disagree with you on the line : "There are so many different kinds of love"..

Ooops... It looks to me like a statistics of love where you are going to define some n buckets of love and then filling them with %'s.

No offense but i highly disagree.

Smiles :)

starry 10:17 AM  

Prashant it is ok to is what I feel,I am sure everyone does not feel the same.thanks

starry 10:20 AM  

Renu..yes we must not love blindly,or justify bad things,but sometimes looking at the positive side also helps.and love is being are right.

starry 10:20 AM  

White true, you have to put someone else before you to fully love.

trinitystar 4:56 AM  

How I define Love, it is a feeling and it comes from within.
One can feel Love when we hear a choir singing in church, when we see a baby's first smile. We feel it when we watch a weepy film it is a connection, a connection that we are all part of the One.
hugs for you Starry.
Long time no see, I am trying to get here now on a regular basis.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ 10:27 AM  

i dont know ... i can no longer define love
i have hurt the ones who love me, and in turn have been badly hurt by the ones i love... so i no longer want to define or seek love.

but yes, the affection i recieve from my friends does help a lot in helping me overcome a lot of problems.

and parents, i'd be lost without them !

starry 11:14 AM  

Hi Trinity star so nice to see you have yo been.

starry 11:15 AM true, I fully understand what you say because I also have been hurt by the ones I love and have also hurt the ones that loved me.

starry 11:15 AM true, I fully understand what you say because I also have been hurt by the ones I love and have also hurt the ones that loved me.

MJ 2:18 PM  

@ starry ; its always a pleasure to cross ur post ... very innocently written ...

Anonymous,  6:10 PM  

Love is hard to define. There seems to be no words to describe it. As you said in your post, it is felt.

Nice piece :-)

Arshi 9:42 AM  

Nice post...i think love is give and is acceptance, it is when the happiness of the other person becomes your own..

Anonymous,  1:54 PM  

Hi Starry. I agree with you. Love cannot be demanded and need not be reciprocated because because then it won't be love. Love can't be selfish but selfless. So much has been written and talked about love that the word has almost become a cliche and seems to have lost its relevance.

Why don't you give your page a makeover by trying out new Blogger themes. White texts against dark background is not pleasant to the eyes.

mystic rose 5:50 AM  

Totally agree with that quote, Starry. Love gives meaning to all this life. It's a rising of our awareness to be aware of how essential a state of our being love is. And the rest of the stuff, everything that goes with nurturing and nourishing another is what we work at when we love.

Id it is 12:12 PM  

Love is three things for sure:
undefinable,unconditional, and
uncontainable. : )

Id it is 7:53 AM  

I thought I put in a comment here yesterday .... : )

starry 9:21 AM  


starry 9:22 AM love without give and take for sure.It will not grow if it is one sided

starry 9:23 AM  

Ajay..thanks I will try out some other themes and see if it fits.

starry 9:24 AM  

Id it is right on the money.those threee things do define love.

Jeevan 4:55 AM  

I agree with u and what u say about love is beautiful! Love makes life beautiful :)

dr.antony 5:47 AM  

Why is it called falling in love,as if you fall in to a pit or a trench?.We don't say falling in to friendship or falling in to relationships.
The truth is, often it is an unexpected fall, as if suddenly something is swept from under your feet.Not a thought after thing.
As easy it is to fall in to it,you can fall out of it !
The best thing about love is that it is good to talk about it.You can write in beautiful language,write love poems,what not? But how long do you keep loving? How many people have kept their promises in love?
Some time back I had written a blog" about love and lies"
I don't know,and don't be angry. I had written" Never believe a word of what some one tells you when in love". They often forget most of what they said when they face realities in life.

dr.antony 5:48 AM  

Love is a many splendid colored thing.But the colors may fade at any time.There comes a time when the mind outlives its dreams and desires.

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