Monday, July 05, 2010


There are some neat google search stories that started out as an advertisement, now you can create your own over here

I thought I would share the one I made with you my blogging friends.Go ahead and make one for yourself also.


Diana. 7:40 PM  

Intersting Lalita

Jeevan 6:41 AM  

Interesting starry! let me try

Keshi 5:45 PM  

hehe yep seen most of em.

Starry hows life hun? I missed ya all. Just back for a lil while. I hope all is well with ya? Just know that tho Im not in blogs anymore like I used to be, all of u r always in my heart..the special ones, like u.


starry 8:38 PM  

Thanks Jeevan.I would like to see your story.

starry 8:40 PM  

Hi Keshi! so glad to see you back.missed you a lot.are you back to blogging,I wish you would,I really enjoyed reading all your posts.Thanks for stopping by.A Big Hug to you too.

christabelle ogechi 3:22 AM  

this is really interesting, will try out too.

have a gr8 weekend Lalitha.

mystic rose 11:31 AM  

That sounds really fun!

Dawn 1:53 PM  

WOW! I heard about it but hadn't seen one like this :)
Thanks for sharing. How have you been?
Hope all is going well - you take care and God Bless You my dear


mystic rose 7:24 PM  

Oh, did my previous comment get wiped out by google? It happened over at my blog for a while.

I saw this and I remember I liked it a lot.

Smita Tewari 6:08 PM  

yes, we are really miles away!
thanks for ur suggestions.
how do you know about Diwali?
do visit my blog & leave a comment.

Smita Tewari 6:11 PM  

what lovely pix! are those daffodils in the 1st one?
i love daffodils & bluebells!

White Magpie 3:44 PM  

:) Nice. No more updates? Hope all is well.

starry 11:38 AM  

Dawn..thank you.

starry 11:39 AM  

Christabelle..thank yiou

starry 11:39 AM  

Mystic rose..thanks

starry 11:39 AM  

Manish thanks

starry 11:40 AM  

Smita Tewari..welcome to my blog and thanks.I do hope you stop by again,.

starry 11:40 AM  

White Magpie. doing better are you doing?

starry 11:40 AM  

White Magpie. doing better are you doing?

starry 11:41 AM  


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