Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I see the smoke rising behind my neighbors house.
WIND & FIRE Living in California we have accepted the fact that every year in October we have really bad Santa Ana winds and this sparks the fires.It is still very frightening, I live in Simi Valley and the fires were behind us and in front of us but thankfully not upon us.We were given two voluntary evacuations and were told to be ready in case we had to leave.Take what is important to you we were told. I looked around my house there were so many things but what was important to me was my photo albums, videos of the children and my laptop.Oh! and not forgetting my the winds have died down a little and the fires are dwindling down.If you were told to leave your home what would you take?

My Banana plants


Diana 9:37 AM  

The images are frightning....Doesnt the fire reach ur houses?? I mean it must so scary during these forest fires....

On your question,

I would take everything....coz everything is so precious n there are so many memories attached to them.

Jeevan 9:55 AM  

I shock to see the pictures today in news and to think how brave people to live near fire. Hope your dwelling not affects by fire and strong wind.

I would take the old pictures, data’s in computer, wheelchair and few clothes!

Krithika 10:05 AM  

i'd wanta take everythin esp my computer..
hope everythin gets fixed soon

deepsat 2:56 PM  

scary images!!

when you got to run, you got to run. in times of despair, there is nothing more valuable than life your yourself and your loved ones!!

Keshi 4:33 PM  

I saw this on the News today...I didnt know u were in Cali. TC Starry!

Whoaaa thats behinf ur neighbour's house?? OMG thats scary!

I hope n pray that it wudnt affect u or anyone u know. And that it'll all go away soon. I also heard on the News that the winds are easing now and its helping the firemen to put the fire out?

**If you were told to leave your home what would you take?

Very good qn. There was a similar qn is Sol's blog recently cos of the Texas hurricane. Wut I'd take:

**photo albums
**my iPod
**wallet and my car
**and ofcourse my family!

:) how abt u?


Kai C. 5:11 PM  

i'm glad you're safe. it must be scary!

Mumbai Guy 7:11 PM  

Scary pictures. I hope your house is safe. Your neighbourhood look beautiful.

About the question on what we can take at last minute, I think I actually blogged about it sometimes back. Interesting question. I would take my handbag which has my passport, important documents and ofcourse jewellery.

If time and space permits, clothes, water, some food, some collectibles which are precious to me would come next.

But yes, we always need to have such list ready.

Srijith Unni 8:38 PM  

It does make the sky look so beautiful.. :) Great to know you're safe..

ketki 10:55 PM  

i cannot even imagine such a frightenning situation!
god! that must be scary!

geetha 1:33 AM  

it must be difficult not know the situation of the fire tommorrow, right?

I guess I might take the photos, and some clothes, especially for the kids. If time and strength permit, tehn I might try to take more stuffs!

brute 3:02 AM  

hi ,,,, hey i nvr knew u frm calif... where in calif r u.... yea yea I knw abt those fire stuff, when i was there my apt was jus near to a fire station ..and there use to b hardly any day without a dozen times rushing of fire engines, yelling, go n rescue...

Princess 4:15 AM  

hi starry,

be safe.
I'm worried for the people in ur place.
I'd carry.. hmm.. with 2 charged batteries.
2.some food and water. and jewlry. diaries and albums.
5.a transistor.

nothing comes to my mind more than this.. i cannot imagine i guess..


Priya 5:39 AM  

Scary pics Starry and it must be such a horrible feeling for people who loose their homes. Your banana tree needs some protection too.

starry nights 8:06 AM  

Diana yes it is frightening because it can reach your home in minutes,but we were safe,we cannot take everything when we leave.

starry nights 8:07 AM  

our house was safe,actually the whole track,the fires were on the oposite side.

starry nights 8:08 AM  

Krithika,,the winds died down and the fires were contained.I am relieved.

starry nights 8:08 AM true

starry nights 8:11 AM  

Keshi..the fires have finally died down, it was very close to us but we were safe.when we were given a notice for voluntary evacuation I picked up the photo albums,pass ports my computer,my cell phone and jewellery,thats all that really mattered,everything else you can live without or have to be replaced.

starry nights 8:12 AM  

Kai c yes it was scary but we were safe.thanks.

starry nights 8:13 AM  

Thanks Mumbai guy, yes we cannot take everything ony things that we would really miss and those that cannot be replaced.

starry nights 8:14 AM  

Srijth yes the sky was beautifu and everything around looked bright and orange.

starry nights 8:14 AM  

Ketki..yes it was very scary.

starry nights 8:15 AM  

Geetha,,yes and it is worse if you have young children,mine are older and away at school so was not so bad.

starry nights 8:16 AM  

Brute..yes I live in Simi Valley a small town North west of Los angeles.where did you live?

starry nights 8:18 AM was very scary and they give you like 10 minutes to get out of the house so there is not much you can really carry.

starry nights 8:19 AM  

Priya...did you see the video of the wind practically destroying my banana id not get a chance to carry the fruit.But then thats life sometimes.

Keshi 5:30 PM  

I agree...u chose em well.

Thank God its over!



Renu 10:45 PM  

beautiful houses and devastating scenerio, my daughter is there in San diego, last year one of thir friend/s house was complete burnt, even one night they also sat ready to vacate, it was very terrifying for us also, spending the night worrying about them.
I really wonder, why US the most developed country cant manage it?

my life.... 6:55 PM  

Gosh! This is terrible... scary..Luckily i don t experience such phenomenon in Singapore

Anonymous,  8:07 PM  

WOW the was scary... I would not know what to be honest


brute 7:18 PM  

oh u near LA, I was near SFO, fremont which is 40 miles away from SFO.. we are planning for a road trip to calif hopefully in dec..

my life.... 6:17 AM  

hey Lali, happy diwali dear :)

Dawn....सेहर 8:51 PM  

Gosh! I have heard and seen in news but never witnessed as you have posted here.
It's sad that every year it happens even though people do take the precautions!
sometimes you don't know what is precious - life or all the hardship done to earn all the worldly materials
May God Safe from this tragedy
Take care dear

Hip Grandma 12:51 AM  

Happy Deepavali Lalitha.I'd take out my hubby, children and myself intact.The rest would not matter.

Prash 8:20 PM is scary ~ but i like your neighborhood ~

Anali 9:13 AM  

Very scary! I hope that you and your family are doing well. If I had to leave my house quickly, I would take pictures, especially old ones that cannot be replaced.

Keshi 9:39 PM  

I hope ur ok Starry. U are missing for some time now?


Devika 3:24 AM  

The pictures are scary...thank God i reached here late...

thats all i can say, SN!

Yet, nice pictures...


i miss you these days..

Id it is 2:56 PM  

Those are some scary pictures; hope everything is holding up at your end.

Jaya 6:55 AM  

These all look very scary but on a lighter note pics are very stunning..
hope everything is well out there.
hugs and smiles

vinay 1:38 AM eats it purifies everything but never gets impure!@

Dotm 1:32 PM  

i can`t even imagine the awful fear everyone must have whenever one of these fires starts. I watch them on the weather station and feel so bad for those who lose everything.
So much, like pictures and special treasures along with the important papers, must be hard to choose what to take and very hard to leave what you can`t take. like losing part of your past when you lose treasures you received from loved ones. They are what can`t be replaced. Other things can usually be replaced over the years. Most important is to stay safe.

Srivalli 2:42 AM  

Starry..those pictures are so are very bold living in close to such calamity!

Anonymous,  3:00 AM  

I hope everyone is alright...
but the first two images are surreal... almost magical...


White Magpie 10:33 AM  

Awesome imagery..I would take the children :)

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