Monday, September 08, 2008


I walk into the childrens hospital, upstairs to the NICU, along the way I see many children, some entering the hospital and some leaving, in the corridor are pictures of children who graduated from the NIcu (neo natal intensive care unit) and have gone home. some as small as a few ounces when they were born and some merely a pound.
I peek through the window and I see her sitting beside her baby, intently watching his every move, so aware of his feelings, aware of his pain,talking to him,telling him that soon he will be home.she has been doing this everyday for the last two months.she is there at the break of dawn and untill the sun sets, if she could be there twenty four hours she would be. she turns around and sees me at he window and becons to me to come in.
I scrub my hands for five minutes, put on a hospital gown and gently walk in, not wanting to disturb the other babies, I look around the unit and see many babies in isolettes.amidst the alarms and lights the babies are asleep except for a little wiggle now and then.
"Come see my baby "she says with a smile. I look at him,he is just adorable, has the sweetest face one can imagine.he sleeps soundly,mom puts her little finger into his and he holds on,knowing that no matter what she is there when he opens his eyes.It is Dad who stays the night,he goes home sleeps for an hour and goes to work.They are always there watching,waiting and encouraging him to hold on,and that they love him and are waiting to take him home.
I stay for a little while,and leave.I am sad because the baby is ill, he is recovering from surgery and I know how much he is wanted and this is her only child.but I am amazed at how positive she is .She is always with a smile,never heard her complain or ask" why"or about being tired,just happy to be there for her child waiting for the day when she will take him home.I also left the hospital thinking of how, I have complained about being ill,of how life is treating me and I thought of Anjali and her smile .A lesson to be learned.who says LIfe is fair.

Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well.
-- Josh Billings


deepsat 9:03 PM  


someone has to learn from them about life. i feel life is unfair to those who deserve it. and then there are those who do the most hideous things and yet life is fair to them!!!

Priya 12:34 AM  

I totally agree Starry and how easy adults complain isn't it.

Prash 2:17 AM  

The quote at the end is so meaningfull...and very deep !

chitra 3:40 AM  

Hi dear,

Am visiting ur blog after a long time.

How are you? Hoew is your sister?
Shall try to be regular .

Love u.

Jeevan 6:30 AM  

I pray from heart for her little son to get well soon and let there life be beautiful. Touched and caress by your describe dear.

starry nights 7:38 AM  

Deepsat..yes I feel the same way.

starry nights 7:39 AM  

Priya..yes.I know that I complain so easily and get discouraged.

starry nights 7:39 AM  

Prash yes it is.

starry nights 7:40 AM  

Chitra..thanks for stopping by.My sister is doing well.It is her sons baby that I went to see.

starry nights 7:41 AM  

Jeevan..thank you.

Cuckoo 10:08 AM  

So touching it is ! Hope the child is doing fine & goes home soon.

The quote in the end is so apt.

Thanks for sharing.

starry nights 2:29 PM  

Thank you cuckoo.I do hope he gets to go home soon.he has not left the hosptal since he was born.please pray for him.

Keshi 6:33 PM  

Touched me deeply Starry!

I pray for the baby to recover soon. And my love to the mum!

That last quote holds TRUE in every situation of life!


Prash 7:12 PM  

I don't know why, whenever I read your posts I feel as I am reading my mom or my fav. aunt...don't take it bad, maybe you are not that old...just that this "motherly concept" enters into me...:-)

dharmabum 9:34 PM  

with so much positivity around him, the little one will be well soon, and we shall pray for him.

long time. how have you been?

starry nights 8:55 AM  


starry nights 8:55 AM  

Prash..thanks.I could be as old as your mother , never know.

starry nights 8:56 AM  

Dharmabum..thanks.I am doing well.

Ajnabi 9:14 PM  

so true.. and the quote in the end is beautiful.

on a side note, women are stronger than men in such situation.

Renu 9:39 PM  

way to live:)

I wish the child very best .

Prash 1:41 AM  

I know...never know...but that is not the point...the point is...your vision and love for your children and all those stuff...that makes me remind that "oh you, prash, don't forget you love your mom" :-)

Id it is 2:50 PM  

Truly said; it's the journey that makes the difference!

kaunquest 4:23 PM  

and we crib sometimes for trivial things! :)
good quote too..

mathew 7:52 AM  

wow..lovely..really touching...and would have never reading about something like that anywhere else but in blogs.

There is no greater gift for a child than parents who love them beyond words and selflessly..

wishing the child a quick recovery..

Dotm 2:11 PM  

Such a loving caring post. My prayers go out to that tiny baby and her wonderful caring parents.

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